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    Music; Pros and Cons..

    by , 09-24-2012 at 09:30 PM (452 Views)
    Background info.

    Hi folks!
    Well over the last week or so, I have been attempting to prove that it is easier to create a dreamscape while performing a normal, bog-standard WILD (as per usual), with one extra element; Music.This may seem odd, as some people view music as a distraction, but please allow me to explain.

    The music.

    Now, I like many genres of music, but there only a few that felt appropriate for this experiment. Classical (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB4fO-f33K0) and other instrumental pieces, such as "Never stop" by Chilly Gonzales.

    What it does.
    This is VITAL to the whole process working. You see, the type of song you use can aid you in creating your ideal dreamscape. For example, I chose to use "Primavera" because I needed a piece of dramatic, powerful yet etheral music. It seemed to go well with the theme of flight, over an ocean, hence why it was used. I found that this helped me to create this dreamscape up to twice as fast as non-musical WILDs.
    "Never Stop" seemed like a good choice for inducing upbeat, happy, productive dreams, as it seems to build, and build, and build.
    So I can conclude that yes, certain pieces of music can be used to create specific types of dreamscapes faster, with higher levels of vividness and lucidity.

    Ok, so now that we know this method can be useful, let's break it down into pros, cons, and a few tips.

    • Dreamscapes are created faster
    • Dreams become more vivid
    • dreams are easier to focus on
    • less audable distractions are heard

    • Music may be distracting for some
    • Cannot turn music off during dream
    • May prevent sleep
    • Music may not be availible for specific dreams
    • Could induce nightmares of wrong genre is used

    A few tips.

    Remember. Music may help me to create quick dreamscapes, but it may not work for you. Try to experiment, and find your own niche. Feel free to contact me if needs be.
    Try to stick to the act of WILD itself, rather than focusing on the music itself. Think of it like a movie; During an action scene in a film, you don't generally focus on the background music. You tend to focus on the visual aspects.The music in a movie is only there to create an atmsphere, and draw you into the on-screen performance. Apply the same mentality to the WILD. The music is a backdrop, not a main feature!
    I hope this article has helped you in some way, and, as ever, feedback is greatly appreciated.
    (I would also like to point out that my grammar is awful in this article as it's been a rather long day)
    All the best, Harris.

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