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    Time Travel School Dream

    by , 07-02-2017 at 09:25 PM (174 Views)
    Side Notes
    Time Travel School Dream

    I got sent back in time in my 6/7 year old body, I was in 1st Grade again.
    My first thought was 'I have to do all 12 years of school again?'
    In the classroom we went over basic stuff like ABC's and Adding/Subtracting
    It was lunch time so we had to go to lunch, I remember talking to the teacher who said "Kiba (from Naruto
    somehow he's a classmate) has OCD, so we can't do Ice Cream today."
    I walked to lunch from the main office direction, I saw Cameron (who wasn't even at my elementry school) and
    I had to try and become friends with him again, if I'm not careful everything in my life can change for the better
    or worse.
    I sat on a table and I saw Kiba with his Spider: Akamaru and the Spider was eating his Orange. Akamaru ate the
    Orange from the inside out.
    We were in Music Class, I remember thinking I'm weak and Fragile, I also felt Nostalga for being back at the
    Elementry School.

    Other Part of the Dream(?) or maybe a Fragment
    I saw a school bus, it was way bigger than me, it was full of kids.
    Going back in time to fix your mistakes sounds good but, it could create more problems and could change other important things in your life. It would also be awkward to be a kid again, also I'm almost done with school and would not want to do those 11 Years again. I'm going to start and type my Dreams up earlier than before bed because: I heard while you sleep your brain thinks of what you did during the day and I could end up getting a Lucid Dream early during REM sleep.
    July 2nd, 2017

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