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    Another lucid

    by , 10-19-2010 at 07:44 PM (620 Views)
    I should post here more, but I don't. Eh.

    Two nights ago I was in an instance in World of Warcraft. I *was* my character, which was pretty cool. There was some incessant doom about to take place; I think it was the seventh book of Harry Potter, because teachers were running around all over the place. In my dream, the seventh book hadn't come out yet, so I was excited to be part of it.

    As we're running away from the doom, there's this long bridge with holes and cracks in it. I'm freaking out, but Bryon keeps pulling me along. When we get to the end, Bryon pulls us off (either that or he jumps and I follow him). I was freaking out, cause I knew we were gonna die - but we didn't. I looked around, and we were back on top of the bridge. Bryon said, "Because it's a DREAM!" We started walking back across the bridge, calmly this time. I started to realize it WAS a dream, and I tried to take in all I could. The colors were stony and looked like Northrend in WoW, but they were so vibrant and lifelike. I decided I didn't want the bridge to shake anymore and I didn't even realize it fixed itself.

    When we got to the gates of the instance we had just left, I tried to read the words on the doors. I couldn't, of course, but I tried to "put the letters in order," and my brain told me they said, "Mana Tombs." I was like, that's not right, but whatever. So we went into the instance. It looked a lot like a dream I had recently where I saw an ex at the RenFest. McGonagall was standing on a step preaching about something; she had our quest. We got our quest, which was to retrieve something from a boss. I thought I knew the best way to do it. I play a rogue, and I was sneaking around trying to get by mobs, but Bryon plays a pally and wasn't so lucky. We had to fight some people until we came upon some old ladies to challenged us to an orgasm contest! XDD; We decided to do it, but in the middle of that, I woke up.

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    1. Delenn's Avatar
      Orgasm contest!! Too bad the dream didn't last a little longer!