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    Hazel's Boiler Room

    1. The Hair Monster

      by , 02-08-2011 at 10:51 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      The Hair Monster
      I am standing in a bathroom with a poor unsuspecting man and a viscous woman who seems a bit too fond of me. The bathroom is fairly large and is actually two separate rooms: a section for the shower and toilet, and then another section for the sinks. The man goes to the latter and begins brushing his teeth. Unbeknownst to him, the lady begins growling and growing hair all over, even from her eyes and mouth. I wonder how the man can possibly not hear her... "Are you running a hair dryer in there?" he asks and begins to turn around.

      "No!" the woman yells and slams the door shut before he can get a look at her. She changes back to normal and locks the man in the little room. "We'll have some fun with him, later," she says to me with a smile. I pretend to be interested, but as soon as she leaves I begin making escape plans.

      I quickly run down to the basement and look out the window, assessing my options. It becomes clear that I must run, because the lady is obviously unstable and might turn on me at any moment. Thus, I quietly open the window and run as fast as I can towards the road.
      Once there, I spontaneously become lucid, but I wake up shortly afterwards.
    2. Reunion with my Dream Guide

      by , 02-04-2011 at 10:14 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Gah, my recall has been really awful lately. Too much stress, and not enough time to write down the dreams I do remember. And now, this:


      1- Reunion with Leroy
      I am horrified to note that all of my front teeth have been horrifically chipped... Upon closer inspection, they all look more like fingernails than teeth, and are mangled quite severely. "No way this is real," I say to myself with a snort after overcoming the initial shock. "I've gotta be dreaming."

      A reality check proves me correct, and I go outside to think about which of my tasks to attempt. When I get outside, however, I notice that it is far too dark for my liking, which indicates that the dream is unstable. No problem. I rub my hands together, then focus on raising the sun. It works--- but only for about two seconds.

      As I'm going for a second attempt, I spot a dark figure approaching me. Suddenly I'm filled with overwhelming terror. "Leroy," I mutter under my breath. It has been so long since I've seen him that I no longer remember how to deal with his fear aura. I simply stand there, frozen, my heart pounding in my chest. Without even a greeting, he abruptly grabs my leg and jerks my feet out from under me, digging his nails into my skin as my back slams to the ground. I feel no pain from his nails, but it feels as though he's screwing with my energy.

      Anger wins over the fear. I roughly pull him onto the ground with me and we begin wrestling for control. After a while, he lets me pin him to the ground. He stares up at me, that damned infuriating smirk playing on his lips. Now all of my fear is long forgotten as I lean forwards to kiss him...

      ...but the dream destabilizes and he vanishes.

      Ugh. I certainly hope that Royal Manipulation dream I had wasn't true. If so, EWW! Either way, I need to learn some self control.
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    3. Gladiator, Redneck Style

      by , 01-26-2011 at 12:53 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Finally, after 4 days, some recall worth mentioning. I hope this means my dryspell is cured.

      1- Gladiator, Redneck Style
      I am standing in a line in the middle of a field with my mother and some other people, facing a crazed farmer who is talking about the Arena Games that we are about to fight in. The girl beside me mentions "respawning at one-third power." Oh good, I think to myself sarcastically, That way we can suffer painful deaths all afternoon.

      The farmer introduces this enormous truck/tractor hybrid whose headlights resemble big angry eyes. The hood pops open and it's "tongue," a powerful bulldozer arm, tastes the air hungrily. "Meet Bulldozer, the tractor god!" the farmer thunders. Bulldozer picks the man up with his tongue and sits him in the control seat. "Here's a little demonstration on speed, for those of you who are thinking about running off." He drives around us in circles; it's clear that you won't be able to outrun the thing. Suddenly the games are starting, and zombies crawl up through the ground to double our problems.

      Bulldozer kills my mother almost immediately. Fear pulses through my veins as I face the monstrous vehicle, but I ignore it and leap over the hood, kicking the farmer in the head. He laughs at me, saying I watch too many zombie movies, then embeds a knife into my forehead. It doesn't hurt that badly, so I continue to kick him, trying to break his neck. The knife falls from my head to the ground behind us.

      Just as I'm about to deal the finishing blow, one of the farmhands (or possibly one of the other challengers) picks up the fallen knife and stabs me in the side, digging the blade across my stomach. The pain is agonizing; blood pours from my mouth as I die.

      ((Despite the pain and everything, this was a really fun dream!))
    4. Resident Evil Meets Vampires

      by , 01-21-2011 at 10:41 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Wow. I remembered about 90% of this movie-like dream upon awakening, but I quickly lost about 80% more before I even had the chance to think about it.

      1- The Second End

      Our Future

      We have suffered an apocalypse under the vampires. After a long and epic struggle, Alice, Claire, and I have managed to kill off a good majority of them. Unfortunately, they've also managed to kill off most of our convoy and nearly all of my fellow werewolves.

      We think the hard part is over, that we can begin to rebuild. But Fate strikes us down as Claire begins to speak a prophecy that has suddenly been delivered to her. "The future of humanity depends upon the T where blood flows." ((Oh. Ohhhhh! I just realized that it was talking about Alice! Duh!))

      "What the hell does that mean?" I ask, somewhat worried.

      "I don't know. But it doesn't sound good."

      She also receives a scrambled word: n-g-e-i-t-a

      "Eating," Alice says, before I even process it. Wow, she's quick.

      "We're not out of the clear yet, apparently. Don't let your guards down," I say. As if they ever would.

      The Ship
      Something is definitely not right aboard this ship. The crew seem nice, but I sense something off about them. My suspicions are confirmed just as I am searching for Alice and Claire to warn them of the danger I feel sure that we're in. One of our convoy members is sedated and dragged into a secret room as I watch from the shadows. I put my ear to the door and listen while crew discusses chopping her up and preparing her as tonight's meal. "Eating," I whisper to myself with realization and horror. This ship--- it's a trap. And we fell right into it.

      My haste to find Alice and Claire has grown exponentially, but they are walking with several crew members (Umbrella operatives, I now realize) when I come across them. One of the men leads Alice, Claire, Carlos, an unknown woman from our convoy, and myself into a small room and locks us in. "Great," I mutter. "I was just coming to warn you, but I guess I was too late."

      Suddenly a chute opens up in one of the walls, and two vampires frozen with sedatives fall into the room. The chute closes, leaving us trapped, weaponless, with the monsters.

      The female vamp animates almost immediately, killing the helpless woman and sinking her teeth deep into my arm before I can stop her. The virus quickly works it's way into my system, and....

      ...I switch to Alice's point of view. I can only watch as my werewolf friend kills off the she-vamp before succumbing to the virus herself. F*cking Umbrella Corp, I think with fury, After all we've done to get rid of the virus, and now they're SPREADING it? There is no time for such thoughts, however. My once-comrade is now coming at me with a hungry look in her eyes, her werewolf genes making the effect of the virus that much more powerful.

      I am taken aback by how quickly she moves, by how quickly her sharp teeth sink into my flesh. No... How did it come to this?

      I kick her off me, watching as my hands become the clawed hands of the very monster I lived to destroy. But wait. I still have my thoughts... All hope might not be lost.

      I look up to see Claire and Carlos backed up against the wall as the newly turned vampire stalks up to them. No. I can't bear for them to die, too. With a feral snarl, I slam my monstrous hand into Hazel's head, and am somewhat surprised when it flies off her shoulders and lands on the floor with a sickening squelch. This power... it's too much.

      At that moment, the dark-skinned male vamp snaps to life beside me. "Don't be alarmed," he says hastily, sensing that he is about to share the same fate as my now headless comrade. "You're going to need my help." That accent... I realize immediately that this must be one of the living Vampires from legend, a race of immortals unrelated to our hellish virus.

      He tells me that Umbrella has had him frozen for quite some time, so I give him a quick debriefing of current events. "We had the werewolves fighting for us," I say, drawing my story to a close, "but they're all dead now." I look down at Hazel's body with remorse. What a cruel fate...

      The Shooting
      *3rd Person*

      Four Umbrella operatives are standing on deck, peering into the small room from their vantage point at the top level. "Okay, boys," one of them, their commander, begins in a decisive tone, "it's been long enough. Open fire."

      The three gunmen begin shooting, each unloading their entire supply of bullets into the small room in what, for any other group of people, would seem like overkill. "There's no way they could have survived that," one of the young men says proudly.

      Little do they know that below deck, crawling through the leaking pipes steadily toward them, a Vampire and his newfound companions are-----

      "MEOW! MEEEOOOW" My cat lets me know, LOUDLY, how displeased she is at being locked out of my room. GAH! I want to find out what happened!
    5. Time Dilation

      by , 01-20-2011 at 09:52 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Really long lucid last night. I know that I only had 45 minutes left to sleep, yet the dream felt like it was around 2 or 3 hours. Time dilation was obviously involved.

      1- I Attempt to Visit the Antechamber of Insanity
      ((There is a lot that happened prior to this point, in which I am non-lucid, but I can't recall what it is. Something about packing to go on some sort of vacation. I make a point of packing my laptop in case the hotel offers free internet. Somewhere along the line, I become lucid. I think of my goals, and decide to visit the Antechamber of Insanity. I wonder how to get there.... A portal might be useful, but there's no guarantee I can even make one, and I have limited time. Instead, I stand on a chair and climb through the ceiling (I've learned my lesson about flying headfirst into solid objects), willing myself to end up in the AoI.

      When I pull myself through, I feel that I am on a wooden floor. However, it is too dark to see anything. "Does this mean my mind is filled with empty darkness?" I ask myself, half-jokingly. I think I sense Madison nearby, which is a good indication that I'm in the right place, but it doesn't count if I can't see. Madison tells me something, but I can't hear her.

      Suddenly, I'm on a shelf above my future step-mother's kitchen, looking down on her and my dad while they're cooking. I feel like a ninja.

      Jilda looks up and spots me, nearly dropping the pot she's holding and letting out a startled shriek. Without a word, I drop down and go outside.

      As I'm walking, I pass by a dog that is in a cage, yelling at me. (Not barking, yelling.) Wanting to test out my dream control, I point to the dog and tell it to turn into a human. It changes from a quadruped to a biped, but retains all of it's dog-like features. Interesting. I tell the dog it's stupid for not being able to transform, and show it how easily I can turn into a wolf. I begin to run, forgetting about the dog and taking joy in being a wolf, when the dog (who is now completely human) jumps on me and starts attacking me.

      I instantly turn back into a human as the dog boy painfully rips my stomach open. I feel blood begin to pour out of me. Angered, I pin the boy to the ground and start tearing at his throat and stomach. Although he is bleeding profusely, he's laughing as if this is just a play fight.

      I stand up and examine my wound. It has already healed completely, but my stomach is still red with blood. I wipe it off...

      ...and have a false awakening. I am in the back of a truck with my dad and brother. We seem to be going on that same vacation from earlier in the dream. However, I begin to notice that some things are a bit... off. First I see some things that I KNOW were in my dream, then I see islands floating in the sky. It seems normal, but a part of me says that it's not.

      I begin to read the signs as we pass, to see if they change or say strange things. A sign that should say "speed limit" instead reads "cookie monster." Okay, that's definitely not normal. I examine some billboards, and find that I'm having trouble reading them. That's strike two against reality; time to RC.

      I become lucid with a nose pinch RC and exit the truck. I go off exploring, but most of that is lost in memory.

      Non-lucid again. My brother is watching a video on YouTube. "What are you watching?" I ask.

      "This really cool thing with Justin Bieber in it!" he exclaims and shows me.

      "Justin Bieber?" I burst into laughter. "Why are you watching THAT?"

      "'Cause he's a really awesome singer! Uhh... just don't tell anyone I told you that."

      My mom walks up and I become lucid again. I am trying to prove to her that this is a dream, but even though I stick my finger through my palm she doesn't believe me. Stupid DC...

      Later, yet ANOTHER false awakening. My brother is still going on about that Bieber kid. "I thought that was a dream," I mutter to myself, confused. I am contemplating telling my friends about his strange behavior, or saving it for when I need dirt on him.
    6. Stupid Fragments

      by , 01-18-2011 at 12:51 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Bleh. I'm done taking B6 for a while. A whole bunch of weird fragments.

      1- Perverted Doctor
      At the doctor's office, though I don't seem to be there for a checkup. I pass by my doctor, who is sitting at a table with tons of cookies, eating them. I ignore the strangeness of this and merely say "Hello," as I pass.

      He stops me and strikes up a somewhat awkward and hesitant conversation. Though he doesn't say it, it's apparent that he wants me to have one of the cookies. "Uh, can I have one of those?" I ask, although they don't seem very appealing.

      He brightens up. "Of course! Have as many as you want!" I take one of the cookies and eat it. It's actually pretty good.

      After I leave, my brother notifies me that the doctor has a secret crush on me. Ew, he's like three times my age. "I'm definitely changing doctors."

      2- The Two Small Dogs, and the Small Dog and the Bird
      A narrator first begins explaining the story of "two small dogs" as they forsake society and vow to live on their own.

      He then goes into another story about a "small dog who became friends with a small bird" and remained friends throughout their lives.

      3- Wreck
      My brother goes crazy and drives the car directly toward a gully. I leap out at the last second, but he stops the car before it falls. My mother gets mad at ME for jumping out of the car and forces us to redo the experience until I behave properly. I again jump out as the car crashes into the gully below. "You could have saved the car if you weren't so anal!" I yell and run home.

      I climb inside my cabinet and hide there like a little kid. Sadie is sleeping in there. I startle her, and she makes that cute little "mrrw!" sound.

      4- Swallowed a Fly
      At lunch, my friends and I are discussing a silly music video that we saw a long time ago about a lady who swallowed a fly. It was by someone called Hot Christine.

      ((I feel like I've seen that video IRL, but I can't tell if it's a false memory or not!!!))

      There were more, but they're gone now.
      dream fragment
    7. Dreamviews, and An Epic Quest

      by , 01-17-2011 at 04:40 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Took 100mg of B6 before I went to bed last night, then another 100mg during WBTB. I also decided to do my self-hypnosis technique, but that didn't work out very well when my cat kept stepping on me every five minutes.

      1- Dreamviews of the Future
      ((Note: this was a very abstract dream and most of it is really difficult to put into words.))
      Dreamviews is a physical place; I am exploring all of their new "features." I walk past a long line of people carrying musical instruments, whom I discover are all trying out for the new Dreamviews Marching Band.

      Next, I am looking at some dream journals. Each journal is it's respective member's private home, or inner sanctuary. I visit at mine first and am somewhat disturbed to find a long and very explicit dream written out for all the world to see. Why would I post that in such detail?

      I think of where I want to go next. I have been talking to Alice (from Resident Evil), and we have grown to be pretty close friends. So I decide to see what her journal is like. I should have known; entrance to her journal is painful and treacherous, as it is guarded by an imposing mound of thorns. Her "inner sanctuary" is more like an internal Hell, imprisoning her within her own dark thoughts. Poor Alice... I want to comfort her, but she resides in the very core of this prison. The dream ends as I am working my way towards her.

      2- Saved by the Goddess
      My getaway will be simple. Ditch these clothes, change into the ones left over by those imbeciles, and escape through the window. I have thought of everything; except, however, drawing the shades. One of the Emperor's cronies has spied me from the open window and has called for backup. My means of escape has quickly become my downfall.

      I leap out the window anyway, and break into a run. There is still a chance I can get away, though now it will be far more difficult.

      I make it as far as the road, a dry stretch of unpaved dirt, before I am surrounded. The Emperor and his men have me covered on three sides; the Dark Forest, brimming with werewolves and other man-eating atrocities, stands imposingly to my remaining side. They do not expect me to risk such a fate.

      An Elven girl a few years my elder, one who I used to call Sister, grabs my arm and secures a handcuff around one wrist. "Come quietly, Princess. There is no way out." Before she can cuff my other wrist, I kick her roughly away, dodge around the Emperor's men, and take off into the forest. They dare not follow, but they don't need to. Almost immediately I am faced with a Hunter; a soul-sucking once human that reeks of fear and decay. One of the Emperor's favorite pets. He actually sent the Hunters after me? I don't know whether to be hurt or flattered.

      Rather than have my soul taken, I quickly dart back to the edge of the forest where the trees are less dense. Hunters, along with all the other forms of Demon-spawn, would burn in this light. However, it also means that I am once more vulnerable to the soldiers...

      To my amazement, a voice in by head booms, "Stay behind me!" Suddenly a large brown creature is running in front of me, which I recognize instantly as one of the envoys of the gods. I follow him without hesitation as he guides me through the treacherous forest. The sound of the soldiers' bewilderment from the forest's edge makes me smirk.

      One out of the forest, I am met with one of my comrades at the outskirts of an old town. It is nighttime now, and avoiding the Demon-spawn will be more difficult. The envoy wishes me luck and is gone.

      As soon as he disappears, we are attacked by a small shadow creature. A church is nearby, emitting light from it's stained glass windows. I throw the creature into the light, but it merely cackles. "That won't work on meeee!" it screeches. "I am not a mere shade! HE gave birth to me from his very flesh!" The creature flies directly at my face. I hold it back as my companion opens a vortex in the ground, which makes quick work of the enemy.

      "We need to get inside," I instruct. But as soon as we enter the church, we are met by something potentially more dangerous than shadow creatures: crazed religious fanatics.

      "Witches!" the ladies cry. "Burn them! Kill the witches!"

      "Wait!" I protest. "We just want shelter here, same as you."

      The ladies continue with their cries of death and burning until the oldest of them calls them to silence. She looks at my friend and I knowingly and points to the wall. "What does it say?" she asks me.

      A single, three letter word is etched into the wall. Her. I repeat the word with some amusement. This church was once a temple to the Goddess. How ironic.

      The lady details a story in which Merinia, an earth Goddess, was kidnapped and taken prisoner by the Demon King. Her power could easily have defeated the demons, if only she'd had her staff. The sacred object, however, had been stolen from her and lost somewhere in the world.

      I stare at the lady in shock as she hands me a beautiful, intricately carved staff. "Is this...?" She nods.

      "Save her," she tells me.

      I exit the temple/church. Demon-spawn emerge from the ground almost instantly, but the incredibly power of Merinia's staff kills them all with a single blow. I am in awe.

      Time passes. I have rescued the Goddess (though, it's more like She rescued me), and am now celebrating with my friends.

      ((Note: I don't think the name in the dream was given as Merinia. I know it started with an M, but I couldn't find an actual earth based goddess with a similar name, and since I couldn't remember it I had to make one up.))
    8. A Lady In White: The Return of the Queen?

      by , 01-16-2011 at 03:15 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Well, I slept better last night. (Understatement. I slept like a freaking rock, which is weird for me. I didn't even wake up to my WBTB alarm.) Still didn't have great recall, but the quality of the dream makes up for it.

      1- Cell Phone (fragment)
      I get a text message from my friend saying that her parents finally gave her a cell phone, so I can text her now and not have to worry about my phobia of calling people. ((Part of a much longer and much more interesting dream that I can only get flashes of.))

      2- Unplanned Vacation
      ((My family is having some issues, I believe it involves the mafia, but I can't remember that part.)) My nonexistent sister is driving off without permission to go to Edistoe Island. I rashly jump in the car and demand to go with her. At the very least, I should be able to keep her out of trouble. It isn't long, however, before I realize the implications of this little endeavor. Not only will my mother be absolutely furious with me, but my sister is obviously somewhat crazy and I don't want to get dragged down with her.

      "Pull over and let me out," I demand.

      "What? No. You wanted to come with me."

      "Look, I can't do this. I have a good life here, and I don't want to screw it up. Just let me out, I can walk home from here."

      She sighs and pulls the car over. "What a goody-two-shoes. Mom's still going to be mad at you, y'know."

      I grin impishly. "Not if I tell her you kidnapped me." With that, I get out of the car and run off.

      I become lucid shortly afterward. It's a low level of lucidity, though, because I still think I have to go home. Wanting to stay off the main road, I leap of the bridge and fly toward the ruins of an older bridge secluded in the woods. A large beam stretches out across the river. It is fairly wide, something that would take absolutely no skill to balance across, yet I quickly find that dream gravity can be a pain in the butt. As I start to walk across it, I become really heavy and am finding it hard to keep my balance. What is this, dream vertigo? Fortunately, I make it across without falling.

      On the other side, I am approached by two calico cats. One of them looks a lot like Sadie, but I examine her markings and see that she's not. I speak to them for a bit as they listen in silence.

      Then I lose what little lucidity I had. A lady dressed in a short white dress walks up to me; she looks a lot like the Queen, with her unnaturally pale complexion and her choice of clothing, even her silvery blond hair color. Her hair style is different, though. Whereas the Queen has long, flowing hair, this woman's hair is short and curly. I don't notice these similarities in the dream, due to my cat snoring IRL
      and waking me up. ((For all I know, she could have been the Queen. Changing one's hairstyle is not that difficult, particularly in a dream. I didn't really have much time to find out.))

      3- An Actress?
      As I am getting ready for school and trying not to miss the bus, students and teachers are meandering around the house. I don't find it odd, just annoying. They won't leave the room while I'm trying to get dressed. And damn, I forgot to print out my lab report.

      Distracted, I somehow put on a shirt on top of my jacket. My AP chem teacher walks in at that point and laughs at me. "Ugh, I give up."

      I put some sort of makeup on, and when I look in the mirror I realize that my whole face is blue. It actually makes me look really cool, but I can't go to school like this!

      After I fix that problem, my ears are suddenly painfully rejecting my earrings. They are bending around and making the metal stab me. Annoyed, I take the earrings out and throw them on the floor. "I just won't wear any today."

      A bit later, I am shocked to see that lady in my house! "Who is that?" I ask my mom. She tells me it's some actress. "But I had a dream about her! How is that possible?" I am being quite loud. The lady, who is standing beside a large man with a top hat and a cigar, turns around and smiles at me. I blush, but I can't look away.
      ((I wake up again shortly afterward. Hmm. I still can't say for sure it was her. In the majority of the dreams I've had of her, she's always either tried to kill me or nearly gotten me killed. With a few odd exceptions. It's not like her to just stare at me without saying anything and make me wake up. Which, by the way, is way more annoying than trying to kill me.))

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    9. Bad Dreams; Worse Recall

      by , 01-15-2011 at 05:32 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      1- The Van
      I don't remember the details (of which I am extremely grateful), but I go into a van with some woman and something incredibly disturbing happens. (And not the good kind of disturbing, either.) Fortunately, I'm not sure what it was. Shortly afterward, my brother experiences the same thing.

      2- Clubbing
      I am leaning against a wall, arms crossed sternly, watching everyone dance. Who's idea was this, again?

      3- Untimely Deaths
      My father dies unexpectedly. As a result of this (though for some unknown reason), my mother decides to divorce Chris. Somehow my brother gets control of our house and is planning to kick me out, so I'm making preparations to live somewhere else. Everything is in turmoil.

      At my grandparent's house, we are having a viewing of the body. My dad suddenly comes back to life for several minutes, then keels over and dies again. Through it all, I am trying my hardest to hold myself together.

      After the re-death incident, I am sitting around the table with some of my relatives. They are beginning to give me lectures and preach to me about how it's deeds and faith that get you into Heaven. I'm wondering WHY they're telling me this. I can't tell if they have found out about The Van incident or if they learned of my conversion. Either way, it's highly embarrassing.

      Toward the end of the dream, my brother dies for unknown reasons. My mother and I decide to move somewhere else and start anew. I am writing a letter to someone (the same MORON who's been in my dreams the past few nights. Why do I keep dreaming about him?) explaining what has happened.
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    10. More Manipulation; Canine Insights

      by , 01-14-2011 at 03:29 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1-The Storm
      I arrive at school, black clouds swirling in the sky. I'd best get inside; tornadoes are already starting to form, and I know I can't fight them like I do in my dreams. ((Uh... Reality check??? Idiot.)) Once inside, we are all ushered to the gym for some sort of ceremony. Incidentally, I am sitting next to Mitchell. This is somewhat of a problem: I can sense he is beginning to fall for me, and I have no feelings for him whatsoever. In fact, I find him quite bothersome. But here, I face a conflict of personality.

      My inhibited side wants to make it clear that I am not interested. However, a manipulative part of me wants to be with him to stir up trouble. After all, Shelby was obsessed with him for two years. I could just picture her reaction if I actually went out with him! The thought makes me giggle, and Mitchell looks at me with amusement. "What's so funny?"

      "Uh, nothing." Idiot. I can't just use a person like that for my own crazy thrills. It's not ethical. Just because I have a thing for drama doesn't mean everyone else should suffer because of it.

      I continue arguing with myself until the ceremony is over. For some reason Mitchell is leaving early, and he wants me to help him carry some stuff to his car. Oh, great... 'If he asks me out, I'd better say no,' I warn myself fiercely. Oh, come on, another part of me says, Don't you think it'd be a LITTLE fun to toy with him? 'No! Well, yes, but that's beside the point!'

      At Mitchell's car, I hand him his things and glance up at the dark sky. "I have a feeling we won't be having school tomorrow," I say. He nods, seeming distracted, and looks at me hesitantly. Oh no, it's even worse than I thought. He's thinking about kissing me!

      Some of my panic must have shown through, because he instead leans in closer and hugs me. "Goodbye," he says softly.

      "Uh, goodbye," I mutter, unable to stop myself from hugging him back. Damn. I'm going to murder Evil Me one of these days...

      He gets into his car and drives off, while I head back to the school. I feel dizzy, and my heart is beating out of control. "See what you're doing?" I mutter to myself. "Getting these stupid teenage hormones all out of whack. Something is seriously wrong with you." As soon as I walk in the door, I am met by a very unpleasant senior. I recognize her instantly as one of the newspaper staff. ((IRL, my school doesn't have a newspaper.)) I realize that she saw me with Mitchell, which is one of the worst possible things that could happen. ((According to the dream, there had been some sort of incident surrounding Mitchell lately, making him somewhat of a "celebrity."))

      "You're going out with Mitchell?" she asks excitedly, notepad in hand. "How long have you known each other? What is your name?"

      "It isn't like that," I say evasively, and run away from her. News travels quickly, though, and I am hounded by student reporters the whole rest of the day. Evil Me loves it. Shy Me wishes they would go away.

      Finally the day ends, and my mood is as dark as the raging storm outside. It doesn't help matters any when my friends drag me along to help some girl with her boyfriend problems and end up making me miss the bus. They offer to drive me home; I have no option but to except.
      My mood improves drastically when I realize that this is all a dream.

      Instead of ending up at my house, we are forced to stop at this creepy old mansion. Everything about it screams haunted: there are ghostly wails, eerie and unexplainable creaks, flickering lights... "My subconscious is so cliche," I say with amusement.
      ((I am lucid for a while, but I don't remember the rest of it.))

      2- Important Insights
      People have been collapsing lately and becoming completely catatonic. A girl falls down in front of me; I catch her before she hits the ground, then sit down and hold her against me as she has a violent seizure. I learn that she has a boyfriend named Zachary, so I use that to try to get her to come out of this. "Come on," I say, "You have to fight this. Zachary would be devastated if he never got to speak to you again." I continue saying things like this until she miraculously comes back to consciousness.

      Later, I am working at some weird experimental facility dealing with the spiritual insights of dogs. At first, my job is to chase the dogs down as they run on their delirious quest to reach an insight. Then I get a promotion to counselor.

      "This is your choice," I say to the dog in my hand, just as I'd heard my superiors say not long before. "No one else can decide this for you. If you chose to stay here, everything will return to the way it was. If you decide to go out there, you'll have an amazing spiritual awakening and come to an important insight. Just know that once you choose, there's no turning back. What is your decision?"

      "I choose to go out," the dog says. As soon as he steps outside, his eyes turns dazed and he runs around frantically for several minutes, before finally coming to a halt and reaching his insight, which one of the Chasers promptly records.

      My superior tells me to wrap it up for today. "I'll be finished after this last dog," I tell her, and give the dog my speech. All the chasers have gone home for the day, so I take this task as well. I follow the dog on his crazed run; for some reason I am running on all fours as well. I feel fast and free! I should run like this all the time!

      Finally the dog stops, and looks enlightened. "What is your insight?" I pant.

      "That dogs and people are really not that different, and can live in harmony together."
      Tags: animals, lucid, school
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. In Which I Turn Confusion into Lucidity

      by , 01-13-2011 at 05:46 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Failed Planning
      I have gone to take the SAT, and for some strange reason Mitchell, my friend's ex-obsessionboyfriend, is with me. He is supposed to be taking the test, too, and my mother is going to pay the fee for him. However, his name does not seem to be on the list. "Can't you just print him off an answer document?" My mom asks the lady.

      "Did you even sign up for this, or were you just planning to take it on a whim?" I ask Mitchell in annoyance.

      "Sign up?"

      I try to explain to my mother that he didn't sign up and that no, they CAN'T just print off an answer document because the College Board deals with that and they would need all of his information. She refuses to listen to me and keeps arguing. I glare at Mitchell, who still does not appear to know what's going on.

      Later, he has somehow angered a mob of crazed tourists. I learn that there is some sort of zombie virus outbreak, and that he has tricked the tourists into giving them these tickets that are used to gain passage into a zombie free zone. I snatch the tickets away from him after I chase off the mob. "Why did you take all these in the first place?"

      "I needed them for autographs!" Oh my god, what an idiot, I think in disgust.

      "Autographs? What the hell are you talking about?" I notice that all of the tickets have the initials RL scrawled on the back of them.

      ((Also, it seemed like Samael was involved in the whole ordeal, but I can't remember how.))

      2- Street Punks
      I am riding the school bus, and for some reason my dad is sharing the seat with me and this other girl. She asks my dad why he's coming to school with me. I suddenly wonder the same. What in the world is he doing on the bus? Without learning the answer, we arrive at school and I wander down the hallway. What class am I supposed to go to...? Something is wrong with my memory. I end up at my AP United States History class. "Oh yeah, I have APUSH first period," I remind myself.

      But where is all my stuff? Is it in my locker? I go to my locker and find that someone else's stuff is there. "Did we have a locker change again?" I ask a nearby student.

      "Yeah, it's really annoying when they do that. Should have waited 'till the next semester."

      I remember that my alternate locker number is on my schedule... which is in my locker. Great. ((BTW, there is no such thing as a locker change or an alternate locker number. Yet another false memory.))

      I go to the office and find a bunch of band students playing jingle bells very unenthusiastically to a tall, official looking lady. They finish as I enter the room, and she claps happily. I hesitantly approach the lady. "Um, I don't know if you're the right person to ask for this... What is my new locker number?"

      "You're number 18," she says cheerily, without even looking at a list. "I placed you myself. See, we try to position everyone based on their abilities."

      "Okay... 18. Thanks." How does she know who I am? What abilities? I mull the question over and walk out the wrong door. I get it right on my second try. "Great," I say to myself, embarrassed, "I definitely have 'special' abilities, alright."

      At that point I "wake up" in my car, pouring sweat. Ugh it's so hot in here... I look around and note that I'm in the student parking lot. Weird... I don't think we even have school today. Was I sleep driving? I'd better call my mom and let her know where....

      My thoughts trail off as I RC and become lucid. All worries assuaged, I observe my surroundings. It is sunny, and though the parking lot is empty, there are people walking everywhere. I happily get out of the car and decide to go on a walk. No telling what might develop along the way.

      It isn't long before I come upon a gang of boys who are playing with a yoyo. The youngest (who is about 10) accidentally slams it on the ground and breaks it. "Oh no," he moans. "If Carlos finds out about this, he'll kill all of us." I notice what is in my hand at the same time they do. One of those rubber yoyo's with the flashing lights inside of it. Well, then...

      I break into a run, and they all jump on motorcycles and come after me. I'm fast, but they're faster. I make it to a bridge several miles from my house before they catch up with me. Well, I gave them a chance. They chose not to take it.

      With an evil grin, I leap into the air just before the bikes would have run me over. They skid to a halt and glare up at me, unfazed by my unnatural performance. I am suddenly hurdling through the air directly at the largest gang member. My foot slams into his chest with enough force to knock him off the bridge to his death. NOW they look appropriately frightened. I make short work of the others. Now only the youngest is left. I do not intend to kill him at first, but then he holds one of his dead comrades in front of him as a shield. This angers me. "Stupid street punk!" I yell as I beat the life out of him.

      3- Playing with Energy
      I am listening in to the Elders' meeting without their knowledge.

      "What? The youngest son of the Uria clan has run off?"

      "He is a disgrace to his family."

      "What of the eldest?"

      "Her position in this matter is unknown. When asked about it, she merely said, 'These things happen.'"

      I roll my eyes and place the headphones back on the table. Stupid old bags. Is it really so difficult to understand why my brother ran off?

      My uncle walks in the room, and I look as innocent and meek as possible as he goes into his usual speech of upholding the family values, blah blah blah, and I'd better not end up like my "wretch of a brother."

      At this point, I RC and become lucid, exiting the role of this Uria character.

      I go to the back door and walk outside, thinking about the Queen (yet again) and wondering if I should try to contact her. I am still contemplating this when I look up and notice Sadie sitting nearby with two other cats. One of them seems to be massaging the other's shoulders. At first they look similar to cats I'd previously owned, but then they change slightly and I no longer recognize them.

      The one who had been getting the massage runs over to me and bites my hand affectionately. I pet her and ask her what her name is. No answer. "Come on, you can tell me." She still doesn't answer. I look at her black and white companion. "Hey, cat. I know that's not your name, so speak and tell me what it is." No answer. "Sadie?" Sadie turns up her tail and ignores me. "Hmph. Fine, be that way." I ask the cat that I'm petting one more time what her name is, and I hear my stepdad's voice behind me say "Betty."


      "Yeah, that's her name."

      He and my brother walk up and start horseplaying. I notice that whenever my brother goes to throw a punch, I can see his energy fly from his hand and hit Chris before the physical impact. "That's interesting," I say. Chris takes some of Steven's energy in his hand and forms it into a ball, then throws it at me. "Ow!" That really hurt. He throws another one, but this time I catch it and examine it closely. I let my own energy flow into it; the ball goes from being clear to swirling with black and purple energy. "Interesting," I say again. I throw the ball at Chris. At first it sticks to my hand and absorbs back into me, but I make a new ball of my own and throw it. I have terrible aim; it lands several feet away and creates a mini explosion.

      I notice it's getting dark out, which is a good indication that the dream is getting unstable.
      I wake up before I can do anything about it.

      4- Canoeing
      I am watching from above as PJ and a few other people are canoeing in a beautiful wide river surrounded by an evergreen forest. The dream tells me that this is in Detroit, Michigan or maybe Delaware, I can't remember which. I know it started with a D.
    12. Why Reality Checks Are Useful

      by , 01-13-2011 at 01:11 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Why Reality Checks Are Useful
      Driving has never been incredibly easy for me, but it's certainly never been this difficult! What is wrong with me today? Or is it the car? I flinch and hit the brakes nearly ten feet from the stopped car in front of me, but my stupid Kia keeps moving and bumps into it. Either the driver doesn't notice, or he doesn't care. More than a bit unnerved, I turn onto the interstate and head STRAIGHT INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!! Oh my God, I'm going to die!

      In a panic, I swerve to the right side of the road, lose control of the car (as if I ever had control in the first place), and slam into a vehicle who was blaring their horn at me in horror. My car is totaled. "Good thing this is just a dream," I say to myself right before I die.

      I am majorly confused. My mother tells me that I wrecked my car, but I am certain that the crash was only a dream. Was it possible that the car was destroyed as a RESULT of my dream? Or am I dreaming right now? Hmm...

      The dream changes. I am now a man who has been killing people in his sleep. The memory is vague at this point, but I recall looking at a lady with short blond hair who was holding a bloody knife...
      Tags: death, driving
      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    13. A Night of Adventure

      by , 01-10-2011 at 09:43 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Had a pretty epic night; I was almost sad for it to end.

      1- Crystalline Fields
      I awaken to find a three foot layer of solid, clear ice covering the ground. Inexplicable towers of ice jut up into the sky, some of them formed around entire trees. In the predawn light, the scene looks incredibly beautiful and surreal. It is fairly clear, however, that travel will be impossible for the next few days, if not longer.

      ((Sometime after the ice dream, I experience strong HI of myself and the Queen, who I was referring to as Stephanie, having a conversation. I do not recall what we spoke of, but I remember feeling somewhat disturbed. Interesting...))

      2- Dreams are Truth
      Lucid, though I do not recall how, and speaking to some sort of oracle about my dreams. He says that there is a truth my dreams that I must deal with. I feel a great sense of despair and horror. Though I try to deny it, I know which dreams the oracle speaks of. I do not let my mind fully wrap around a certain memory... ((This dream is really vague now, but it was Leroy and the Queen who I was trying not to think about. I'm not sure why I was so concerned. In reality, I'm glad that they seem to be cropping up again. I've missed them both, despite our love/hate relationship. Of course, I do find it disturbing that they seem to have been my parents, if that other dream had any truth to it. Ick...))

      3- Harry Potter and the Forbidden Codex
      I have been charged by Dumbledore to be the keeper of some very important scrolls, called the Codex, which seem to be entries from a certain adventurer's personal journal. (Interesting, since a codex is the opposite of a scroll.) I am supposed to be studying these entries and trying to gain knowledge from them, but doing so is nearly impossible when Voldemort is constantly trying to steal them from me. He even disguises himself as Dumbledore, but becomes angry and attacks me when I see right through his disguise.

      ((At some point during our battle, I wake up and manage to re-enter the dream.))

      I am surrounded and completely outnumbered; plus I learn that Voldemort has captured Dumbledore and is holding him prisoner. Our only hope is for me to return to Hogwarts. Fortunately, Dobby appears and apparates us there just as Voldy's henchmen come in for the finishing blow.

      Once at the school, I track down Ron and Hermione. ((I don't know how I know them. I am myself in the dream, but we seem to be friends.)) They accompany me as we travel deep into the bowels of the school in hopes of rescuing our Headmaster. Vicious beasts attack us along the way; one of them is a large cross between a wolf and a bat. Fighting it takes up nearly all of our energy, and we are dismayed to see another, scarier creature replace it almost immediately. ((This whole thing may sound silly, but believe me, it was really intense.))

      As if things couldn't get any worse, Voldemort's henchmen show up and change both of my companions into big worms, and paralyze me. However, as soon as they leave, we go back to normal. Why didn't they kill us? I realize that one of them must be a mole, secretly working for Dumbledore. If we can just get to Voldemort, we'd be able to kill him for sure.

      Finally I find Voldemort. The mole dispatches the other henchmen, while I cast a spell on Voldemort that renders him the scared, insecure child within his soul. He then transforms into a gray blob that bears a somewhat fruity personality. I think I preferred his evil side...

      4- Hungry Cats
      As I am feeding Sadie, I realize that I have a whole bunch of cats outside that I haven't fed in nearly a month! This prompts me to RC, and I become lucid. "I should wake myself up and feed those cats as soon as possible!" I say to Sadie, but then I remember that that's against the rules. "They'll be there when I wake up, if they even exist," I assure myself. ((I hate false memories. I only own one cat.))

      I can't stop worrying about my "poor, starving kitties," so I decide to go outside and see if they are in the dream world. Sure enough, a pack of wild looking cats are living in the woods at the edge of my back yard. There are dozens of them, and kittens, too!

      I call their leader over to me, and ask how they've been doing. "It's a rough world," she says, "But we're surviving."

      I apologize profusely for forgetting about them and promise to bring them some food when I wake up. "I WOULD do it now, but since this is a dream that would be sort of pointless."

      No dream goals pop out at me, so I decide to go on a walk. There are now a few people from school walking with me, but I ignore them as I think once more of Leroy and the Queen. I wonder if I should try to find them...

      My thoughts are interrupted as I come to a fork in the road that was never there before. Should be interesting to see where this goes. But it isn't long before a sports car with a crazed driver comes hurdling towards me. I grin and stand my ground, jumping at the last second and running along the top of the car with one swift step. I land and the car speeds on down the road.

      This happens several more times, and then guys with REALLY strange looking chainsaws show up. I understand that this is a sort of sport; the guys try to kill me with the chainsaws, and I have to use only my feet to survive.

      This proves to be exceptionally fun! It's really the same concept as the cars; I simply jump into the air and kick my foot down hard upon the chainsaw, knocking it and its user into the ground. At one point, my shoe becomes a chainsaw ((like Giriko from Soul Eater)) which further enables me to squash my opponents. "I wonder why they don't have a game like this in real life..."

      5- More Hungry Cats
      I "wake up" and RC, but it fails. Good, now I can go feed those cats! When I get to the place where the cats should be, I notice a lot of food scattered around on the ground. What the...? Annoyed to think that I'm wasting time yet again, I RC once more and become lucid. "This is getting on my nerves. Do I even own these cats?" I really feel like I do, but I tell myself that I can't be sure. After all, I thought I'd owned that horse, too, and THAT had only led to nearly getting my leg bit off by a feral goat. So no sense in getting worked up about a few cats who may or may not exist.

      As I am thinking this over, a cute little puppy wanders over to me. He begins talking about how he ran away from his family, because he hated his uncle, who was the Alpha. At that point, my dogs Fred and Bessie walk up. The puppy worries that Fred is his uncle, but when he sees otherwise he gets "violent" and says he will prove his strength and kill Fred. I tell Fred to go easy on him.

      But the puppy chickens out at the last second and rolls over on his back in a sign of submission.

      ((At that point, I wake up for real and find that we have about a foot of snow!))
    14. To Be Taken

      by , 01-10-2011 at 08:36 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- To Be Taken
      I am a young girl of about 7, walking through my front yard at night with a boy about my age. He begins screaming, and I look up in the sky to see a HUGE flying saucer. It beams him up and nearly gets me as well, but I scream at the top of my lungs and somehow avoid capture. My true mind, on a higher consciousness than the mind of my "character," knows the plot of the dream and what is going to happen.

      In accordance with the plot, my dream father rushes out of the house to see what is wrong with me. For some reason, we drive a ways down the road and stop at a party some dangerous men are throwing. My father gets into a fight with a spiky haired teenager and ends up punching him in the face. We jump in the truck (this time I'M driving, even though I'm still seven) and speed off as the boy's delinquent friends begin chasing us.

      Our truck is a lot slower than their hot rod, but I'm a better driver. As they pass me, I perform an amazing U-turn and buy us some time. Somehow the truck becomes a motorcycle. I fall in line behind a procession of other bikes, over which a police woman is keeping watch. I know that those crazy thugs after us will still be speeding, and the cop will arrest them for sure.

      The scene changes. I am now the father, looking for my daughter. Hearing a bloodcurdling scream from the bathroom, I burst the door down and am horrified to find my daughter transformed into a wax figure, mouth frozen open in terror. I touch her, and some of the wax melts onto my hands. I become fascinated by it's smooth texture.

      Suddenly I hear a noise, and I spot a short, Hispanic man spying on me from the shower. Infuriated, I grab him by the neck and slam him against the wall, demanding to know what he's up to.
    15. No Option but Pain

      by , 01-08-2011 at 03:17 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- No Option But Pain
      I am a little bird who got on the wrong side of some vultures. They are waiting for me on the power line in front of the house; black-winged harbingers of Death. I die multiple times, but am forced to relive the experience until I get it right.

      Finally I come up with a plan. I lead the vultures to the far end of the house, then escape out the other side without their knowledge. I fly as fast as my little wings can carry me, into the house next door. Now I am no longer a bird, but the spirit of a young girl. I float around until I find a strange looking tree house. I hear the vultures approaching, so I quickly enter the tree house, becoming myself again.

      Within the tree house is a long, dark tunnel that smells of earth. On the right is a wire mesh that is keeping a bunch of deer-like creatures caged in a small room. They are all grazing and muttering things like, "Earl is returning!"

      There are more rooms like this, with many different types of animals. I finally exit the tunnel and enter the main room, where a man and a woman are standing. The man introduces himself as Earl. He tells me he is just about to go search for his deer, who have escaped, but I tell him they are in their cage. "They must have known you were coming back," I say wryly.

      I learn that this is a special haven of some sort, but before I can get the full explanation, we suddenly hear a loud roaring sound. Without warning, an airplane crashes through the ceiling and nearly slices me in half. I dodge as shrapnel comes flying from all directions. Another plane crashes, causing even more damage, and is quickly followed by another. This time, I am unable to dodge as the plane hits me full on and pins me to the ground.

      When I awaken, my him feels as though it's broken. Someone comes up beside me and informs me that it is only dislocated. They kick it back into place and I pass out from the pain.

      I wake up in a hospital a while later. Earl was damaged beyond repair, so the doctors brought him back withing the body of a cabbage patch doll. ((This is a common procedure in the future world that I am in, apparently.)) I notice two other cabbage patch dolls watching me, and I suspect them of being vultures.
      Tags: animals, death, pain
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