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    Museum Fragment 03.26.12 (8:30am)

    by , 04-04-2012 at 05:26 AM (439 Views)
    • I am staying in a hosue with a bunch of other people who are all vegan and keep eating the food I'm buying
    • a classroom
    • at a museum with Noelle, my sis, and others. The museum is in Europe. Noelle loses her sunglasses. Someone tells us we should go through the museum lost and found and get some new/old ones.
      We should leave the museum and go straight to the airport, but Noelle and I get in a fight and she storms off. I have a scooter and am riding it through the coblestone streets, trying to find her. Her phone number is not in my phone, so I keep calling Melissa, Lauren, and other people to get it. I end up at a cupcake bakery. Eventually, I realize I will have to leave her if I can't find her.
    • my cat, Morrissey, in a car

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    Tags: cat, museum
    non-lucid , dream fragment