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    My Robotic imagination

    Very good dream

    by , 04-07-2016 at 10:53 AM (467 Views)
    I start off at some kind of warehouse and there are some people there one of them, I think is the predator with his mouth open and flared out and the others were unknown. I have lost some details upon wakening but I recall us doing adventures together and they were my partners. The place was huge and had a vaulted ceiling and windows near the top. Looks to be night time out.

    Dino Megazord is there! and he is very detailed mostly on his face, showing that he was the correct multi colored version with the white out lining around his eyes, his metal plated mouth and his horn-like red ears. Not the usual black and gold color. Anyways He ends up seeing me and I'm somehow on the ride. He is watching me from below and when I get off he comes chasing after me and I see how angular his body was which was good. He was fast and I managed to run off into some kind of washroom and it came in there with me, looking at me with he yellow eyes. It was a legit megazord with all of the details with was rare to see in a dream, anyways he charged at me and I ran back out of the room. There is a long time of me running from him and he no matter where I was, would always be keeping track of me. At some point in time I would check to see if he is actually still a zord and he would be. I'm now ahead of him and start to run off in a different direction but didn't because I was enjoying the good chase I was getting and decided not to turn off. I become Lucid and very aware and look back at Daizyujin (Megazord). He looked back at me, also becoming aware of me and not a blind DC. I seen the light on the ceiling and the park/ ride behind me and then ended up tackled by him and held in his arms. He looked at me and was aware of my feelings and held me for a bit, smiling. As he did that the dream cam shows him holding me but looking slightly human and then it went back to him holding me. He then let's go, pretended to walk away and no sooner I began to think Yeah SC messing up again. He turns around suddenly and gets me again. Something happened and some bad guys or something has broken into the house.

    Megazord goes after them and while they were dealing with him, the predator, one of my partners came around to me. Despite what he was I knew that he was friendly and means not to harm me. He walks over to me and gives me a smile as well but sheesh he was ugly. His mouth was open and webbed out with those little spikes at the end and it was pink inside and I kind of grimaced at his face. He saw it and was greatly disapproved that and frowns at me, looking now angry. I ran away from him but there were baddies behind me and didn't know, the predator saw them too and tried to kill them but they took me away somewhere.

    Now I'm outside of the warehouse at night and three shadow guys are attacking me, dragging me on some wet grass to somewhere and this is where I lost more details upon wakening. Some long time had gone by and I was somewhere. The predator managed to track us down and he scared off the bad people who were harming me. They dropped me on the wet ground and then they took off running. The predator chased after them away but then he came back to me. He held my head in his arms and was making harmless sounds and I think he kissed me or at least wanted to do so because his head was close to mine and his mouth was flared open from scaring the baddies away, however i think a part of it touched me on the head because I felt something rubbing my forehead and know it was him from the sounds he made wasn't the clicking sounds though. When megazord came back he saw me with the predator and he is a monster. Megazords kill monsters and I was afraid of him harming him but he saw that he was helping me and realized what had happened. While he was occupied with the guys another set was gonna try to take me off somewhere but the predator was there in which they were unaware of and they couldn't do what they planned and tried to fight him instead. Seeing that this monster was kind enough to protect me he didn't attack it and I was glad that he was aware of that. He ran over to us and before he got to us, woke up.

    A great birthday dream and hope to recover more of it. ^_^

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