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    First post in a while

    by , 01-08-2011 at 05:31 AM (575 Views)
    I was driving my car and my brakes, even my emergency brake was broken. The sky was dark but everything was perfectly lit. My brother, cousin, and a girl with brown hair, pretty face, and skinny body was there. I was trying to impress the girl. I went to pick her up but I couldn't stop my car. It looked like I was in an apartment parking area. I went through some fences and ended up in a skate park. There was no one there but me and my car. I went down some ramps and up them. I finally coasted to a parking spot where I got out and said a few words to the girl. Then I faintly remembering going to a party with my brother. I had a brown bottle of alcohol. It had a skinny mouth piece but then the base was wide with a black label.

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