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    by , 05-03-2016 at 07:34 AM (230 Views)
    Terrible night.

    I had a plan to meet some girl in the park for drinks, as I was walking to meet them I would see lots of people who was partying and it confused me. I kept walking a little bit till I came to a small campus site and searched for who I was looking, I decided that I could not find her so I stopped and turned around and as i was about to just walk off someone taps my back and it's her. I suddenly I have alcohol in my hands so I pass her and her friend some, but they said they didn't like beer so didn't didn't really drink it. I think it sounded quite nice, beer and pink lemonade! There was some ginger guy that came upto, I felt uneasy, awkward because I didn't know him at all. They decide that he should come along with us, so he did for a short while. Me and the girls where in some weird place, you would have to go down some slide to get inside to take the drugs, it looked weird, like it was a sweet shop off some sort. As the dream goes further, I notice how that my tounge has dissapeared and I'm panicking, she won't help me at all, I don't know what to do, so I'm ringing home for help.

    I was in a dormetry, with some guys that I don't know im real life. I was suppose to meeting up with Hannah but I kind of most track of time, I was in a different classroom, I don't remember all of it, but I rmemeber one of the lads trying to scare me, it seemed I thought the class was apart of dream views, I thought it was the intro class because I was thinking I was going to be shouted at for swearing in there haha. I leave the room and messaged Hannah to see where she was, I blanked her by accident and she didn't even come and get me, I flipped out and said "I'm sick of this". I found myself on a main road with lots of shops, just walking and walking, I see some boys on a bike, I pay attention to them but really I should ignore them, I was thinking which way should I go to pass them, I eventually picked a way.

    Not much from this dream, spellbee saying something because her cat or dog had shit in the house haha. There was something about being a pub, also the lads from the last dream what In it, the dream took place in the future and was looking at how the boys have grown up.

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