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    4.5.16 - A night full of dreams.

    by , 05-04-2016 at 12:02 PM (252 Views)
    Once again, I went on another paranormal investigation with the crew from the famous tv show ghost adventures. It was like some forest type place. It seemed to have a 10 story block each time going deeper and deeper. When I was inside this place no paranormal activity was being placed but the outside was loud with unexplained noises. On the last bit zack doesn't want to go in because everyone gets scared so I go back outside with him, he tells me to be quiet and shows me the sound of something unexplained loud and clear! I didn't know what to say.

    There was a zombie apocalypse, not many humans where alive, there was an ex girlfriend that was just sitting there acting like the zombies won't get her, trying to be all rude and trying to use me.I decide to run and hide from the zombies, she follows me. I'm trying to get away from her, so I come up to this street, I do a right, then I do a left then I end up in this alley way so I just hide beneath the binbags.

    I was with old friends and it seemed like college, and we had to sit there doing something form college, we had to write out paragraphs for a subject, for me, it was something called "execute" but In the end it sounded like "exesus". I only to found out that it had something to do with the PlayStation 3. I didn't know what to write so I decided to look it up, I tried to copy but I really couldnt put it into my own words. I leave my friends and go into some building where i could write it up in pc, I was debating with myself whether I should use paper or on the computer, I chose on the computer because it's faster for me and will be much more tidier. I now remember that I'm in the group singing a song about exesus that I have no clue about.

    I suddenly went into some little weird world, where I was not wanted, it was weird, there was very small rock, and there was like 5 people hiding behind it. I would sneak behind the rock and try to kill them without being noticed, it worked at times but at times it didn't. Instead from escaping from the world I stayed in the world and talked.

    I notice how I see my ex again and this time im walking down a road with her, there is a man behind us which is setting cockroaches to fire, he does it once and we just hear it squeeling and going crunch on the floor, I looked behind me and he has got lots of them in his hand, they are just jumping out his hand one by one. He tries to set them on fire but theyre too quick for him. They come flying near us then I wake up.

    I was with Ben, sitting in his room, casually talking, I ask him why his other t.v. is no longer working, I don't get a reply. I want to order something to eat from pizza lane but I struggle to ask him for some reason. I didn't know whether his dad would let me. We are out in some place, a place full I new technology, I didn't know what to do there I was with Ben, and we seen his dad, we got talking and he asked about my flat, I told him my current situation he didn't seem to get it so I had to explain further until he fully understood. Me and Ben prank call the man who was previously fixing a very old computer then put it down, the man looked fed up with his job. I end up back at Ben's and it looks like I can't order from pizza lane because his family has already made me something to eat. I'm with Hannah now on the streets just casually walking and i see and very old friend who I really despise, he looks at me, I get really iritated so I go over and asks what he wants, he doesn't reply so I start a fight and start kicking his ass, I walk away and i see another old friend, we didn't really get in iwl but he seems nice in the dream. We just get talking about how many fights I had with the Same person In high school, it was 7. He mentions how I told him get to outside the art classroom so I could kick his ass, but I remember it differently and tell him it was different but In the end I just go along with it. I see the other guy again asking for a fight, he is only doing that because he is with his friends now, acting all big. I start to go toward him but I know His friend will jump in so I back away. Hannah starts to laugh and like callum and i get jealous so I tell her to fuckoff and that I hate her, then she cried and dissapears, i hear lots of ambulances and i knew it was her ringing them, I knew it was pointless her ringing them. Me and callum walk past the ambulance and head straight to his, we are outside, and he says thats my bike that's just sitting there, it looked my bike but had been upgraded. Ben's sister open the door, and asks if I have been crying, I come up with an excuse and she tells me to bring the bike inside. I do and as i got upstairs a white shitzue comes and chases me and bites me, I come back down and show callum, he tells me how it's down and he makes the clock have arrows with smoke, it was weird. A taxi entered the close, I knew it was Hannah so callum went and helped her, I got jealous again so Ben took me to his room, I had no socks in so I hid my feet because I don't like them. I hear a knock im the door and its Hannah, I let her in and Ben's sister tells me that she's moving away and i start crying, she tells me that she has 15 minutes till she leaves. I try to force a another tear but it never worked and i woke up.

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