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    Watching sentai moment

    by , 04-04-2016 at 04:28 PM (763 Views)
    I'm at the enemy's base and there has been an attack on it. I get a view from outside and there is a big, grey chapel looking building and the top part where a clock was supposed to have been there, but the attack left it in shambles and I was fakingly grieving over it. Now I'm back inside with the evil person named Sergent something. He is steamed about was has happened and plans on bringing them down. I have lost some detailing here but I believe that I have seen the Astro Megazord back at the base, just returning from his mission and docking at the hangar.

    I giant monster has been deployed and is in the city causing mayhem and Thunder Megazord (Dairenoh) is there.The sky is an orange color and there is black smoke in the air. He is dropped in from a ship and lands behind a building in cover. As the camera pans towards him I can see the tip of his foot the rest of his body was blocked by the building the shot changes and when it shows him again the tip is no longer there and I rewind to see it again. This time he is dropped down again but as he is approaching he is getting attacked and shot at. He did front flips, back flips and dove back into the buildings he was at before.

    Turbo Megazord appears and he is looking at the situation that Thunder Megazord is in. It shows a good shot of Turbo's face and as it did that another zord appears from behind him. It is a female version of Turbo and she has weird things on her face like little stones around her mouth and cheeks, this was Turbo,s wife. He looks back at here and says something but the subtitles are in Japanese and I don't know what he is saying to her.
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    1. tranquilitypark's Avatar
      I have never had a dream with subtitles- this is so incredibly cool!
    2. gundam178's Avatar
      I have them all the time.