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    03.02.12 (6:00am)

    by , 03-27-2012 at 03:37 AM (456 Views)
    • I am walking with a group of people. We stop to ask this other group to go to lunch with us. They decline. We start walking back the way we came from. We run into Nigel from America's Next Top Model and his entourage. I ask him to go to lunch with us and he accepts. We are excited that one of our judges is coming to lunch with us.
      Somehow, we end up going to a play instead of lunch. There is about 16 of us altogether, so we have a difficult time finding seats together.
    • A dream about my root canal cap falling off.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment


    1. MrBlonde's Avatar
      I can hear the theme music now...