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    Hazel's Boiler Room

    The Hair Monster

    by , 02-08-2011 at 10:51 PM (1031 Views)

    The Hair Monster
    I am standing in a bathroom with a poor unsuspecting man and a viscous woman who seems a bit too fond of me. The bathroom is fairly large and is actually two separate rooms: a section for the shower and toilet, and then another section for the sinks. The man goes to the latter and begins brushing his teeth. Unbeknownst to him, the lady begins growling and growing hair all over, even from her eyes and mouth. I wonder how the man can possibly not hear her... "Are you running a hair dryer in there?" he asks and begins to turn around.

    "No!" the woman yells and slams the door shut before he can get a look at her. She changes back to normal and locks the man in the little room. "We'll have some fun with him, later," she says to me with a smile. I pretend to be interested, but as soon as she leaves I begin making escape plans.

    I quickly run down to the basement and look out the window, assessing my options. It becomes clear that I must run, because the lady is obviously unstable and might turn on me at any moment. Thus, I quietly open the window and run as fast as I can towards the road.
    Once there, I spontaneously become lucid, but I wake up shortly afterwards.

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