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    Video Games, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hiding

    by , 06-27-2017 at 06:22 PM (224 Views)
    Side Notes
    Vs Hades
    I was playing a Kingdom Hearts Game, just defeated a boss then I realized I'm going to have to fight Hades again.
    We're in a hallway it was like the Underworld in KH2 but there was lava and acid.
    I did lots of air combos on him, he had a KH1 Life Bar, he was on Orange health.
    I fell in the acid accidently and healed myself. I remember in KH2 Blizzaga did lots of damage on him.
    I checked my shortcuts but I didn't put it in there, I had to scroll down to Magic and scroll to Blizzaga.
    I get damaged but I have Once More and Second Chance, I air slide to the other side of the room and run.
    I pause the game, Donald's behind me which he didn't show up previously. When I am pausing the game I can see Sora's
    MP restoring.

    Finish Him!
    I was at E3, I ate 5 slices of pizza. Two of my friends Steve and Kevin were playing some 2D fighting game.
    I remember Steve was playing as a Ryu like character while, Kevin was playing as Sub Zero.
    I ate another slice of pizza and left a slice on a table.
    He beats steve and I hear "F*** him!" but I was probably mishearing the game, it was Finish Him.
    Kevin does a chain fantality on the Ryu like character.
    I comment that it's hard for me to remember the fantalities and supers.
    We're at school and I say "I wonder if they have a (Video Game) specific bus." We're heading to the buses.
    Some person next to me says "They don't have School Buses for Specific Games, idiot."


    I was at School, in some classroom. I think it might've been a first day for the class.
    Sometimes teachers on the first day do an activity for the students.
    Our teacher made everyone play...Yugioh, you can only pick two cards and you have to see if you can beat your partner
    with only two cards.


    At School, again. I remember being on the blacktop at Elementry School and being in a room with someother kid hiding in a locked office from aliens at the High School.
    How do you guys like my new Color Code? Whenever, I type my dreams up: I forget most of them but as I write, I start to remember my other dreams. Unfortunately, I couldn't fully remember the 'Hiding' dream.
    June 27th, 2017

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