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    Flying Lucid, Healing with Blue Energy 03.13.12 (6:00am) and 03.14.12 (6:00am)

    by , 04-01-2012 at 06:05 PM (479 Views)
    Strange RV and House
    I climb in an RV. There are clothes everywhere. I notice that the piles of clothes are organized by color order the exact same way I organize mine - some even resemble clothes I own. All of the curtains are drawn, so I pull them back to let in some light, then head to the front of the RV to drive. I drive with ease. As I drive, the RV seems to be getting smaller. Eventually, I end up walking with a strange, mini RV strapped to my shoulders. I am in a house now and look in a mirror. I am now a boy (who kinda looks like Justin Beiber). I take of the "RV" and go into the nearby bathroom. There are tow doors. I walk over to close the other door. This door leads to another, secret room. I decide to explore. It is an opulent room that looks familiar. A woman who looks a little like Morgan Fairchild is sitting on a couch, petting a Pomeranian. I compliment her on her house and tell her it is like a maze. She says, yes, they designed it that way.
    Next I am reading a chart on how this house induces dreams.

    • A see a vision of "The Star" tarot card and hear a voice saying "Focus on the God of Dreams"
    • Boxes
    • Glitter explosions
    • Alyzarin sends me a "lover" request on DV. (I guess its kinda like a friend request.) It turns out to be a mistake. She ment to send me a request to help her find missing peices of a red shoe.

    (Sivason posted a technique for retraining your brain to WILD. Instead of doing the technique as intended, I somehow practice it during a FA and achieve a lucid.)

    FA - I am lying in bed watching the back of my eyelids, I am surprised to realize that I can easily create light to form a hand and arm. Movement comes effortlessly also. I easily step out of my "sleeping body" and a dream forms around me. I know I am in a dream, but don't realize that the body I just stepped out of was a dream body as well. As the dream forms around me, I realize I am in my room, although some details are different. I step through the mirror in my bedroom. I end up in black void. I stay in the void for awhile, then form a dream around me. I am back in my house again. I keep trying different mirrors in the house, but the mirrors keep putting me in void, which coalesces back into the house. I run into my mom (who lives in another city, not with me) and am surprised that she can see me - thinking she is in a WR body and I am in an astral body. Eventually, I decide to just jump out a high window and fly around a bit. I continue to spend most the dream flying around
    I fly through a window of one building. I see a bed with a boy around 12 or 13 sleeping. The bed is next to a glass window with a really great view. I hover over the bed and sit on the window ledge, ready for the next jump. Suddenly, the boy wakes up and asks me who I am and what I am doing here, and tells me he is very sick. I tell him I am a dreamer and can heal him. I place my palm above him and began shooting blue energy out of my palm until he is completely bathed in it. When I am done, he thanks me and tells me he is already feeling better.
    I jump out his window and start flying about again. I fly over many breathtaking landscapes. Once is a city full of skyscrapers, only instead of the usual grey, each is a different brilliant color.
    I keep bouncing off houses, then realize I have a dream goal. My goal was to visit my dream guide again. I remember Sivason's advice to call out to your dream guide and say "I am ready." I call out loudly as I fly "Dream Guide, please come to me, I am ready to learn." This is one of the first dreams where I can fully yell with my dream voice. I test my newfound voice and yell, "Hellllooooooo!" The sound is surprisingly loud and clear and ripples across the dreamscape. I look around as I'm flying and see no sign of my DG. I am still rather unfocused, even though I am lucid and know my goal. I land and contemplate flying into space, but then realize that it would be rude to call for my DG, then leave.
    Somehow, next I am in a large, wooden room. I am not sure how I ended up here. There is a dream plot about the people there throwing me a party. I keep trying to fly through the roof, but keep meeting resistance. Unable to escape, I end up giving into the dream plot. I see a pretty girl at the party, fly over to her, pick her up, and start waltzing with her in the air.
    Possibly, still at the party, I am standing on a high kitchen counter, in front of a cupboard. I realize the orange earplugs I fell asleep in are in my ear. I take them out and throw them on the floor. As I do, they turn into shipping peanuts. Soon as I pluck them out, however, another pair appears. I continue to pull them out and toss them on the floor until the floor is covered in shipping peanuts, only to continuously have a new pair reappear in my ear. I consider holding my nose, blowing, and popping them out my ear, but decide to just not focus on them instead.

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