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    1. Let me master the dragon.

      by , 11-24-2019 at 06:52 AM
      Not much to write here.

      The end of the dream was pretty much all I remember. I was inside an arena, which I have previously dreamed about. Thereís a DC outside and he tells me youíre not ready to master the dragon yet. A feeling came upon that in which I knew I had previously mastered this. Iím unsure how but the feeling was just there. I am now looking at myself in the mirror, expecting for some facial features to change to something dragon related. Iím unsuccessful because when Iím nervous, I twitch and by twitching I lost my goal.

      Woke up, was an NLD. It was fun, weird, and Iím sad I didnít get the results I wanted.
    2. 14.5.16 - Lucid Dream or not?

      by , 05-14-2016 at 10:40 AM
      Me Hannah, Jacko and some other person was in some bedroom, that person I didn't really known, ended up in another dimension and I wondered how I could get there, like running across the walls like there is no gravity, it partly worked but something was missing so I stopped, and seen some type of teleported so as I got up to it, I put my finger on the green button and I teleport! I'm back in the same room and I feel like I've done this before. Hannah and Jack suddenly get here, I realise that we are all asleep since we can into here, I noticed how it felt weird to be awake in a dream, it felt like wasn't asleep at all. I was assuming to myself whether it was a lucid dream or not then Hannah asked if I have been practising lucid dreaming, I thought about it for a second and said no because I kinda got embarrassed. To test that it was a lucid I tried to do some dream control, I knew that it probably wouldn't of worked on the first to but I done it anyway, I seen the bear put my hands out and imagined that it will start floating up, it started floating up! I threw the bear at the door and thought I should probably get make it stay in the air and bring it back to myself. It never happened. I decided that I wanted to try and fly, I literally just doing the dimming stroke and I am up on the air. I hear Hannah's mum outside the door ( in the dream) and I don't want to wake up.

      Lucid dream?or dream about lucid dreaming?
    3. 12.5.16

      by , 05-12-2016 at 01:23 PM
      Few fragments.
    4. 11.5.16

      by , 05-11-2016 at 11:06 AM
      No recall from last night
    5. 10.5.16 - fun dreams!

      by , 05-10-2016 at 11:09 AM
      I was in the gym hall, with 2 friends playing a not normal game, you had to kick an ice hockey against the wall and hit it again. My friend was teaching someone else to play and he didn't know what to do, he did not even put any effort into it so we started to get on his back. I notice he starts to pick up the page a little bit more and each time he gets closer to the goal. He eventually hit the target. I acted as a goal keeper, didn't even know they where was one but then was asked if I wanted to be one so I said yes, sure. It was quite scary because the ice hockey was hard, they kept missing me, I was glad! Until one person shows up and had a go, as he hits it, I see the speed off it and move away, although he didn't hit me it felt as though he did.

      I'm in this big computer suit with lots of people I know from waking life. I see my old best mate Ben, and there are presents on the table, I thought I would give some to Ellis so I do, trying to look for something useful to give him, I see watches and phones and all other stuff. I begin to mess around and give him random stuff, like a pink children's phone. I go over to his desk and ask if I can have a packet of the sweets in the black and white box, he said yes. We suddenly got into a bit argument so I walked away, I notice how it is liverpool vs Manchester United and I feel this was me vs Ellis, he got his ass whopped all over the place.

      I was sitting next to this girl, we was planning on having sex but she took her time, she finally took her clothes off and gave me a condom, I put it on, she Ben over so I could stick it ln her, but she quickly moved to a position that I really hated so I refused to have sex with her. She just sat there then while I was just masturbating.

      I met a women, she invited me back to her house because I was lonely and hungry and she agreed, as we head back to hers she sits on the couch and I ask if I could get a drink, she says yes so I do. As I'm getting a drink in the kitchen,I take so long, I don't know why I start to wonder whether she thinks I'm up to something or not, so I start to get paranoid. Eventually I go back in and sit down, I'm hungry and ask her for food but she says she's hardly got any left! I see a friend from waking life in the house now, her name ia Emma, we are in the kitchen making drinks and seeing what's left off the salad and jacket patato. She mentions something and says something along the lines on lucid dreams, I tell her that "I love lucid dreams" and also to the other women in the room. I disappear and I'm in some basement, a famous actor is there covered in blood, I know he's an actor but why? I ignore it now and I hear shouting "you dirty stupid whore".

      It started out how we just ended up at this location, we where playing hide and seek in some big location, I didn't really think about who the seeker was. We just run run and run, my friend lewy and his girlfriend are the main characters aswell because she's is pregnant. It was very intense, making sure we don't make a sound, making sure we where well hidden. This was the case, where was in some room, ig had to sets of tiny stairs which led up to a small landing them another set off stairs which lead to 2 little corners so we hid there. I move and I notice how we are in the theatre, this theatre is from a game, call ot duty : black ops zombies, kino der toten. I see the sky and it's all dark but beautiful. I remember how the girl wanted the fridge so I take her. There are 2, and I go for the one on my left and was questioned by it, I said I don't know, I always go this way. There is a coffin, I imagine how if when we was in the fridge and a zombie popped out. We couldn't even get to it, there was a car, a d it drove towards us stopped so I ran and jumped on the floor and went prone. I don't know why but either way I would of got caught, so I look at the main enterance and see the number 7 and think 7 zones so I just run as fast as I can, but it's taking forever, the closer I'm getting the further more I have to run, like a continuous cycle. I'm back in the room with everyone, hiding because we now so that someone is here watching us, a keep and eye out id anyone id coming, there are different shades of glass so I move along until I find a clear shade so I can see the main entrance and see if anyone is coming in. No one, but then yes I hear the car again so I run back to where I was to go the stairs as they walk through the door, but no one was seen. Although I couldn't see him, I listened out for foot steps ot breathing or anything, nothing and was wondering which way he would come up.
    6. 9.5.16

      by , 05-09-2016 at 10:36 AM
      I remember speaking to Hannah's friend on text about lucid dreaming, she wanted to know how to do, I told her to practice over and over again. She said she already knew that, she sent me a bunch of messages with the prices of lucid dreaming masks.

      I was on the road with 2 other people, it seemed like a weird course, at first there was a man that was invisibile that would run away when I tired to catch, eventually I got him because when he went invisible I could see his outline. He wasn't human though, more like a gnome. Carrying on with the course, I was trying to find someone called Caroline from the vampire diaries, I came up to a shop, a seen her walk past it as if she though I didn't notice her.

      I was invited to a party by Hannah , I didn't really want to go but she made me come anyway, lots of people where there and I didn't feel interested one bit.

      I was also at the bank, I knew I had money in my bank but when I looked at mt statement it said I didn't have any money in it.
    7. 8.5.16

      by , 05-08-2016 at 09:56 AM
      I was left on some big long empty grass patch, road next to me, I was wondering where I was and how I could get home, I literally started to panic. I seen some signs but they weren't what I was looking for. I was back with everyone else, it seems that I have done something wrong and people are trying to take me away. I know I haven't done anything wrong so my friends tell them I haven't. I seem what at what looks like a party, everything is normal but the party was on a big field of grass. There wasn't alot of people there but I had mg eye on one girl. Next thing I know I'm with her on the grass, she starts giving me a blowjob, I notice how nice it feels. I get up and we start to have nice sexual inter course.
    8. 7.5.16

      by , 05-07-2016 at 10:20 AM
      There was an argument with some girl from church on what hh meant, I knew one of the letters standard for hollocaust, I was now with an old friend, he told me but I forgot!
    9. 6.5.16

      by , 05-06-2016 at 10:33 AM
      I remember being asked to something, it felt it was apart of website! There are girls just standing there and I must do something wrong of they hate the site of me haha. I have something that they want, so I offer it for in exchange for sex, I stick it in and I almost cum straight away and I take it out. The feeling is so nice, feels way better in a dream! I dont give what they want, next minute, I see the famous alexas Texas pornstar! Damn she is so freaking hot and I watch her doing anal sex, man it looked so nice, she looked sexy. She didn't believe me if I said I would give it to her, next thing she's grinding on me, I just want to stick my dick in, it's nice and hard and she has a nice fat ass! She goes to, I didn't even ask her but then she brings her back leggins down she puts that back up straight away! I tell her this time and I stick it in! Damn it feels so nice once again. I try not to cum so quickly, I didn't even feel ir and she took it out and pulled her pants up.

      With Hannah again and I'm in some house, looking for something for Hannah, I think it's money. As I had planned to go home at 5 past it was 10 past so I had to hurry up. We are outside and she gets out her purse a d I notice how she has lots of money, very for 20s lots of 10s and lots of 15s notes. The taxi is here and we get in, I knew the taxi driver but couldn't name her face, she's drove me around in the dream world before, I don't know if I have money on my credit card to pay the taxi fair so I get really worries. The taxi driver starts to talk like she an American! It was like we transported because suddenly I knew where we was!

      I seem to be in the town center with Jack and Hannah, we comes across this bar where these 2 guys are giving a poor service, they can't even poor a proper drink a the customers are not one but happy. I notice how they don't really care. They see there mother and stop working immediately to go and have a ciggarette with her.

      We are inside what's like a plane, it's apparently haunted so we go and check it out with the owner, we spot some weird unexplained things, like colours, but since Hannah has her own type of cameras we want to investigate outself. I didn't think the captain would be give us permission but we caught quite a few strange things. We are what comes to be a man walking last but it's actually not, it was a man walking towards us that worked there.

      It's daytime and it's like we are getting a tour of the place, it feels like where In the highest room possible, to get in, it's quite cramped but inside its huge! Jack notices how there ate chanmpipnship belts and other word from wwe, and wants to wrestle for them, he asks like a dog, playing so rough and ragging the belt with his teeth. We stop because I get a text off an old dream friend to tell Hannah to a answer some guys text. Hannah wasn't there so I sneak her phone and have a look, it says that we are on some website and are speaking poorly, that's a lie because I've never heard of that website. Hannah is coming up so I try to get off the text messages but I don't know how so I Put it down. I don't want her to see the text messages so I grab her phone once again but she catches me and takes off me.

      I notice how we are back into the town center, I have a feeling we will see the person on the text, I see Megan, Hannah friend just walking. I wonder where about we will see them. We are with them, shooting eachother, it's like we are in call of duty but the map changes constantly. While everyone else is shooting I'm still with them but my maps seems to fade and turn into a zombies map.
    10. 5.5.16

      by , 05-05-2016 at 10:23 AM
      Took a little break from recalling my dreams.
    11. 4.5.16 - A night full of dreams.

      by , 05-04-2016 at 12:02 PM
      Once again, I went on another paranormal investigation with the crew from the famous tv show ghost adventures. It was like some forest type place. It seemed to have a 10 story block each time going deeper and deeper. When I was inside this place no paranormal activity was being placed but the outside was loud with unexplained noises. On the last bit zack doesn't want to go in because everyone gets scared so I go back outside with him, he tells me to be quiet and shows me the sound of something unexplained loud and clear! I didn't know what to say.

      There was a zombie apocalypse, not many humans where alive, there was an ex girlfriend that was just sitting there acting like the zombies won't get her, trying to be all rude and trying to use me.I decide to run and hide from the zombies, she follows me. I'm trying to get away from her, so I come up to this street, I do a right, then I do a left then I end up in this alley way so I just hide beneath the binbags.

      I was with old friends and it seemed like college, and we had to sit there doing something form college, we had to write out paragraphs for a subject, for me, it was something called "execute" but In the end it sounded like "exesus". I only to found out that it had something to do with the PlayStation 3. I didn't know what to write so I decided to look it up, I tried to copy but I really couldnt put it into my own words. I leave my friends and go into some building where i could write it up in pc, I was debating with myself whether I should use paper or on the computer, I chose on the computer because it's faster for me and will be much more tidier. I now remember that I'm in the group singing a song about exesus that I have no clue about.

      I suddenly went into some little weird world, where I was not wanted, it was weird, there was very small rock, and there was like 5 people hiding behind it. I would sneak behind the rock and try to kill them without being noticed, it worked at times but at times it didn't. Instead from escaping from the world I stayed in the world and talked.

      I notice how I see my ex again and this time im walking down a road with her, there is a man behind us which is setting cockroaches to fire, he does it once and we just hear it squeeling and going crunch on the floor, I looked behind me and he has got lots of them in his hand, they are just jumping out his hand one by one. He tries to set them on fire but theyre too quick for him. They come flying near us then I wake up.

      I was with Ben, sitting in his room, casually talking, I ask him why his other t.v. is no longer working, I don't get a reply. I want to order something to eat from pizza lane but I struggle to ask him for some reason. I didn't know whether his dad would let me. We are out in some place, a place full I new technology, I didn't know what to do there I was with Ben, and we seen his dad, we got talking and he asked about my flat, I told him my current situation he didn't seem to get it so I had to explain further until he fully understood. Me and Ben prank call the man who was previously fixing a very old computer then put it down, the man looked fed up with his job. I end up back at Ben's and it looks like I can't order from pizza lane because his family has already made me something to eat. I'm with Hannah now on the streets just casually walking and i see and very old friend who I really despise, he looks at me, I get really iritated so I go over and asks what he wants, he doesn't reply so I start a fight and start kicking his ass, I walk away and i see another old friend, we didn't really get in iwl but he seems nice in the dream. We just get talking about how many fights I had with the Same person In high school, it was 7. He mentions how I told him get to outside the art classroom so I could kick his ass, but I remember it differently and tell him it was different but In the end I just go along with it. I see the other guy again asking for a fight, he is only doing that because he is with his friends now, acting all big. I start to go toward him but I know His friend will jump in so I back away. Hannah starts to laugh and like callum and i get jealous so I tell her to fuckoff and that I hate her, then she cried and dissapears, i hear lots of ambulances and i knew it was her ringing them, I knew it was pointless her ringing them. Me and callum walk past the ambulance and head straight to his, we are outside, and he says thats my bike that's just sitting there, it looked my bike but had been upgraded. Ben's sister open the door, and asks if I have been crying, I come up with an excuse and she tells me to bring the bike inside. I do and as i got upstairs a white shitzue comes and chases me and bites me, I come back down and show callum, he tells me how it's down and he makes the clock have arrows with smoke, it was weird. A taxi entered the close, I knew it was Hannah so callum went and helped her, I got jealous again so Ben took me to his room, I had no socks in so I hid my feet because I don't like them. I hear a knock im the door and its Hannah, I let her in and Ben's sister tells me that she's moving away and i start crying, she tells me that she has 15 minutes till she leaves. I try to force a another tear but it never worked and i woke up.

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    12. 3.5.16

      by , 05-03-2016 at 07:34 AM
      Terrible night.

      I had a plan to meet some girl in the park for drinks, as I was walking to meet them I would see lots of people who was partying and it confused me. I kept walking a little bit till I came to a small campus site and searched for who I was looking, I decided that I could not find her so I stopped and turned around and as i was about to just walk off someone taps my back and it's her. I suddenly I have alcohol in my hands so I pass her and her friend some, but they said they didn't like beer so didn't didn't really drink it. I think it sounded quite nice, beer and pink lemonade! There was some ginger guy that came upto, I felt uneasy, awkward because I didn't know him at all. They decide that he should come along with us, so he did for a short while. Me and the girls where in some weird place, you would have to go down some slide to get inside to take the drugs, it looked weird, like it was a sweet shop off some sort. As the dream goes further, I notice how that my tounge has dissapeared and I'm panicking, she won't help me at all, I don't know what to do, so I'm ringing home for help.

      I was in a dormetry, with some guys that I don't know im real life. I was suppose to meeting up with Hannah but I kind of most track of time, I was in a different classroom, I don't remember all of it, but I rmemeber one of the lads trying to scare me, it seemed I thought the class was apart of dream views, I thought it was the intro class because I was thinking I was going to be shouted at for swearing in there haha. I leave the room and messaged Hannah to see where she was, I blanked her by accident and she didn't even come and get me, I flipped out and said "I'm sick of this". I found myself on a main road with lots of shops, just walking and walking, I see some boys on a bike, I pay attention to them but really I should ignore them, I was thinking which way should I go to pass them, I eventually picked a way.

      Not much from this dream, spellbee saying something because her cat or dog had shit in the house haha. There was something about being a pub, also the lads from the last dream what In it, the dream took place in the future and was looking at how the boys have grown up.

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    13. 2.5.16

      by , 05-02-2016 at 11:17 AM
      I was back the old fashioned times, I'm in a black suit black car, people did not give a damn. Whoever was driving the car was driving it off high stumps of curbs on purpose and knowing me that hate any type of heights. It felt like I was kind of on a rollocoster , the feeling of butterflies really just doesn't suit me well. As we are on the last jump I see a police car expecting them to do something, but no they just carried on. The dream skipped and I remember driving I Around the old looking streets, it was rather quite and really scruffy. There was some game we was playing im not sure though and later on in the dream it involved the police.

      I was back in this dream but this time receiving help, we done something wrong, I don't know what but this women was helping me.

      It's a family party at my father's house, don't really want to go but ohwell, hanah says she's going to go up and have a drink. As we get there we sit right downstairs while dad and rest of eeryone prepare the food. The girls there all look sexy and had a few moments with them of laughter the it went all silent. Jack was there, he made a payment on the Xbox 360 and was on some transaction screen. I wanted money in my bank/PayPal but my bank account is locked IWL at the moment. Once of the girls suggest I download an app I think called fimbo, so I did and I didn't have a clue how to use it. My dad was making a slot of snidey comments, I don't know why but it sounds like him aswell IWL. My old passed away dog was there, I done something which made him want to bite, whenever he got close I had the feeling he was going to bite he kept following me so I took him outside and still the same, but its much worse this time, he has no eyes and can't see a damn thing and he's running away and doesn't know where he is going. He is right by a main road but I'm scared to pick him up incase he tries to bite me. I grow a pair and pick him up half way and drop him because I get scared, he's by the road again, I pick him up again and bring him all the way into the house. Once I get in, I sit down with tears in mt eyes, I felt emotional. The dinner was going and so they left. Hannah's mum came upto her and said that she should of went upstairs for a drink.

      My dad was having a party, everyone was turning up, people I didn't know, wreslers/ famous people. He wanted me to go the shop to get some alcohol so I did, I sit actually remeber going to shop, but I remember finding 2 I phoned, I remember I was going To show my brother Neil until I saw a friend and his wife and kids. I started to walk back home with them and when I was talking his daughter was mimicking me and I wanted to say something but I didn't so I left it. We are comin up to my destination but I don't know where I am so I ask my friend he points to wherein needed to go. As I got in everyone was there, there are a few I seen from other dreams but I totally forgot, I was sitting there minding my own business until someone decides to start on me, I'm throwing punches at him and my dad and everyone are telling me to stop. The lad dissapears so I get a chair to sit at the table with family and everyone but when.I got to sit down it just collapsed and I'm wondering why! The lad comes over again and starys so I start throwing punches at him again, everyone tells me to stop once more time so I do and go and sit over with the wreslers, I say hi but they blanked me so I sit down.
    14. 1.5.16

      by , 05-01-2016 at 10:03 AM
      I remember how I'm with some wrestlers and we are wreslin for something, i dont know what, I'm not sure if it's a thing, it feels like more of something that's an action. With that being said the dream was coming together very slowly. I mean the dream was there but it wasn't. Things didn't make sense.

      Ben was at the front door seeing if I wanted to come out I said yes but he suddenly just vanished out of no where, it left me wondering where he had went but my other friend luke turned up asking if I wanted to come out for a bit and wondering where Ben was also. I end up on a field with luke with a pile of clothes and they are my clothes, I put them in a box for some odd reason and next thing when I go to get them out they vanished. I kept looking, the field went pitch black so we had to use our tourches, in the end in it turned into a ghost investigation dream we had this tool where someone shines something, I remember it was called GAP and the lights go crazy that means that the spirit or the ghost wants to speak to them.

      Another dream, I am recording the famous guys from ghost adventures, they are in some creepy type building, they have just started there investigation. As it starts zack begins to provoke the spirit and I didn't see anyone getting scratched but I knew that people would get scratched. As he is provoking the spirit he gets an immediate answer, he gets possessed so quick that he didn't even see it coming! This is the end up that dream though. I woke up hoping to write my dreams down but I didn't wake up, it was a FA but I couldn't see where I was, I was just in thought telling myself to remember my dreams and woke up so I wrote this down.

      I'm with Hannah again and where on the bus, I don't know where we are going but ohwell, the city seems rather big, different but I like it. I remember how we are just sitting on the floor next minute then then I see a JD sign, I'm trying to figure somethin out but I'm not too sure! It somehing about JD, I wanted to go there but I couldn't find it. We are still sitting there and Hannah goes in "JD" and buys a game called fall out army. It turns out JD wasn't there and she enter a random shop. We are now in the Fall Out Army game. It looks alot like call of duty world of war, HD graphics, old buildings, a knife and enemies. Hannah found it rather easier actually! Just went round killing everyone with her knife with literally no strategy. We come to a shop which looks like PC world or Curries here ln the UK. I was amazed that that they now do PS3 modification and that they can install them for you or you can do them yourself on there computers. We was on the couch waiting for Hannah's mum, we noticed how Hannah's brother Jack was next to us and fell completely asleep. We are now on the bus, Hannah shows the driver our tickets he looks at them and seems a bit weird haha.

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    15. 30.4.16

      by , 04-30-2016 at 10:56 AM
      I was talking to Ryan on the phone and he asks about the contact sim he gave me, he asked if I had it, I said no and lied. I had the feeling he was being odd and suspicious so I asked him a question. I asked "what are you doing" he started to stutter and I knew instanty what he was trying to achieve. I realise that the dream is shaking and know that I'm coming out of a dream. I wake up.

      I'm with Hannah and her brother just casually relaxing in her room, Jack goes out and somewhat comes back in the room and I get the expression that he wants a blowjob without letting Hannah know what he's doing. He's only 12 haha.
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