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    02.19.12 (10:30am)

    by , 03-04-2012 at 06:37 PM (273 Views)
    Glowing Straw
    Noelle and I are in a strange downtown. We are with a DC friend of mine, Crowe. We are looking for a place to stay for the night. We walk into a creepy, horror-themed hotel. Someone is playing Nightmare Before Christmas music on the piano. As he is playing, he and the piano swirl and change into Nickelback (ugh) and the scenery changes to a house party.
    Now at the house party, I feel I am hiding from someone. Suddenly, a large group of people physically throw me out of the party. Somehow, a large wire gets shoved through the bottom of my foot. I take a deep breath and pull it out. The whole experience is very painful. [When I wake up, I can still feel the pain in my foot.] I am aware of an argument going on inside the house. There is a large anthropomorphic fox and weasel at the party. I think the weasel is who I am hiding from, but the fox is helping me. I run from the party and through a corn field. I end up at a bar where my dad is the bartender. I order a drink and some food. There is someone sitting next to me at the bar. I suddenly have a profound sense of deja vu - that not only have I experienced this before, but I know everything that will happen. I am somehow disconnected and outside of everything, yet destined to repeat the same actions. I focus on the straw in my drink and it starts to glow. I wonder if everyone else can see it. I wonder if I made the straw glow, or if I can just suddenly see the inner light of the universe shinning through to me.

    A guy and a girl are arguing in a gas station bathroom about a job on the road.

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