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    Had a strange nap..

    by , 10-27-2012 at 10:25 PM (469 Views)
    Hi folks,
    Well, I had a power nap this afternoon, and I experienced the most vivid dream I've ever had.
    Here's a little description/ account of it.

    "I flew across an ocean lit only by the burning-orange glow from the setting sun on the horizon. I could feel the rays of heat on my face, the air rushing past my body. The sound of the water below, and the occasional passing bird. Not a single item of land was present. I soared higher and higher, faster and faster, across the never ending sky, before settling back for a gentle glide at about 3o mph. I gazed into the sunset, indulging in it's beauty, which seemed to be ethereal. Music was also gently playing in the background, which I assume was a piano piece called Primavera.I fought extremely hard to contain my sense of wonderment and excitement, but eventually, the dream collapsed."

    This was, by far, the most enjoyable and life-changing experience I've ever had the pleasure to be part of. I'm still transfixed and mesmerized by the sheer beauty and attractiveness of the dreamscape, and all that came with it. As impressive as the visuals were, the thing that put the icing on the cake was every other sensation that came with them. The sounds were crisp, calm and relaxing, and the 'feel' of the world was alarmingly pleasureful and realistic. Every little piece of the dream seemed to carve out an emotion I was capable of producing, and multiply it by a factor of 50. Honestly, this may sound a little silly, but the dream really has changed my perspective of the world we live in.
    Here are a few pictures of the kind of visuals I witnessed. The sky and ocean had a VERY yellow/orangey hue, and almost seemed to be on fire. The photos are not 100% accurate reprisentations (well, the bottom one is pretty close), but they will do:





    A song also played in the dream, as I mentioned. Here is a link to the piece:

    Thanks for taking the time to read this folks!
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    1. lsddream's Avatar
      That is awesome!