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    SSC2016 - Nights 4 and 5

    by , 10-19-2016 at 11:45 AM (370 Views)
    [Night 4]

    WBTB + WILD = fail [WBTB success or failure) - 2 points]

    Dream 1 : This dream is the continued part of a dream I did previous night.
    I don't know if that count as chained lucid, but it was a chained dream for sure.
    Even if it was not a conscious choice, my subconscious decided to do it, so I would attribute to myself half the points [1 points]. --->I returned back in my grandparent house, to see what was the object lying here, and I found it : it was an old deflated balloon, with which I were playing football with my grand father at that time (when I was 5).
    So yeah, this object makes sense, regarding the wish I had in my previous dream : find an object that represent and help me memories someone who's gone. Also they were modifications in the house, I saw equipment for audio and video recording (with a green plate for keying). [Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point]

    Dream 2 : I was at my grandparent house, but the other one, the father's side (damn, my grandparent's houses is definitely a recurrent dream sign) and I were here for few days, then I said "stop wasting my time here, I have to run my project in town, I'm on my way to the trainstation and fuck it..." My girlfriend was belong me, she said "We could take the boat, it's more pleasant" I said "No, the train is only 1H, the boat would take 3 weeks or so. When it comes to efficiency we have to go faster" (I wouldn't react like this in real life). Then, after the transport, I feel sorry for leaving my grand parents so quickly, so I called them by phone, I have apologized, and thanked them for being patient with me).
    [Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point]

    Dream 3 : I were in ArdÍche in France with my girlfriend, hooking in the moutains.
    We've almost reached the top, as the night were falling.
    My girldfriend said "we must go back to the village, before the night".
    I said "Nah, I wanna reach the top, and sleep there for the night if needed".
    So we went separated ways, see you tomorrow.
    I reached the top, and admired the nature. I slept there, and at the morning, I found a "pink/rose quartz" lying under my head, and I felt the love and the "energy" running through it. Then, as a festive morning, the vegetation started to dance, to celebrate the rising of the sun (glass, plants, trees...) it was like a cartoon dance, but with realistic shapes and forms.
    I though it was funny, and joyful. [Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point]

    [Night 5]

    WBTB + WILD = fail [WBTB success or failure) - 2 points]

    Dream 1 : I was in a sort of amusement park in USA, where the theme was "hospital" and they were sorts of social experiments, like the one I did : the visitor lie on down on those urgency bed with castors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50He4ulESKA and people all around is trying to re-animate the visitor, as the bed is moved around different corridors.
    This was not "real" it was just an amusement, to recreate the condition where someone is at hospital urgency state, but they where no pain, no real professionals, just employees of the park who act as comedians.
    The whole parc was around the hospital theme, and took place in an ancient hospital (with many floors).
    (I think this concept is interesting, and could be applied to a real amusement park in real life).
    [Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point]

    Dream 2 : In a fantastic feudal japan, I went through various places, with various bandits that I've cut with my katana, but it was weird because those bandits were sorts of victims caught under a spell, then I arrive at the place where live "the great white tiger" in a snow environment, it's sort of a god. It's my enemy, I try to kill it, by throwing my katana combined with magic powers (yeah cause I had magic powers too) but the magic of the tiger where stronger.
    I lost the game, the tiger was stronger than me.
    [Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point]

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