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    Energy Escalators 02.19.12 (3:00am)

    by , 03-04-2012 at 05:00 AM (436 Views)
    Loud Girls
    My sister, my parents, and I are staying as guests in a large house. There are many other girls around my age staying there as well. They are being rude and disturbing my family's sleep by being very loud late into the night. They are downstairs partying, and my family is upstairs sleeping. One girl refuses to be quite, even after I asked everyone to quiet down. I walk down the stairs and punch her repeatedly in the face, but none of the punches have much effect on her.

    I am at "work", but everything looks completely different. There are beautiful red and white fountains everywhere. Everyone who is normally a brunette has a large, blonde streak in her hair.

    Energy Escalators
    I am traveling somewhere with my parents. I notice my luggage keeps changing - and I keep having two mismatched shoes. I don't become fully lucid, but I have a vague sense of it being a dream and being able to control things. I am on a moving walkway. I realize I can change and direct it with my energy. The moving walkway bends and goes up, down, and around. I feel I reach a new level of dream control. Instead of just thinking or willing something to happen, I can feel an energy carrying me forward and begin to guide the energy like levees around a river. As I do this, the walkway changes around me without me actively willing the change. It feels more like surfing, not god-like control.

    • Another dream about my sister
    • A guy with a pickup truck
    • A dress with mirrors in the pockets
    • A creepy amusement park-like ride
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      That dream control sounds pretty fun.