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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. My dream recall gets better!

      by , 05-24-2020 at 09:59 AM
      I'm in a shady street with my dad and another man. Dad is complaining about a car he has, i turn around and see a red car that looks like an old Honda Crx, and some shady looking five guys trying to fit in it while yelling to each other, i turn to my father with "wtf eyes" and he tells me "they will take the car to a shop to get it fixed". I just think what a stupid idea...

      I wake up in a wonderful tree house with lots of windows around. My friend from highschool pastes a note to one of my windows, i'm trying to make him see me but he doesn't. I take the note and look at it, it says something about school and money. I decide to follow him but i lose him on the way so i decide to go to the school, thinking he can be there. The school looks like a mall.

      I'm in a very crowded class and i see people from all types, teens, old people, casual looking, formal looking... I talk to some people very briefly, then an old man invites me over and i talk to him about some stuff i don't remember but he had this mobster vibe. Teacher comes and lesson starts. I sit at the very back but i can't fit as the class is too crowded. I change where i sit two times, and now i'm sitting one back from frontmost at the right with a guy from my age. I tell him i'm not comfortable with my jeans and want to change into sweatpants and want him to not change his position for cover. He says ok so i take of my jeans and the guy just gets up and leaves. I don't care about it too much and as i put on my sweatpants i see another of my highschool friend. She waves and i wave back.

      We're at a break and another mobster looking old man with gray suit calls me over. I go near him and his three friends, he tells me he's gonna kill the other old guy. I say it is fine by me and i don't care. Class starts and a guy is doing some presentation. Suddenly Tokio Hotel - Monsoon starts to play (?) and the girl i know from highschool starts to sing it by looking at me while trying not to laugh, i accompany her and people start to laugh, we can't continue either and laugh too.

      I really needed to pee at this point so i excuse myself and try to find the restrooms, After looking for a long time, i find them but the restroom has a gate and the lady says it's closed because the school is about to close. Well thats what happens when a school looks like a mall i say to myself and get out of there.

      I'm walking towards a coastline and my plan is get something to eat and use the restroom there. There are lots of giant caterpillar corpses on the ground, crushed by cars or something. Then i see lots of cameras and Katy Perry looking like a mess. The five shady looking guys that my dad gave the car? They are there too and they are making fun of her.

      Now i'm watching these on the TV. As the background music they choose Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen for a reason (Altough in the dream i was sure it was Katy Perry's song). Katy Perry was in her yacht and it started leaking. She had to get on the shore by a floatable boat. I wasn't interested in the details so i changed the channel, there was a documentary about these three birds. One of them is a gray mockingbird, the other two are yellow wood warblers. One of the yellow bird was always climbing on top of the gray bird and it was adorable
      non-lucid , false awakening
    2. My first LD this year!

      by , 02-01-2016 at 01:28 AM
      I'm trying to get away from some mobsters and they cornered me in a dead end.

      I wake up but i manage to keep myself still, my eyes closed and i DEILD!

      I'm at the same alley and the mobsters are looking at me threateningly. I completely ignore them and look around. I'm trying to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands but they feel very numb. I look around and the image quality is close to real life. Sadly i can't think of anything to do and i'm trying to think of something. I see a building near 5 meters height. I jump very high and land on top of it. After this moment i don't remember much detail but i remember it felt a bit frustrating because the vividness was a bit low.

      Then i wake up with a sudden pain in my foot. I look at it and i see a string sewn on my foot. I look at the other side of the string and i see my mom is holding it. I say to myself "this is weird" and realize i just had a false awakening! I rip the string off and it hurts a bit and it's good because i have my senses back! My mom says "what are you doing?" and i respond "this is a dream!". She looks at me like she doesn't get it. I don't want to waste time by explaining something very unnecessary to a DC so look around and have a tour of my house, it looks a bit different and very colorful.

      After that i feel that my real arms are in a very uncomfortable position and i wake myself up.
      lucid , false awakening