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    Meeting my Dream Guide and Flying with Dakinis 03.04.12 (5:30am)

    by , 04-01-2012 at 05:05 PM (641 Views)

    • I have a threesome in a jacuzzi
    • Noelle and I are living in a house with a bunch of guys. They are eating and there are dirty socks on the table. I ask them to take their socks off the table.
      Later, the guys put on a show for us where they are all wearing these large afros.

    Meeting my Dream Guide
    I am at a dreamer's school. I am semi-lucid. I know it is a dream, but don't have complete control. The teacher is an old man with leathery, brown skin. The are other beings with me in the class that resemble humans, but with blue skin. (Looking back, I believe these are Dakinis). I missed the class on Tibetan Dream Yoga. Although I missed the class, my teacher provides me with a strange hat that will aid me in Tibetan Dream Yoga techniques. I tell him I don't deserve this since I wasn't even in the class. He responds that he knows I have the most potential and wants em to wear the hat. He places this strange hat on my head. It seems to be made of brass wires. It sits ontop a piece of the top of my head and circles my face, clasping under my chin. Immediately, my head feels heavy and starts to fall fackwards. I am sitting in lotus position on the gorund and start slowly rotating. I have a sense that I am about to "apprehend the dream". I see the dream dissolving away. A bright, white light starts emanating from my third eye and engulfing everything. I can see and feel my body dissolving away, each part of me slowly wisps away like dust. I am left no body, no dreamscape, no thoughts even, just pure awareness in a white void.

    Flying with Dakinis
    I am with the Blue Dakinis from the previous dream. I am semi-lucid in this dream as well. We are flying on a platform, possibly a magic carpet. I am able to direct the carpet with my energy.

    More Fragments
    • I am in a house full of people. Many of teh people there are other lucid dreamers. There are two women there who want to learn to lucid dream. I get a bad feeling about them and feel they want to learn for malicious reasons. I use my energy to send them nightmares next time they sleep.
    • Someone gives me Radiohead tickets.
    • I am testing out my newly repaired car, driving down a long, windy road. It is a road I know, but everything looks totally different.
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    1. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Congratulations on finding your Dream Guide!
    2. hermine_hesse's Avatar
      Thanks I actually didn't even realize how amazing this dream was at the time. When I had this dream I knew nothing about Tibetan Dream Yoga. I am now reading a book on it, and found out that my experience of the white light coming from brow chakra, my body dissolving, and residing in clear light actually are Tibetan Yogic Practices.