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    Lucid Forms
    "You have the most active fantasy life of anyone I know," my mother told me the other day. As a fantasy addict, the thought of having different forms that I am able to shift into seems almost breathtakingly awesome, which is one of the reasons I decided to try this. It's also incredibly handy, as I will have automatic access to weapons, etc.

    -Royal Assassin
    In this form, I am a mirthless killer. I am dressed in a hooded, red and black robe. On my belt is anything that an assassin can dream of using: smoke bombs, throwing knives, poison, and, most importantly, The Deathcat (my favorite sword).

    I think that it is important to note that red and black are the colors of my dream guide, Leroy (whose name means The King). He was wearing royal looking red and black robes the time he showed me his true form. It currently seems as if he and the Queen are locked in some sort of bloodfeud, which I am tossed in the middle of. Anyway, I chose the name and the colors to show that I work for The King. (Also, this is the only part of my project that I have achieved in a dream so far, as of 5/23/10)

    The Deathcat: It is not an overly decorative sword; it's one purpose is to draw blood from the enemy. The handle is a simple black grip that is perfectly fitted to my hand. At the end of the handle is a beautiful, black cat's head pommel, the only ornate part of the sword. The blade itself is long and thin. It ends at a slanted point, more like a katana than a European sword. It is deadly sharp, strong enough to cut through solid wood without breaking.

    I actually based the blade of the Deathcat off of one I used in a vampire dream I had earlier this year.

    -Crimson Mage
    I had been using Harry Potter spells to help with my dream control, so I decided to put a personal spin on it. I created my own list of spells and thought it would be nice to have a special form when casting them. Thus the Crimson Mage was born.

    Red and black again (I can't help it). This time my robe is hoodless, more like a red dress. I have a black cape, which has the symbol of blood emblazoned on it. (I created a lot of symbols, too... I was bored.) My main weapon is my staff, but it is not really necessary. Anything can be a channel for my spells, including my hands.