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    Feb 18, 2011 - Worms

    by , 02-22-2011 at 03:42 AM (645 Views)
    I was in a suburban home that I have never seen before however I know it is my home. I am in my room which is painted blue (like my bedroom at my parentís house). There is a red bird, a cardinal, flying around my room. I realize that I have never taken care of a bird before and I need to find it food. I know that it has recently rained and so I decide to go looking for worms. I zip line from the house over top this suburban area. I now somewhat recognize where I am. It is a grassy area just outside of a housing project near Trim road in my hometown.

    I land from the zip line into this grassy area. I get down on my knees to search for worms. It is a cloudy day as if it has just rained. The ground is moist but I donít remember my knees getting wet. I see a few worms on the ground to I start to pick them up to put them in a tiny glass jar that I suddenly have in my hand. I pick two up without a problem and put them in the jar. Iím trying to pick up a third but it keeps slipping out of my fingers. My vision starts to blur and I get frustrated.

    I wake up and slap my boyfriend.

    When we woke up the next morning we spent some time in bed talking. I apologized to him because I thought I slapped him across the face. He tells me that I only slapped his ribs. He then tells me that he woke me up because I had pried my fingers into his mouth and it seemed like I was trying to grab his tongue.

    This is hilarious! I feel bad for him because itís not the first time Iíve hit him while dreaming but trying to grab his tongue was a first. Also why would I try to find worms instead of going to a pet store and getting bird food?

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    1. Nilabimini's Avatar
      Dreaming of worms is interesting...

      What are your feelings about your self during the time of this dream? What about your boyfriend, how is the relationship between the two of you and how long have you been together?

      Seeing a bird in your dream represents joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love and denotes a happy outlook on life. (How do you feel about life now versus how you did in your past?)

      The color blue in a dream represents wisdom, eternity, devotion, loyalty and openness. Possibly expressing a desire to get away. The color may also symbolize your spiritual guide and your optimism of the future.
      Red is symbolic of passion and courage, power and aggression. It has deep emotional and spiritual connections. It is also the color of danger, shame and sexual impulses and urges.

      Just for fun... thanks for sharing ~ peace
    2. saltyseedog's Avatar
      lol this isn't symbolic of anything its just silly random dream stuff.
    3. bennettb6's Avatar
      Well, searching for worms I guess there's worse places you could have gone digging
    4. HeritageDreamer's Avatar
      Nilambimini: Thank you, I love dream deconstruction. It's always fun to see someone else's point of view.
      In the dream I remember feeling a little bit of anxiety because I have never taken care of a bird before and I wanted it to be in a good home. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and our relationship is great. My life now is much different than it was 6 months ago. I have recently come out of drug rehab and I have made some huge changes. I feel great about my new routine and continue to make positive changes for my health and my future. I think the room was blue because it was the color of my room at my parent's house, my bed sheets are still the same color. I love cardinals. I used to see them in my parent's yard all the time.

      bennettb6: I read that to my boyfriend. We had a good laugh
    5. Nilabimini's Avatar
      I am very glad I could help... that's awesome that you have made such a fantastic turn around, keep up the great work, you only stand to continue benefiting from healthy decisions, along with those around and involved in your life too!

      I asked the questions, and you didn't have to tell me, because I was concerned and didn't want to come off as a weirdo...

      Worms in a dream can indicate weakness and general negativity. A low opinion of oneself or of someone in their life.

      Oh gosh, I completely missed it! The bird, the bird was a cardinal... I did not see that in your original post! Wow, duhhhh.... okay,

      A cardinal in the dream means vitality and happiness! This is totally awesome

      The bird was you, well, the bird is your new way of life... symbolic of you needing to take care of yourself and what you have accomplished thus far.
      The worms actually could be showing or warning of the possibility of going back to old ways, like a caution not to feed your new positive life with things you would have in the past.

      Ooooo so cool, so very cool. I'm sorry I didn't take notice to the actual specifics the first time!

      Take care.... and your other dream is interpreted too

      ttyl ~ peace
    6. saltyseedog's Avatar
      I dunno dude, symbolism in dreams is normally just meant for you and what she experienced was based on archetypes pretty much.
      Symbolism isn't normally universal, its more like how does that make you feel?
    7. bennettb6's Avatar
      I agree with salty. Dreams can absolutely represent something going on in your life, especially if it's something you've been thinking about a lot.

      However, everyone has their own interpretation of every sight and sound, there is no exact set of symbols that can tell you what something means to you.