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    by , 05-06-2016 at 10:33 AM (325 Views)
    I remember being asked to something, it felt it was apart of website! There are girls just standing there and I must do something wrong of they hate the site of me haha. I have something that they want, so I offer it for in exchange for sex, I stick it in and I almost cum straight away and I take it out. The feeling is so nice, feels way better in a dream! I dont give what they want, next minute, I see the famous alexas Texas pornstar! Damn she is so freaking hot and I watch her doing anal sex, man it looked so nice, she looked sexy. She didn't believe me if I said I would give it to her, next thing she's grinding on me, I just want to stick my dick in, it's nice and hard and she has a nice fat ass! She goes to, I didn't even ask her but then she brings her back leggins down she puts that back up straight away! I tell her this time and I stick it in! Damn it feels so nice once again. I try not to cum so quickly, I didn't even feel ir and she took it out and pulled her pants up.

    With Hannah again and I'm in some house, looking for something for Hannah, I think it's money. As I had planned to go home at 5 past it was 10 past so I had to hurry up. We are outside and she gets out her purse a d I notice how she has lots of money, very for 20s lots of 10s and lots of 15s notes. The taxi is here and we get in, I knew the taxi driver but couldn't name her face, she's drove me around in the dream world before, I don't know if I have money on my credit card to pay the taxi fair so I get really worries. The taxi driver starts to talk like she an American! It was like we transported because suddenly I knew where we was!

    I seem to be in the town center with Jack and Hannah, we comes across this bar where these 2 guys are giving a poor service, they can't even poor a proper drink a the customers are not one but happy. I notice how they don't really care. They see there mother and stop working immediately to go and have a ciggarette with her.

    We are inside what's like a plane, it's apparently haunted so we go and check it out with the owner, we spot some weird unexplained things, like colours, but since Hannah has her own type of cameras we want to investigate outself. I didn't think the captain would be give us permission but we caught quite a few strange things. We are what comes to be a man walking last but it's actually not, it was a man walking towards us that worked there.

    It's daytime and it's like we are getting a tour of the place, it feels like where In the highest room possible, to get in, it's quite cramped but inside its huge! Jack notices how there ate chanmpipnship belts and other word from wwe, and wants to wrestle for them, he asks like a dog, playing so rough and ragging the belt with his teeth. We stop because I get a text off an old dream friend to tell Hannah to a answer some guys text. Hannah wasn't there so I sneak her phone and have a look, it says that we are on some website and are speaking poorly, that's a lie because I've never heard of that website. Hannah is coming up so I try to get off the text messages but I don't know how so I Put it down. I don't want her to see the text messages so I grab her phone once again but she catches me and takes off me.

    I notice how we are back into the town center, I have a feeling we will see the person on the text, I see Megan, Hannah friend just walking. I wonder where about we will see them. We are with them, shooting eachother, it's like we are in call of duty but the map changes constantly. While everyone else is shooting I'm still with them but my maps seems to fade and turn into a zombies map.

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