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    1. Fragments 04.02.12 (8:30am)

      by , 04-07-2012 at 02:27 AM
      • Noelle and i are at a movie theater. We had just finished watching one movie and another is about to start. This one stars NPH and another actor I like, but ends up being really bad.
      • a book of drawings
      • a bunch of people dancing to that "ah skeet skeet" song in a line dance format
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    2. Fragments 04.01.12

      by , 04-07-2012 at 02:23 AM
      • Adam, Diana, and Joel al come to visit me at the same time, which is unfortunate becuase they do not get along.
      • I am practicing dancing on a stripper pole.
      • Being chased by a wolf.
      • Books set in a Victorian era.
    3. Museum Fragment 03.26.12 (8:30am)

      by , 04-04-2012 at 05:26 AM
      • I am staying in a hosue with a bunch of other people who are all vegan and keep eating the food I'm buying
      • a classroom
      • at a museum with Noelle, my sis, and others. The museum is in Europe. Noelle loses her sunglasses. Someone tells us we should go through the museum lost and found and get some new/old ones.
        We should leave the museum and go straight to the airport, but Noelle and I get in a fight and she storms off. I have a scooter and am riding it through the coblestone streets, trying to find her. Her phone number is not in my phone, so I keep calling Melissa, Lauren, and other people to get it. I end up at a cupcake bakery. Eventually, I realize I will have to leave her if I can't find her.
      • my cat, Morrissey, in a car
      Tags: cat, museum
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Math Test 03.26.12 (2:00am)

      by , 04-04-2012 at 05:17 AM
      I am taking a summer college course. I miss the Monday morning class, but still have to show up for the evening exam. For the exam everyone is required to wear a white shirt, black pants, black vest, and black tie. I wait until the last minute and am scrambling to put on clothes. There is a blonde guy there who is also going to take the test and we are going to ride there together.
      I am finally at the exam, but have forgotten my pencil and the test which I was supposed to bring with me. There is info on the chalkboard, but it keeps changing every few minutes, like a projector on a timer. All of the text on the chalkboard is steady.

      Suddenly, I am in another dream. I am at an Aveda meeting. We all have to go around the circle and tell about our weekend. Desiree says she saw Noelle's band play. I also saw Noelle play and took a math test for my summer cosmetology course.
      Tags: test, work place
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. 03.25.12 11:00am

      by , 04-04-2012 at 05:07 AM
      • I am in a house with white walls. It is one of my aunts' house. It is also a restaurant, but has only one table.
      • something about a flood
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Fragments 03.21.12

      by , 04-04-2012 at 05:01 AM
      • on the run
      • a sevret room by the beach
      • kittens
      • a gril following me
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Evil Chocolate Factory 03.20.12

      by , 04-04-2012 at 04:57 AM
      I walk into something like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. There are many adults standing at the entrance and I immediately get an eerie feeling. I feel that I have been here before and that there is a menacing overtone. The colors are bright and vivid, but there is a slight sickly hue to them. I look up, and there are ominous grey, swirling clouds above. I get the feeling that this place is designed to lure kids in and kill them.
      I pull a small, yellow gumdrop from a bush to eat it. As I am about to eat it, I realize I am concentrating on imagining what a gumdrop taste like. I realize it is a dream and become lucid. I eat the gumdrop anyway and it tastes like nothing. Even though I am lucid, I cannot remember my stabilization techniques or any goals, so I stay in the dream.
      Next, I am in a dark room, a secret backroom of the candy factory. Lauren and another girl are there. We have guns and are setting traps to free the kids. There is a door with a glass window on the back of the room. At some point this morphs into another landscape and turns into another dream.

      Now, I am standing outside a large building with a group of people. I realized I had fallen back into the dream, but become lucid again. I look at my hands to stabilize,, then shoot up into the sky. I hover for a secon high in the air and look down at the clouds below me. They are turbulent and breathtakingly beautiful. Rolls of grey merge flecks of rainbow.
      I find the dream hard to stabilize doing this, so I return to the ground and tell everyone there this is a dream. I attempt to prove it by hovering in lotus position, but everyone seems unimpressed. I then remember I want to find my DG, and go flying around, yelling for him.
      I fly through an airport and up an escalator. I hear someone saying "guide" and ask fi they know about my dream guide. They are only talking about tour guides, though
    8. Flying Lucid, Healing with Blue Energy 03.13.12 (6:00am) and 03.14.12 (6:00am)

      by , 04-01-2012 at 06:05 PM
      Strange RV and House
      I climb in an RV. There are clothes everywhere. I notice that the piles of clothes are organized by color order the exact same way I organize mine - some even resemble clothes I own. All of the curtains are drawn, so I pull them back to let in some light, then head to the front of the RV to drive. I drive with ease. As I drive, the RV seems to be getting smaller. Eventually, I end up walking with a strange, mini RV strapped to my shoulders. I am in a house now and look in a mirror. I am now a boy (who kinda looks like Justin Beiber). I take of the "RV" and go into the nearby bathroom. There are tow doors. I walk over to close the other door. This door leads to another, secret room. I decide to explore. It is an opulent room that looks familiar. A woman who looks a little like Morgan Fairchild is sitting on a couch, petting a Pomeranian. I compliment her on her house and tell her it is like a maze. She says, yes, they designed it that way.
      Next I am reading a chart on how this house induces dreams.

      • A see a vision of "The Star" tarot card and hear a voice saying "Focus on the God of Dreams"
      • Boxes
      • Glitter explosions
      • Alyzarin sends me a "lover" request on DV. (I guess its kinda like a friend request.) It turns out to be a mistake. She ment to send me a request to help her find missing peices of a red shoe.

      (Sivason posted a technique for retraining your brain to WILD. Instead of doing the technique as intended, I somehow practice it during a FA and achieve a lucid.)

      FA - I am lying in bed watching the back of my eyelids, I am surprised to realize that I can easily create light to form a hand and arm. Movement comes effortlessly also. I easily step out of my "sleeping body" and a dream forms around me. I know I am in a dream, but don't realize that the body I just stepped out of was a dream body as well. As the dream forms around me, I realize I am in my room, although some details are different. I step through the mirror in my bedroom. I end up in black void. I stay in the void for awhile, then form a dream around me. I am back in my house again. I keep trying different mirrors in the house, but the mirrors keep putting me in void, which coalesces back into the house. I run into my mom (who lives in another city, not with me) and am surprised that she can see me - thinking she is in a WR body and I am in an astral body. Eventually, I decide to just jump out a high window and fly around a bit. I continue to spend most the dream flying around
      I fly through a window of one building. I see a bed with a boy around 12 or 13 sleeping. The bed is next to a glass window with a really great view. I hover over the bed and sit on the window ledge, ready for the next jump. Suddenly, the boy wakes up and asks me who I am and what I am doing here, and tells me he is very sick. I tell him I am a dreamer and can heal him. I place my palm above him and began shooting blue energy out of my palm until he is completely bathed in it. When I am done, he thanks me and tells me he is already feeling better.
      I jump out his window and start flying about again. I fly over many breathtaking landscapes. Once is a city full of skyscrapers, only instead of the usual grey, each is a different brilliant color.
      I keep bouncing off houses, then realize I have a dream goal. My goal was to visit my dream guide again. I remember Sivason's advice to call out to your dream guide and say "I am ready." I call out loudly as I fly "Dream Guide, please come to me, I am ready to learn." This is one of the first dreams where I can fully yell with my dream voice. I test my newfound voice and yell, "Hellllooooooo!" The sound is surprisingly loud and clear and ripples across the dreamscape. I look around as I'm flying and see no sign of my DG. I am still rather unfocused, even though I am lucid and know my goal. I land and contemplate flying into space, but then realize that it would be rude to call for my DG, then leave.
      Somehow, next I am in a large, wooden room. I am not sure how I ended up here. There is a dream plot about the people there throwing me a party. I keep trying to fly through the roof, but keep meeting resistance. Unable to escape, I end up giving into the dream plot. I see a pretty girl at the party, fly over to her, pick her up, and start waltzing with her in the air.
      Possibly, still at the party, I am standing on a high kitchen counter, in front of a cupboard. I realize the orange earplugs I fell asleep in are in my ear. I take them out and throw them on the floor. As I do, they turn into shipping peanuts. Soon as I pluck them out, however, another pair appears. I continue to pull them out and toss them on the floor until the floor is covered in shipping peanuts, only to continuously have a new pair reappear in my ear. I consider holding my nose, blowing, and popping them out my ear, but decide to just not focus on them instead.

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    9. Climbing a Cliff with my Dream Guide 03.11.12

      by , 04-01-2012 at 05:16 PM
      Climbing on a Cliff with My Dream Guide
      I am climbing up a sheer cliff. My Dream Guide is next to me teaching me how to climb up it. I come to a point where I can't go any further and feel like I am about to fall. He shows me how to climb back down, then find a different path to go up. Suddenly, I feel a snake wrap around my leg and bite me. I start freaking out, but my DG tells me not to worry, because I am in control.

      I am putting on a play about juice and fruit. Gavin, Desiree, and my sis are there. Gavin has on a funny Peter Pan style cap and is doing a twirly dance.
      Tags: dream guide
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Meeting my Dream Guide and Flying with Dakinis 03.04.12 (5:30am)

      by , 04-01-2012 at 05:05 PM

      • I have a threesome in a jacuzzi
      • Noelle and I are living in a house with a bunch of guys. They are eating and there are dirty socks on the table. I ask them to take their socks off the table.
        Later, the guys put on a show for us where they are all wearing these large afros.

      Meeting my Dream Guide
      I am at a dreamer's school. I am semi-lucid. I know it is a dream, but don't have complete control. The teacher is an old man with leathery, brown skin. The are other beings with me in the class that resemble humans, but with blue skin. (Looking back, I believe these are Dakinis). I missed the class on Tibetan Dream Yoga. Although I missed the class, my teacher provides me with a strange hat that will aid me in Tibetan Dream Yoga techniques. I tell him I don't deserve this since I wasn't even in the class. He responds that he knows I have the most potential and wants em to wear the hat. He places this strange hat on my head. It seems to be made of brass wires. It sits ontop a piece of the top of my head and circles my face, clasping under my chin. Immediately, my head feels heavy and starts to fall fackwards. I am sitting in lotus position on the gorund and start slowly rotating. I have a sense that I am about to "apprehend the dream". I see the dream dissolving away. A bright, white light starts emanating from my third eye and engulfing everything. I can see and feel my body dissolving away, each part of me slowly wisps away like dust. I am left no body, no dreamscape, no thoughts even, just pure awareness in a white void.

      Flying with Dakinis
      I am with the Blue Dakinis from the previous dream. I am semi-lucid in this dream as well. We are flying on a platform, possibly a magic carpet. I am able to direct the carpet with my energy.

      More Fragments
      • I am in a house full of people. Many of teh people there are other lucid dreamers. There are two women there who want to learn to lucid dream. I get a bad feeling about them and feel they want to learn for malicious reasons. I use my energy to send them nightmares next time they sleep.
      • Someone gives me Radiohead tickets.
      • I am testing out my newly repaired car, driving down a long, windy road. It is a road I know, but everything looks totally different.

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    11. Mardi Gras and Fragments 03.03.12 (4:00am)

      by , 03-27-2012 at 03:56 AM
      Mardi Gras
      Noelle, Lauren, and a large group of friends and I are all at "Mardi Gras," although the city looks nothing like New Orleans and the festival does not look like Mardi Gras.
      I am standing in the middle of a crowd in the city. If I look to my left, there si a great divide and the city next to me looks like old Las Vegas.
      The group and I are all out late partying. We want to go home early so we can wake up early the next day for Mardi Gras. We end up stopping in this large bathroom and are doing strange, milky Vodka shots. We meet a guy there who talks me into staying and continuing to party. I end up falling asleep in the bathroom. When I wake up everyone has left me. I pack up a bag I have with me and start to head out. A large guy with a towel comes into the bathroom. When we walk out, we are at a large house where he and a group of people, including my niece Hannah, live. Some kind of argument happens between me and a random car stopped in the road. I find it odd that one of the passengers automatically knows my name. I end the fight with "Whoo-hoo! It's Mardi Gras!" I sart walking round the house, looking up at the balcony for my friend (the guy in the towel) to tell him the story. I go inside and Hannah is there. I play with her by grabbing her hands and swinging her off the ground - defying gravity a little. My friend comes onto the scene and I tell him the story.
      Later, Noelle finds me. I am upset at her for leaving me, but forgive her. She is wearing a 80's workout costume (like we actually wore for WR Mardi Gras). We start heading back to where we are staying to to get a costume for me.

      • Putting contact solution into large bowls in a bathroom.
      • A strange play with people with strange, pale, blue eyes.
      • I am in a car. Noelle is driving. Dayne is in the back seat. She is recounting a story to us as we drive down a windy road that reminds me of Ventura, CA. I keep trying to talk and tell her why people don't like her.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. 03.02.12 (6:00am)

      by , 03-27-2012 at 03:37 AM
      • I am walking with a group of people. We stop to ask this other group to go to lunch with us. They decline. We start walking back the way we came from. We run into Nigel from America's Next Top Model and his entourage. I ask him to go to lunch with us and he accepts. We are excited that one of our judges is coming to lunch with us.
        Somehow, we end up going to a play instead of lunch. There is about 16 of us altogether, so we have a difficult time finding seats together.
      • A dream about my root canal cap falling off.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. 03.01.12 (2:00am)

      by , 03-27-2012 at 03:24 AM
      • True Blood Dream
      • 2 FA's about waking up and writing in my DJ
      • A tall, blonde girl has a crush on Noelle. The blonde girl and I are walkign outside a house. We both hear Noelle's voice from outside. She is immediately excited just from hearing Noelle's voice and wants to go inside. When we go inside, she starts trying to flirt with Noelle. I grab Noelle and start kissing her to show the girl that we are together. Noelle, a little embaressed and oblivious to the other girl's attraction, pulls away.
        Later, Noelle and I are in a bedroom together and I tell her that it hurt me when I was kissing her and she pulled away.
      • I awake in a bed, well a mattress on a floor. As I drowsily open my eyes, I see a chicken walking around my room. Unsure of where I am, I start calling first for my Mom, then my sister, then Noelle. Noelle comes in and I ask her why there is a chicken in my room. More chickens start coming in the house as well as cats, and one small rat. I go outside and there are lots of chickens there as well. I am afraid that one will peck me. As soon as I feel this fear, one charges at me, attempting to peck me. I leap in the air and land balancing on top of a pole, ninja style.
      • I am at a bank negotiating a loan. I explain to the banker that my bank is Citibank and is located in California. He takes me to another banker, but suddenly we are in the food court at a mall. His large bank-like desk is located in the middle of the food court. I tell him as well that my bank is located in California. On his desk are many tiny hats made of straw. Each hat has a country or state on it Since I lived in Cali, he tells me I have to wear the Cali hat. He gives me a little hat to wear that has a picture of a palm tree and the California Bear on it. I put on the hat and walk into the mall's food court. I walk up to a table and start talking to the people there, only to realize that I am wearing just a t-shirt and underwear. I realize that I am in a dream, but am not fully lucid. I decide I want to change my clothes and remember some tips from DV on dream control. I walk into the bathroom and take off my clothes. I decide I want to wear a blue halter maxi dress. I reach behind my neck like I am tying material and create the top of my dress. I guide my hands down my body and as I do, little blue particles come emanate from my hand and materialize into a dress.
      • I am following two people up a maze-like series of metal stairs and elevators. I got the sense that there has been some sort of apocalypse or disaster and they are leading me to safety. The pair is dressed in black and grey punk clothes and are both wearing hoods so that I cannot see their faces. They are connected in some way, but I am not sure if it is as brother and sister or as lovers. There are running faster than humanly possible. If I concentrate on them, I can run just as fast as they are with ease; if I look away, I immediately slow down. I look away and start to fall behind and loose them. I ask if they are trying to outrun me. They say no, they are trying to help me. They lead me up a final set of stairs then disappear into a crowd of people. A few minuets later, a large white man approaches me, trying to hit on me and puts his arms around me aggressively. I start pushing him away. Another man, a large black man wearing a cool jacket, tells him to leave me alone. The white guy leaves. I thank the black man and compliment him on his jacket.
      • Something about my sister and pink cupcakes.
      • Matt S and I are in a large thrift store. We are in some kind of Project Runway type challenge. We are given a rack of clothes that we have to deconstruct and use to make a new outfit. We do this for Matt, then realize that we have to make on for me also. We start mine, but realize the group next to us is doing something similar, so change our plans. This cause us to not finish on time. We have to show an audience our outfits next. I don't realize it at the time, but the clothes are constantly changing through the whole dream.
    14. Animal Dreams 02.26.12 (9:20am)

      by , 03-11-2012 at 04:56 PM
      Lots of Animals
      Noelle and I live in a large house with wooden floors. We have a golden retriever that we just took in. Morrissey (our cat) comes to the door, but has a whole family of cats with her that all look just like her, only different sizes. I let them all in, but the cats and the dog immediately don't get along. The dad cat is hissing and hunching his back; the dog is barking. The dog poops in two different places on the floor, so I let them all outside. Outside, there is a large raccoon walking while holding a baby raccoon. Suddenly, this huge sheep (which actually looks more like a sheep/horse hybrid and is about five feet tall) starts walking toward me. I am scared and start to run. Someone stops me and tells me if I run the sheep will definitely chase me. I should instead just remain calm and let it pass. I do so.

      Dream Fragment
      Something about a bear.

      Lizards Masquerading as Humans
      I am in an office of some sorts. I am stacking clothes of mine on a couch. I leave and come back in and all the clothes are gone. We are all about to evacuate (I think a hurricane is coming) and these are all the clothes I own, so I am very upset. I start questioning this girl (who looks like Noelle, but isn't). She has teh clothes but won't tell me where they are. I grab her by the back of her neck and drag her outside. I didn't notice this as strange at the time, but I am holding onto her neck by a thick vertebrae bone in the back of her neck like you would find on a reptile - not human at all. I throw her to the ground and kick her in the face. I immediately feel regret and can see that she is in pain.

      At The Office
      Courtney and I are working for a guy named Hitler. He is gone for the week, so I am setting my own schedule and going out every night.
      My sister and I are walking down a street to my office building. The road is mostly empty except for these strange silver trucks I keep seeing behind us. We walk down a dirt road and arrive at the office. There is a nice array of food which I begin eating.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Mardi Gras, Concerts, and Flying Fireballs 02.26.12 (8:00am)

      by , 03-04-2012 at 07:18 PM
      Mardi Gras
      I am at Mardi Gras, but nothing looks like New Orleans. I am wearing a belly dancing top with sweat pants on bottom. I am not happy with my outfit. I look down and my sweat pants are now genie pants.

      I am in an airport where I arrived after leaving Mardi Gras. I pick up a homeless person's cup (I'm not sure why there are homeless people in the airport) and sit down with the cup in front of me. Immediately, people start dropping change in it. Next, New Orleans-type gutter punks start sitting gathering around me and sitting down next to me. One has a guitar, and one has a bottle of liquor that he is passing around.

      • A road trip with me sister
      • A lady with an armful of cotton candy
      • Sorting through a food pantry that has cotton candy, textured vegetable protein, and cheetos in it.
      • Sorting through clothes at the same airport. There are regular clothes, costumes, masks, and articles of clothing from my last Mardi Gras costume.

      I am working a cash register. A man wants to buy "Propel White Wine." I point him to a vending machine, but he only wants to buy it form me. I look to a counter to the left of me and there are now plastic bottles of wine to sell.

      Clay Masks and Concerts
      Noelle, a group of friends, and I are at a rock concert. Our tickets don't look like tickets, they are a strip of photos from a photo booth. We put the strips of photos into this machine and it spits out a lump of clay. We have to put the clay on our faces to get into the concert. I keep having a hard time putting the clay on. I try going into a bathroom to wet the clay, but there are people taking a shower right inside the door. I go back and talk to my friends, then attempt to find a bathroom again. I see a sign pointing to another women's bathroom. It leads me into a parking lot, then down a strange corridor. I keep seeing picture signs indicating a women's bathroom this way. Eventually, I turn back and go back to the first bathroom. It is all cleared out now and I apply the clay to my face. I return to my friends. They are getting drinks at a bar, but Noelle is gone. During all this, my clothes keep constantly changing. My bestie Kaity rolls up in a wheelchair. "I've been looking for you," I say (even though it was Noelle I was actually looking for). She stands up out of the wheelchair, grabs all the bags hanging from it and starts walking outside.
      The scenery outside looks very Burning Man. We all end up sitting in folding chairs arranged in a circle. One girl, instead of a shirt, is wearing only a leather stud collar with a strip of leather running between her breasts. She is talking to a guy sitting next to her and admonishes him for only paying attention to her breasts and not what she is saying.

      Flying Fireballs
      I am helping a middle-aged Japanese man put on some sort of play or production. It seems to be for some sort of test.Everyone is telling him to do things a certain way, and he does. I advise him that this may be his only chance to truly show everyone his inner world, so he should take no one's advice and do it all his way , regardless of the consequences.
      The show is like a cartoon acid trip form Willy Wonka's Factory. There is music, explosions, and lots of strange creatures. There are these cute little guys like flying fireballs with cartoon faces and hands. I am now a water nymph in beautiful, white robes and end up battling the little fireball guys.

      Creepy Furry Scence
      I am seeing a dream in third person. It is a family's dinner scene. The mom, dad, and dinner guest who is their friend break out Furry Costumes to have sex with each other. One is dressed as a sock monkey. They invite their son to have sex with them. He refuses and storms out.
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