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    Hawaiian Eskimo

    1. Drive safe, guys

      by , 01-22-2013 at 01:48 AM
      This one never turned lucid, but I'm posting it here anyways since it was particularly memorable.

      The dream started with me driving in my car on windy mountain roads, but it was still in a deserty region, no trees. As I was driving around a bend, a car came blasting around the corner on the same side of the road as I was, and swerved away into his lane just in time. He was followed by a bunch of police cars speeding after him.

      I thought to myself "damn, he's driving like an idiot, I hope nobody gets hurt." And right as I passed around the next bend, I came across a police car and another car having been in a head-on accident, with a bunch of other cops around it directing traffic. I slowed down to get around the accident scene, and as I drove past, I saw the guy that was driving the crashed police car hanging out of the broken driver's side window, blood all over him.

      I drove past, and saw a bunch of other accidents one after another, cars off the road, run into each other, etc.

      Mountain roads are dangerous, guys.
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    2. First experience with intentional dream control

      by , 01-16-2013 at 12:50 AM
      I remember walking towards a room in a building, to "investigate" something (my recall was a bit fuzzy during the non-lucid part). It was a two story building, with an opening to the first floor in the center, kind of like a shopping mall. I had these keys in my pocket, and they kept duplicating, which I think was part of the thing I was supposed to investigate. As I was walking towards the end of the hallway thing, it became completely enclosed (you couldn't see down to the first floor anymore) and the walls were covered completely in religious scriptures. And as I got closer to the end where it turned right into a room, the architecture of the building kept CHANGING, and the text on the walls was moving around.

      Right as I got to the end and turned into the room, my vision suddenly flashed for a second, and all I could see were lines and lines of strange symbols (almost like the hallucinations in the Dead Space games). Right at that point, I realized that I was dreaming, and did an RC (nose plug) to test, and became lucid.

      Naturally, I was kind of freaking out about the really demonic events happening, and right as two people that looked like missionaries walked up, I thought "oh crap, what if they're demons instead!" No points for guessing what happened next. They suddenly got bright red eyes and snake tongues, and started walking towards me.

      I just thought to myself "nope nope nope, just a dream, no demons here," and they returned to their human forms, but still surrounded me and tried to keep me from moving away. I just pointed at each of them, and said "you're gone, you're gone, you're gone, and you're gone," and they all just disappeared.

      I turned around to exit the room, and instead of the wall that should have been there I was walking into a large lobby/lounge area, full of people and with huge windows on the far wall. I looked around in the crowd, and thought to myself about how I could make someone appear. As I was thinking about that, out of the corner of my eye I saw this girl I've been interested in just walking around with everyone else. I walked up, said hi, then just grabbed her and started doing the deed on one of the couches in the lounge (hey, no judging, everyone's tried it, right?). I started with foreplay, but when things got to the point of actual penetration, things got weird. She got hesitant, and every time I looked away she would wind up dressed again. Eventually I gave up, and walked off.

      At that point, details get a bit fuzzy. I remember trying to make a phone call, but the phone was acting "weird" and wouldn't do what I wanted. At one point I was afraid I accidentally called my cousin, but wound up talking to a friend with the same name. I might have lost control around this point, I'm not too sure. Right after the phone call, I suddenly woke up and everything ended.

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    3. First LD after a long hiatus

      by , 01-09-2013 at 12:39 AM
      It started after I fell back asleep after waking up to my alarm (I wasn't trying).

      I remember being in my house, and I was watching some old Christmas movie. I had to go to the bathroom, so I went, and I noticed that the bathtub was full of tiny swimming baby deer. I didn't find it odd, and went about doing my "business". A few seconds later, I glanced back at the bathtub, and it had significantly less deer in it than before, and there was no way for them to have gotten out. So I wound up doing an RC (breathing test), and after a few seconds, it worked, and I became lucid.

      The dream started to destabilize, so I started rubbing my hands together. I wound up closing my eyes on accident, but instead of black, I saw a bunch of floating, colored lights. I opened my eyes when I felt comfortable, and I wound up in a fancy restaurant with my parents. I felt numb all over, and still kind of "floaty", so I kept rubbing my hands until that went away. I wanted to get up and leave the building as soon as I could, so I stood up, and my mother commented on how my clothing was "inappropriate", I looked down and it was the same thing I had been wearing in the bathroom scene. I wanted to try changing my clothing, so I looked them in the eye, and said "would a suit be better, like this?", looked back down, and I was wearing a light black suit.

      At that point I really wanted to leave the building to explore, but when I started to head for the exit my mom got up and grabbed me by the arm and wouldn't let go, no matter how hard I pulled away. I had the idea to set off the fire alarm to distract them and get away, but the pull station was too far away (it was in the waiters' station), I was still being held, and there were people in the way. But my desire must have influenced the dream characters, because one of the waiters went and pulled the fire alarm. I was able to pull away at this point as the alarm went off. It was a cool alarm too, voiced, went along the lines of "attention all customers, a fire has been reported in the building. Please proceed to the nearest emergency exit" followed by the usual whooping sound. All the characters started panicking and made a mad dash for the exit. I went for the front exit as well, which were glass automatic sliding doors. I noticed that in addition to the usual American exit sign, there were British style ones near the floor as well (been watching too much BBCA, I guess). I tried to get through the exit quickly, but there were too many people to get through quickly.

      I managed to squeeze my way through, at which point I was awoken by my sister blasting music from the bathroom. Damn.