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    by , 04-29-2016 at 12:50 PM (168 Views)
    I was with this detecive l
    looking like girl. she is awesome and gorgeous and she assigns me to go and work with her. I take it because she is fit as fuck aswell haha. so, I'm at my secondary school, which looks different and there is a friend who wants to 'catch' me, not sure why, but I feel like he wants to catch me, too kill me. there are times in the dream where he couldn't catch me, I remember how I managed to disguise myself in a car while he walked past a road which I know in waking life. I don't remember too much about this women, but i do sure know that she spends a lot of time in bed. she set me alot of challenges and was a fast typer, she likes to joke about how and then. I was on a road and I seen these kids, I am walking past them and they go "what" I ingore them and walk over the road to avoid trouble even though I wanted to kick someones face in. I remember how the girl was telling me too hurry up and, so I did and I find myself with an old friend working with him and trying to figure out when he is leaving, I look to the side to find the girl and she's joking again laying on the bed acting like she's asleep. I go in and she immediately gets up and smiles. I notice how there are php an mysql tags on the window.

    I went back to sleep and carried on with this dream, kind of like a detective. I don't remember a great deal off it. I recognised who the murderer was, alongside with the help from my sister. me my sister and her boyfriend where at dinner, just the three off us, I got her some wine, I was talking about how the wine is fitting in the glass, very weird haha. we got talking about the pictures, pictures where shown, tears where shreaded, both of them where crying, my sisyer clearly didn't want to hear anymore but at then end ot his dream she finally revealed the truth. she said it, "you killed your parents" he had no memory of doing so my dream took me back to when he was a kid and showed me that he was holding a knife.

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