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    Success after a long period of not having any LD (WILD)

    by , 05-15-2020 at 08:25 AM (399 Views)
    I am with a friend and we're trying the racing simulation Assetto Corsa Competizione then the car turns into a horse and the game turns into a GTA game and i turn into a savage and decapitate a knight with a very shiny armor.

    The dream changes itself into a role playing game. There are three characters. It's about a family thats working in a motel. This dream was just a very bad acted soup opera i shouldn't even write it down

    Before going to sleep i had set an alarm but this dream was so bad, it woke me up anyways so i cancel my alarm because i don't want it to ruin my LD that i'm gonna have right now. I take a sip of water and get into my sleeping position, i am seeing some vivid images and as i'm about to fall asleep i get excited and wake up, then try it again and again.

    At last, i'm in a dream. I'm in a dream! I'm in an industrial area with lots of buildings and i'm near one of them. There is a car beside me but everything is so low res, it's GTA:Vice City level. I want it to look better and it does, now the graphics looks like GTA:V ! I don't worry about it too much and get inside the building. There is an office with two people in it. Now everthing looks like real life or maybe more sharp. One old guy and one old lady. I remember my goal about eating a chocolate cookie in an LD because i was very envious that KatBee did it and that old lady may give me what i want! I ask the lady for a cookie and she says "grab a file from there and follow me." I do as she says and we're going inside the factory.

    It's just a dirty old factory i say to myself while following the old woman. I see a mirror on the way and want to check how i look in LD. I was almost the same except for my eyes, they looked smaller. I remember about the cookie and run to the old lady. We go up some stairs and now we're in another office but this place looks so much nicer than the rest of the factory. She gives me the cookie, and it's very good! The crunch, the taste, awesome. But i remember something, my plan before going to bed was go to Adventure Time world and get a cookie from Bubblegum. Even though i ate a cookie, it's time to go there!

    The office i'm in has a balcony, i step outside and look at the view, there is some parks with trees and after that it's sea. It's a good view but i need to go to Candy Kingdom! I turn around and imagine the Candy Kingdom behind me and when i turn back, it's there! Now i need to fly, i try to levitate of the ground but i hesitate and fall to the ground. I remember what i read about dream control, if you fear something, it's probably gonna happen. I just jump from the balcony, i lose some altitude but manage to fly!

    I fly towards the Candy Kingdom. I'm doing some cool moves like a fighter plane, the view is amazing, the feel of flying and the wind, smell (smelled like cherry there), taste in my mouth from the cookies, it's just so much! Started to cry in my sleep because it was just so beautiful.

    I wake up feeling very light, happy and energetic, even though i just slept for 5 hours tops.
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    1. KatBee's Avatar
      YAY! I'm so glad you got to eat a cookie too! Your dream control sounds pretty good, I haven't been able to fly yet or make something appear behind me.. let alone a whole kingdom!
      I also feel super happy and well rested even when I should probably get more sleep... LOVE waking up after having a super fun night of LDs!
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