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    DJ of 1/11/2017

    by , 01-11-2017 at 01:45 PM (133 Views)

    Not a very vivid dream, but I have not been able to remember dreams for the past two days, so I will take it. One is a bit odd, well, let's say that they are all odd a little...

    I did try and WILD after waking up from my dream below. Well, I originally wanted to WBTB and try and just roll back over and go back into the previous dream, but I needed to use the bathroom and I was a bit confused on how to go about it, so I decided that I would use that oppourtunity to try and WILD which was unsuccessful. I was thinking too much about my day and I was a bit too hungry, and when I would try and focus on my dream, my hunger would really grow.

    I was in my high school, with people from my high school. We are working on a portrait of some sorts. We are not really working on it in the dream, but in the dream I am thinking about the portrait. I am thinking about it drying and that's it. And I am thinking about how it's drying and visualising how it's drying. Like what parts are dry or not. I hear one of my friends talking about us being together again (as a class) and he his happy. Then we are going to start on another portrait. I look at the whiteboard in the classroom and there's a date that say December something, (I remembered right after I woke up, but now that I am writing it down, I cannot remember the exact date anymore) I think about my teacher and wonder where he is. It ends.

    I am this odd room with odd people. I do not like them and I am being very racist towards them and my dad is behind me and when I was being racist, he would pull me back and basically tell me to stop it. I was sort of worried that they might hurt me if I am too racist towards them, but nothing happens really and I think they laugh and whatnot. It ends.

    No LD's tonight.

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