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    14.5.16 - Lucid Dream or not?

    by , 05-14-2016 at 10:40 AM (562 Views)
    Me Hannah, Jacko and some other person was in some bedroom, that person I didn't really known, ended up in another dimension and I wondered how I could get there, like running across the walls like there is no gravity, it partly worked but something was missing so I stopped, and seen some type of teleported so as I got up to it, I put my finger on the green button and I teleport! I'm back in the same room and I feel like I've done this before. Hannah and Jack suddenly get here, I realise that we are all asleep since we can into here, I noticed how it felt weird to be awake in a dream, it felt like wasn't asleep at all. I was assuming to myself whether it was a lucid dream or not then Hannah asked if I have been practising lucid dreaming, I thought about it for a second and said no because I kinda got embarrassed. To test that it was a lucid I tried to do some dream control, I knew that it probably wouldn't of worked on the first to but I done it anyway, I seen the bear put my hands out and imagined that it will start floating up, it started floating up! I threw the bear at the door and thought I should probably get make it stay in the air and bring it back to myself. It never happened. I decided that I wanted to try and fly, I literally just doing the dimming stroke and I am up on the air. I hear Hannah's mum outside the door ( in the dream) and I don't want to wake up.

    Lucid dream?or dream about lucid dreaming?
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    1. Psionik's Avatar
      It depends on whether you distinctly knew that you are dreaming, or you didn't.
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    2. Oneirin's Avatar
      I agree as this one feels as though it's right on that fence between low level lucid/semi-lucid and dream about LDing. When you say that you think about how strange it feels to be awake in a dream, do you feel as though you simply observed your 'dream self' thinking it, or you were you thinking it with a more rational/conscious mind.
      Just my approach as this one is a little tricky. But like Psionik says, does your mind distinctly understand that it's a dream, or are you simply following along with the dream contents (even if they are about LDing.)
      Maybe others could have better insights to determine.
      Either way, great dream Habba! Looks like you're on track regardless; you're right there.
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    3. Habba's Avatar
      It's very hard for me to determine whether it was a lucid dream or not. I must of knew if it was a dream because I was thinking to myself I did not want Hannah's mum to wake me up. The bear was sort of my reality check, I was hoping the bear would float, I was doubting that it won't and it did. Then trying to fly. It seemed so vivid and felt so real....