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    by , 05-09-2016 at 10:36 AM (390 Views)
    I remember speaking to Hannah's friend on text about lucid dreaming, she wanted to know how to do, I told her to practice over and over again. She said she already knew that, she sent me a bunch of messages with the prices of lucid dreaming masks.

    I was on the road with 2 other people, it seemed like a weird course, at first there was a man that was invisibile that would run away when I tired to catch, eventually I got him because when he went invisible I could see his outline. He wasn't human though, more like a gnome. Carrying on with the course, I was trying to find someone called Caroline from the vampire diaries, I came up to a shop, a seen her walk past it as if she though I didn't notice her.

    I was invited to a party by Hannah , I didn't really want to go but she made me come anyway, lots of people where there and I didn't feel interested one bit.

    I was also at the bank, I knew I had money in my bank but when I looked at mt statement it said I didn't have any money in it.

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