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    First NEW DJ post

    by , 10-16-2010 at 06:08 AM (703 Views)
    Ok, first of all I am just starting with this new system as I have been away from DV for a while. Honestly this is probably the only entry I will make in a while but this dream was so memorable for me that I have to write it down. Wish I could use my old thread DJ


    First thing I remember: I was playing a video game in which the setting was in this large, scary, dark building with my brother. I wielded a halberd and had a spear in my inventory. Suddenly my brother says he is bored and that he doesn't want to play anymore, so he goes away. I decide to put the spear away and get a bow and arrow instead since I'm by myself and I'd stand a better chance of survival at a distance.

    I am a few stories up in the building, and there is a hole in the floor below me where there is a selection of weapons inside. I pull out a bottle of Bailey's Coffee Creamer from my pocket and I pour about a tablespoon of it into the hole. I then get a vision; there is a large conference room below me with probably about a hundred people in it congregating. There is coffee creamer pouring out of the ceiling and flooding the room, washing all of the people away. I came out of the vision and I kind of laughed and went up the stairs to the next floor.

    It is kind of blurry here, but the next thing I clearly remember is that I'm in a room in the same building. My old boss from when I worked in the Produce department is in there, and she hands me a silenced pistol. I turn around and shoot some guy with it, and then I turn back around and ask her, "Do you have a holster?". Then she says, "Do you need one?" and we start making out right there. We made out for a long time, I can't say exactly how long because of dreamtime but it seemed like a long time.

    After that, it gets blurry again, but next thing I know I am at my church. There is a long table stretching from one side of the sanctuary to the other, and a bunch of people are sitting down eating, myself included. I am lucid as soon as the dream started. I was talking to my mom in the beginning, but like most dreams I dont remember the subject of the conversation. Then I got up and walked over to the other end of the table. P.D., B.L., my brother, and several others were there who I dont remember. I was talking to P.D. about something interesting, but I dont remember. Then she says "We should really do this more often." I said to her, "You know that movie 'Inception'?, It's a lot like what we are doing now." I was fully convinced that I was having a shared dream, Although now I'm not, I don't believe in shared dreams. Then I said "'Inception' is my third-favorite movie!" but I had a hard time getting the words "third favorite movie" out. I think I said something like "movie third favorite" or something. Then B.L. started saying " 'Inception' is so stupid, ra ra ra..." and listed all these reasons why he didn't like the movie.

    I got up, walked back over to my mom and sat down. I put my arm around D.C., which aggravated my mom. Mom said "I'm tired of this, I'm going back to my own dream." And she got up and started to move away. I grabbed her and said "No, I like it when you come to my dreams!" and that convinced her to sit back down. I hugged mom and we talked for a while, then I got up.

    Now I am in D.C.'s toyota sequoia, and my brother and sister are in the backseat. I am still lucid, and I'm just riding in the passenger seat and watching the cars go by. I am so amazed that I havent woken up yet because my lucids are always so short. I watch the cars go by, and every car that comes by has a rusty hood. I look at the side of the road and we pass a bunch of rednecks working on old cars in their lawn. Then I think, I wans to go find a space shuttle launch pad. I look to my right and I see this really tall mountain, but there is fog all around it so I cant see. I think this is probably where the rocket pad is.

    Then I decide to fly. I dont see why people think flying is so hard. I just willed myself to go straight up in the air, and I did. Once I got up there I could see a long way, but it was a foggy morning. I flew down towards this building which looked like a watertower, but it had windows. I missed the building because my flying control was not too good. So i kept on going, and I decide that I want to look for my dream house. I'm flying through this residential area, and there is a lake below me. There are these gigantic houses dotting the landscape, they are probably 10 times as big as my real house. This was all very exciting to me, but my flight speed was getting slower, and so I had to swing my arms as if I were swimming in order to go faster. I eventually land in this town-square area and I'm standing on this cobblestone walkway. I walk towards these two houses. The one on the left catches my eye, but a man steps out of the one on the right and tells me to come tour it because it's on sale. He says "Most people think this house is for blind people, but I assure you it is not just for blind people." This house is so elegant, it has like onyx stone plating on the columns at the front.

    I walked away from the house the first time I saw it. It gets blurry here, but then I'm back at the cobblestone walkway and this black guy is trying to take me to the house so that I can see the inside. I dont trust him, and I remember that in the movie "Inception" the heir to the corporation had trained his subconscious to defend him against attacks. I think to myself, "What a great idea! When I get to this house there is going to be an entorauge of men with guns who will arrest this guy because I think he's going to attack me when we get inside." Well sure enough, once we got to the house and walked in the front door, there are five guys in suits standing there. The guy in front just smiles and says Hi to me and I say Hi back. It is kind of funny how my sub-c did it because none of the guys had any guns on them, most of them had five o clock shadows, and one was an old man who had a problem tucking in his shirt. However, I decided that that would be ok and I was free to explore the house.

    I kind of lost lucidity after that. My mom and grandmother showed up at the house and we toured it. It mostly consisted of these bathrooms. There were so many bathrooms, and one bathroom would connect to another bathroom. The lids on the toilets looked like Mentos candy. The bathrooms were so big in this house that they actually had stalls like public bathrooms. MY mom and gran were so impressed with the house and proud of me for buying it. The last thing I remember thinking before I woke up was , "How the heck am I going to pay for this???"

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    1. Emiko's Avatar
      I think the part about expecting guards to show up is awesome. *high-five!*
    2. Hercuflea's Avatar
      Thanks! *High Five*

      For some reason "Inception" was on my mind in that dream.
    3. Emiko's Avatar
      Cool. I'm a fan, so I approve whenever anyone makes a positive reference to "Inception." :-)