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    3rd day Best recall in a long time.

    by , 01-10-2011 at 07:01 AM (532 Views)
    I remember being in at a beach. I was in the sand. There was sea stars/clams/ and brittle stars everywhere. I was stepping on them and it gave me that creepy feeling I get. There was this guy collecting them, he asked me to help and gave me a shovel. It was white with a green handle. I dug up some brittle stars, which were tan with a red center. I went to dig out a clam but ended up poking it. It ended up like a cracked egg and fell out down a hole. Writing this just sparked 2 more vivid dreams.

    I was with my friend and went into his house. it was a wooden house, with a huge tv and a great view of a valley. It was dark outside. We all bought lotto tickets but his dad took them all . My ticket had won, he didn't give me any of the money. I was mad and called someone to pick me up. They pulled up in a red corvette and we went through some gates to get home.

    I went to the doctors office. It was night time. I was on my skateboard by home depot. I was going to walk home. I started walking and I saw my neighbor hood but then it became pitch black, I was scared and ran back to home depot. I passed some train tracks. I called my brother to pick me up.

    Another dream just sparked:

    I went into a donut shop. There was all kinds of donuts. there was a black, very nice lady who gave me advice on girls and free donuts. Then there was a taco stand next to it. all i remember for this part.

    Another :

    I was at a beach.. there was a wooden house with two stories. I rode my skateboard down to the cement stairs to the beach. It was very short and the waves were massive. There was a sand cliff into the water. the water was to big and i went up to the stairs again. I faintly remember ropes used for hanging for some reason. My friend showed up and his dad took us somewhere. The car looked like the bus from spongebob. It was grey though. A homeless man with a beard and trench coat jumped on to the driver side door and broke the window. then my friends dad shot him.

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