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    Dreaming about lucid dreaming, and life

    by , 04-15-2016 at 12:06 PM (286 Views)
    I was with some random DCs and one of them was talking about lucid dreaming, about how he couldn't get lucid, one of them said "it takes upto a month" so then I'm shown a little memory, of how a DC has missed being lucid, I was kinda frustrated in the dream! Then we started to talk about WILD, and watch a DC have a successfull WILD! Too bad I didn't realise I was dreaming! There was a girl that had been missing but didn't know where she had gone, but she left her phone in the house and everytone one was worried.

    I was in the school hallway, it was random, I didn't recognise ot anyway, I notice how one the girls in their try to hit on me, not knowing it was a Dream i totally forgot about my girlfriend, Hannah. My phone kept going off so I had to keep recharging it for some reason. Something weird happened that I cannot quite grasp one once I woke up. The dream turned into like a big screen and she was showing me all the programming language a that I needed to do a specific thing. For android(my phone) it looked like HNDROID.

    I was in a class room with a man that wasn't even teaching, just sitting there, you get the one of two students that think there funny because I went outside I went to see how they where and one then just acted like a complete idiot so I went back inside, argumenta arise and so they tend to get a little bit cheeky so the teacher site them down and completely just knocks them both out haha. I come back in and ask him if I can punch them but I wasn't allowed to. As the dream carries on they come back wanting to come back causing more trouble trying to have a fight with me but that doesn't happen. So they kinda just disappear from the dream for a bit, I felt like I was being tormented but i was glad because they teacher had my bad, I was thinking to myself, the teacher is going to get kicked out if he's doing that to students it's bad, but I just realised I don't give a shit have. The teacher then does somehing funny, he goes into the other room and jumps on the teachers back and pulls her skirt down and replays a couple of times. I was getting ready for my family to come to school but I don't know why they where coming, as they got here, my step Mum said "I'll tell them your my son" and I just completely agreed and then my dad walk in I was shocked he didn't say a word and just say down. It Carries on and turns into a bus, I have no chlothes on accept underwear, and me and Hannah are suppose to be getting off next stop. I thought that Hannah got off the bus with me but completely didn't! As I got off it changed, the enviroment changed, everything changed and I was lost, but then I realised Hannah's was only round the corner, as the bus went it looked like my dad was crying and Hannah sitting there sad. It drove away and as I step into the middle of the road this fast yellow car comes along and I nearly get ran over, I was so terrified!
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    1. Elaineylane's Avatar
      It really is too bad you didn't become lucid in your first dream because that would have been amazing! Oh the things you could have done. Maybe you should reread this journal entry & try to have another one like that w/ the intent on becoming lucid.
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    2. Habba's Avatar
      My lucid is coming soon!
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