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    My WILD attempt

    by , 02-10-2016 at 12:26 PM (491 Views)
    My plan for the last night was; set up alarm 4 hours into sleep, try to WILD in a different position than my usual sleeping position, eat gab's calzone http://imgur.com/o8q2APe

    What happened was; the alarm couldn't woke me up or i shut it off in my sleep, woke up at 12 am (8 hours into sleep for me), tried to WILD in a different position, i really tried but no luck Continued the WILD attempt in my usual sleeping position. My body felt numb enough and i started to imagine; i'm at my house feeling some objects, walls etc. I didn't felt the transitioning but i found myself in the living room!

    The living room was a bit different than usual, lightning was a bit off and the wall between the living room and the kitchen was gone. The tv was on, it was a music program, maybe a music competition program. There were 2 people in the house that i don't know. I was sure that i was dreaming but just for the kicks i wanted to do a nose plug RC. I couldn't breathe o_O But i felt a very strong pressure in my ears and the music coming from the tv just got louder and louder. It was coming in all directions! I've worked with beautiful music systems but this was at another level. It sounded like the whole building was a speaker and i was inside of it.

    The guy front of me said something, i didn't hear him well so i yelled "shut up! i'm dreaming!" and wanted to jump from the kitchen window but the closer i get to the window the dream faded more and more...
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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Cool!! Congrats

      You know, sometimes I don't feel or notice any transitions either. I mostly get the vibrations, but sometimes I slip right into a lucid dream. Which is fine by me
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    2. hattufig's Avatar
      I really like the transition part but i'm just happy i WILD'ed! YEEAAAAAAAA...!
    3. KingCobra's Avatar
      If this was your first lucid dream or so you made an attempt which worked. And if you do a WILD it mostly works while lying on your back.