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    by , 08-12-2017 at 03:38 AM (139 Views)
    Side Notes (Side Notes)
    I was at School, the day was almost over.
    I saw Rupert sitting on a ledge, I shrugged it off.
    Walking up the hallway which was hard because it was like climbing a hill, three kids in front of me had no problem at
    this. It was really slippery.
    They were talking about something, I moved to the right side of the hallway it had a railing which I grabbed.
    A kid asked something to his friends but they didn't respond so I said "Yeah."
    The kid looked at me weirdly.
    I move to the left side of the hallway, they turned the corner.
    After getting outside the School I was looking for my Bus #45, I saw it but the bus in front of it on the bus window
    was Rupert sitting there.
    That bus starts to move so I run after it, it went to the front of the lane.
    I caught up and went in front of the bus, there's a few kids and no bus driver.
    I touch the button on the steering wheel gently but it honked the horn.
    I look back and a few people look annoyed and the bus driver who's in the back looks cranky.
    I say "I think that's my cat."
    The bus driver replies "It could be a cat that looks like yours."
    I turn back and I see a Blonde-Teen Girl driving the Bus, the Bus driver seems not to care so this is supposed to happen.
    The bus pulls up and gets real close to the other buses and then does a U-Turn.

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I was Playing Kingdom Hearts 3 in the Living Room, I don't know what world I was on but when I opened a door there
    was a character from Atlantis the Lost Empire and I was surprised, they're going to mix two worlds in one!
    I got off the game and was sad that I can't play it now but, I could play it later I remembered.


    I was at a College and it really looked like a hospital but had some educational posters on the walls.
    After awhile I went home (old house) , I believe that Adnan called and had to be picked up from the college I was just at.
    I went there and tried to find the college area, there was a cooking area but then I found the college area and went
    to find Adnan.
    Back home, Adnan tells my Dad that he's getting a ride to go home from his Father.

    My Cat, School and my Friend Adnan are definitely dream signs.
    August 11th, 2017

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