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    Math Test 03.26.12 (2:00am)

    by , 04-04-2012 at 05:17 AM (537 Views)
    I am taking a summer college course. I miss the Monday morning class, but still have to show up for the evening exam. For the exam everyone is required to wear a white shirt, black pants, black vest, and black tie. I wait until the last minute and am scrambling to put on clothes. There is a blonde guy there who is also going to take the test and we are going to ride there together.
    I am finally at the exam, but have forgotten my pencil and the test which I was supposed to bring with me. There is info on the chalkboard, but it keeps changing every few minutes, like a projector on a timer. All of the text on the chalkboard is steady.

    Suddenly, I am in another dream. I am at an Aveda meeting. We all have to go around the circle and tell about our weekend. Desiree says she saw Noelle's band play. I also saw Noelle play and took a math test for my summer cosmetology course.

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    Tags: test, work place
    non-lucid , dream fragment