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    More Manipulation; Canine Insights

    by , 01-14-2011 at 03:29 PM (940 Views)

    1-The Storm
    I arrive at school, black clouds swirling in the sky. I'd best get inside; tornadoes are already starting to form, and I know I can't fight them like I do in my dreams. ((Uh... Reality check??? Idiot.)) Once inside, we are all ushered to the gym for some sort of ceremony. Incidentally, I am sitting next to Mitchell. This is somewhat of a problem: I can sense he is beginning to fall for me, and I have no feelings for him whatsoever. In fact, I find him quite bothersome. But here, I face a conflict of personality.

    My inhibited side wants to make it clear that I am not interested. However, a manipulative part of me wants to be with him to stir up trouble. After all, Shelby was obsessed with him for two years. I could just picture her reaction if I actually went out with him! The thought makes me giggle, and Mitchell looks at me with amusement. "What's so funny?"

    "Uh, nothing." Idiot. I can't just use a person like that for my own crazy thrills. It's not ethical. Just because I have a thing for drama doesn't mean everyone else should suffer because of it.

    I continue arguing with myself until the ceremony is over. For some reason Mitchell is leaving early, and he wants me to help him carry some stuff to his car. Oh, great... 'If he asks me out, I'd better say no,' I warn myself fiercely. Oh, come on, another part of me says, Don't you think it'd be a LITTLE fun to toy with him? 'No! Well, yes, but that's beside the point!'

    At Mitchell's car, I hand him his things and glance up at the dark sky. "I have a feeling we won't be having school tomorrow," I say. He nods, seeming distracted, and looks at me hesitantly. Oh no, it's even worse than I thought. He's thinking about kissing me!

    Some of my panic must have shown through, because he instead leans in closer and hugs me. "Goodbye," he says softly.

    "Uh, goodbye," I mutter, unable to stop myself from hugging him back. Damn. I'm going to murder Evil Me one of these days...

    He gets into his car and drives off, while I head back to the school. I feel dizzy, and my heart is beating out of control. "See what you're doing?" I mutter to myself. "Getting these stupid teenage hormones all out of whack. Something is seriously wrong with you." As soon as I walk in the door, I am met by a very unpleasant senior. I recognize her instantly as one of the newspaper staff. ((IRL, my school doesn't have a newspaper.)) I realize that she saw me with Mitchell, which is one of the worst possible things that could happen. ((According to the dream, there had been some sort of incident surrounding Mitchell lately, making him somewhat of a "celebrity."))

    "You're going out with Mitchell?" she asks excitedly, notepad in hand. "How long have you known each other? What is your name?"

    "It isn't like that," I say evasively, and run away from her. News travels quickly, though, and I am hounded by student reporters the whole rest of the day. Evil Me loves it. Shy Me wishes they would go away.

    Finally the day ends, and my mood is as dark as the raging storm outside. It doesn't help matters any when my friends drag me along to help some girl with her boyfriend problems and end up making me miss the bus. They offer to drive me home; I have no option but to except.
    My mood improves drastically when I realize that this is all a dream.

    Instead of ending up at my house, we are forced to stop at this creepy old mansion. Everything about it screams haunted: there are ghostly wails, eerie and unexplainable creaks, flickering lights... "My subconscious is so cliche," I say with amusement.
    ((I am lucid for a while, but I don't remember the rest of it.))

    2- Important Insights
    People have been collapsing lately and becoming completely catatonic. A girl falls down in front of me; I catch her before she hits the ground, then sit down and hold her against me as she has a violent seizure. I learn that she has a boyfriend named Zachary, so I use that to try to get her to come out of this. "Come on," I say, "You have to fight this. Zachary would be devastated if he never got to speak to you again." I continue saying things like this until she miraculously comes back to consciousness.

    Later, I am working at some weird experimental facility dealing with the spiritual insights of dogs. At first, my job is to chase the dogs down as they run on their delirious quest to reach an insight. Then I get a promotion to counselor.

    "This is your choice," I say to the dog in my hand, just as I'd heard my superiors say not long before. "No one else can decide this for you. If you chose to stay here, everything will return to the way it was. If you decide to go out there, you'll have an amazing spiritual awakening and come to an important insight. Just know that once you choose, there's no turning back. What is your decision?"

    "I choose to go out," the dog says. As soon as he steps outside, his eyes turns dazed and he runs around frantically for several minutes, before finally coming to a halt and reaching his insight, which one of the Chasers promptly records.

    My superior tells me to wrap it up for today. "I'll be finished after this last dog," I tell her, and give the dog my speech. All the chasers have gone home for the day, so I take this task as well. I follow the dog on his crazed run; for some reason I am running on all fours as well. I feel fast and free! I should run like this all the time!

    Finally the dog stops, and looks enlightened. "What is your insight?" I pant.

    "That dogs and people are really not that different, and can live in harmony together."

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      Heh, I like the conversations between Shy you and Evil you. I'm curious; which perspective do you tend to experience from during these exchanges?
    2. Hazel's Avatar
      Heh, I like the conversations between Shy you and Evil you. I'm curious; which perspective do you tend to experience from during these exchanges?
      Considering I was properly unified this time, I experienced both perspectives at once. It's sort of hard to explain it properly, though.
    3. Samael's Avatar
      Oh, I know the feeling. I've had similar experiences, but I find it difficult to fully grasp the concept itself while I'm awake.

      What fun.