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    Crime and Punishment

    by , 07-04-2017 at 03:36 AM (202 Views)
    Side Notes (Can be in Parenthesis)
    I was in a mental hospital, my Mother was there. I walked away from her and the lady who was typing what meds I take.
    I was walking back thinking what that other med was...A lady walked by me and says "Ranitidine"
    I get by the computer and I am about to say it but the computer person did it already.
    I don't trust this place, I feel like they kill the patients.
    They take all the patients somewhere and one woman told me "You can go on the computer."


    It was raining, a girl with black hair was walking on the Firelane at school, no one in sight.
    Crime and Punishment

    There was a road block, passed by the school football field it had it's big lights on covering the field.
    It was around 10:30 PM. I was now at the school in the lobby (the lobby looks like the middle school's lobby).
    I told the cop two people here are criminals, I point at Kasie but can't find the other one.
    Everyone gets mad and the cops says "You're in big trouble, that's a felon."

    Another Part of the Dream:
    A football player told someone "Our games usually end at 10 PM"
    Accidental Murder

    I was at a Walking Dead BB Gun tourney. There was a woman sitting on a chair, sweating, she was Mexican.
    (The room I was in looked like something from Splash from Black Ops 3 Multiplayer)
    I shot her in the face with my BB, which you're supposed to do, but I noticed she was bleeding and blood was coming
    out of her mouth.
    Later at home, I realized I just killed someone for the first time.

    Season 7 and 8

    I watched the Walking Dead S7 E1-E4 to catch up for Season 8, One Episode 4 there was a big chocolate factory.
    I thought 'I gotta invest in a Chocolate Factory' it would be good for a Zombie Apocalypse. Someone also spoiled
    who dies in the season and I scrolled up fast, I don't like getting spoiled.
    I looked up Season 8 on Youtube and saw a Video Titled "The Walking Dead Season 8 Comic Con Trailer"
    The thumbnail showed Negan with lots of shaving cream or something on his face.

    I had a good amount of Dreams today, I'm on a Streak! I like writing/typing down my dreams, to be honest I don't like dreams like these but at least I got more content for the Story I'm making. People are already setting off their Fireworks, hopefully it won't be like that during the night when people are trying to sleep.
    July 3rd, 2017

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