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    Dream Characters

    Leroy: my Dream Guide. I met him in a lucid last March, but I didn't find out that he is my DG until recently. He is very powerful, and not at all friendly (but a bit perverted). He has shapeshifting abilities; in fact, I've never seen him in the same body more than once. I can always tell when it his him, because an aura of terror surrounds him. It's important to note that his name means "The King." ((Interestingly enough, my name means Princess, and my brother's name means Crown. What's with all the royalty references?))

    Anne: Leroy's sister. I met her before Leroy, though I don't know much about her. She warned me to stay away from her brother from the very beginning, and I haven't seen her since.

    The Queen: The Queen attacks me more often than Leroy does, and usually only appears in non-lucids. (Though I have seen her in lucids, as well.) She has a ton of minions that she enjoys setting after me, from demon dogs to creepy plants. Lately, though, she is not as antagonistic. I ended up saving her from endless horrors quite recently in her attempt to become immortal (though this was against my will, they were attacking ME because she wouldn't stop following me), and last night (6/8/10) in a non-lucid we seemed to be fairly close. I still think she's up to something...

    More to be added later