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    1. MIDI to USB!

      by , 06-05-2020 at 10:42 AM
      I'm in a class with lots of people, there are three rows of desks and every desk seats two people. I'm sitting in the middle row and almost at the very back with a girl on my left which i don't know in real life but in the dream i was sure she is a good friend. Teacher says we're behind the schedule and have to hurry if we want to catch up. I open my notebook and find lots of notes of the last class so i write this classes name as a title. (It started with "B" but i can't remember the name) The mood of the dream changes as i write this title and everybody starts acting differently. The girl on my left starts to talk about a short film we must watch, another girl on the front turns to us and says she knows this amazing game we should play right now. Teacher comes near us, looks at my notebook and she says there is no need to take notes, we could watch a video about it.

      We start to watch the video while we chat. It had this festival movie vibe to it and the soundtrack reminded me of TES:Morrowind so i wanted to find out from a computer that was build in the desk (was it there before?) if there were videos about Morrowind. As i was searching for it, teacher handed me a synthesizer. It has a drumpad on it, some knobs and faders, three octaves, wood finish and made by Yamaha. I feel very nostalgic because i had a Yamaha keyboard when i was a child and the smell of this one was almost the same. I start to touch the wood parts of it to see how it feels and it has a serrated feel to it and its not polished. I want to hook it up to my computer as a midi device so i look at the back and it only has midi, so from the computer front of me i start to investigate "MIDI to USB"

      I think i got excited and that wake me up. My sound card irl has midi inputs, idk why i bothered