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    Hidden's Dream Journal

    See my old journal for more.

    1. What have you done to my horse??

      by , 08-04-2010 at 10:15 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      I was floating over a preschool which had various Mario video games in floating boxes. I landed on the box for Super Mario Bros (for SNES) and beat most of the game using cheats.

      I floated some more and came to a ranch-like place. Behind one of the buildings there were people selling jackets. I told my mom that I didn't want one, but then I saw that they had one that was the most beautiful periwinkle. The person selling the jackets explained to me that it was one of their two blue ones, called lilac.

      I walked around to another building, where there were a couple of my cousins and some DCs I didn't know. There was a cord you could pull that made a chess board appear on the wall, which people could then walk on to control their pieces. Every now and then, though, a shock wave would go over the board, zapping everyone who didn't jump fast enough.

      I went over to the open pipe we were using as a shower and wet my hair, then went back to the place near the chess board. A bunch of my friends had turned into cats made out of a bunch of little metal spheres.

      We went over to where our horses were. There was a really, really short horse. At first I thought it was my horse, but I remembered him being taller. I found my horse a little ways off, but when I got closer I saw that he was super thin and the wrong color. I led him over to the other horses and (literally) jumped onto his back, but he collapsed before I'd even touched him. I pulled him up and got on a second time, and he tried to bite me. Something seemed weird... I was facing backwards, but his head was in front of me. If I turned around, he would keep biting me. Then it dawned on me--the saddle was on the wrong side of his neck! The people in charge started discussing which horse they could put me on instead of LJ.

      "Umm... Can I get down?" I asked.
      They were like, "uh, if you can."
      So I jumped down from him, nearly getting squished twice, and got a safe distance from LJ. I wondered what had happened to him to make him so bony. He was like a skeleton. I decided not to try riding him again for awhile.
    2. Super Mario Galaxy (again)

      by , 08-04-2010 at 10:14 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      Wow, I haven't posted in a long time.

      There were a bunch of little planets clustered together (like in Super Mario Galaxy). I jumped between them and eventually came to a larger planet with lava an platforms. I had to be careful not to move from the position I was in (the same position I'd fallen asleep in) so that I wouldn't break out of my trance.

      This is like my 4th dream about SMG in the past two nights. >.>
    3. Running with the wolves

      by , 07-17-2010 at 01:49 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      In case anyone was wondering, no one is online at 5:30am in the middle of the summer. I wonder why that is.

      It was dark, and I was next to a field of tall grass. Knowing there was a pack of wolves in there, I nervous, but I went in the grass anyway and started leading the pack. I had to keep moving and be careful so they wouldn't turn on me.

      I dove out of the grass and into a tent in the nearby forest, where my fellow campers were staying. There was something in the forest that would have attacked us if we hadn't gotten in the tents soon enough.

      Scene change. I was hiking through a desert-like area, and it was really bright. There were a whole bunch of nets and ladders between various pillars made of red stone. We started climbing, which was scary. The nets were triangle-shaped, so there wasn't much to hold onto at the top. Luckily my dad was able to help by pulling me up the rest of the way.

      So I'm standing on this brownish, somewhat slippery/crumbly/sandy stone about 20 or 30 feet off the ground, when I notice there's a giant lava geyser right next to the pillar. First it sprayed up a stream of purple stuff, then it burst into flames. Despite the hot, intimidating stream of lava spouting up right next to me, I was most worried about falling off the edge and going splat.

      Dang, why can't the dreams I'm having now be this intense? I found that old dream while going through my school stuff. One day I got really, really bored in Spanish class, and I happened to remember a dream, so I wrote it down on a random page. I'm surprised I can still remember the details of it as clearly as I do.
    4. Fragment

      by , 07-13-2010 at 04:01 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      My family had gotten a new computer. I might have been telling Axel about it. I read a story on the internet about a mom who had saved her son's face by tinkering with a chair. I also had a new laptop, which I spilled some crumbs on. I decided to make a new website and delete my old one (I actually had a couple of these), saying that the new one would be body part-free. Then I saw that I had every unit of my Biology class neatly organized into pages about everything we learned. I didn't want to delete it because it was so much work.

      *yawn* I should stop watching Grey's Anatomy before bed. Tonight will be more interesting, really.
    5. Fragment

      by , 07-13-2010 at 03:59 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      From two nights ago.

      I was at a camp site at night. I was bouncing on my big red yoga ball, seeing how high I could go. I flew a bit at one point and was close to becoming lucid.
    6. Many, many fragments

      by , 07-13-2010 at 03:58 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      This is actually from three nights ago.

      Series of Fragments 1
      I was at a camp. I went to a lake, where there was a big wedding boat which caught on fire. I was the only one helping put it out, and all I had was a squirt bottle. My DJ says I almost ran out of time, so I guess I was being timed.
      Then I was in a field. I couldn't find my horse, which made me sad because I missed him.
      Next I was at a village where they were selling See's chocolate. I wandered around, but I was having issues focusing. I may have been close to lucidity here. I came to a building where an exclusive theater was performing a comedy. There was a long wait list for it, but my dad got us in. Outside there were some people dressed as clowns. I had a contact-putting-in race with someone, which I lost. I went into the theater and we gave someone a Flareon.
      Callie (from Grey's Anatomy) was driving a helicopter upside down, trying to pick up one last person. The person jumped at the helicopter, which made it blow up. S and a random cat were blamed from the accident, but both were spared.
      A little girl started screaming in the middle of a country road. She got hit by a bus, going through the windshield and landing in the back. Birk (also from Grey's Anatomy) started to treat her.

      Series of Fragments 2
      I was with my cousins. There were evil ants, so we had to be careful not to get splinters or they'd kill us.
      My friend and I carried some things back to camp.
      I almost got hit by some tennis balls.
      I found an extra flip-flop, so now I had three of the same kind. They turned into boots.
      Something about climbing stairs. Apparently I was a walking ad for ski boots.
      I took a shower.
      There's something else written, but I can't read my handwriting.

      Sorry, this is really boring. >.>
    7. Random fragment and a series of DEILDs

      by , 07-10-2010 at 08:54 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      My mouth rotted. I brushed my teeth like a crazy person, and it went away, but when I looked in the mirror my face was covered in green spots.

      Picnic at school
      I had joined a group. It was sort of like being vegetarian, only you weren't allowed to wear cotton. I was getting ready for school, but I was having issues finding cotton-free pants. Apparently I hadn't thought this through very well beforehand. I went to the bathroom and saw that Gracie was eating our of the litter box and pooing in the tub (which we had two of, for some reason). This was quite aggravating.

      I went to school. B asked me why I was freaking out about the summer homework since we had all summer to do it. She bragged for a while about her amazing planning skills and how she wasn't freaking out because she knew exactly when she would do the homework. I told her that a month can go by really quickly, thinking of lucid dreaming.
      (I try to have at least 5 lucids per month, and often find myself near the end of the month with only a couple because up until then I'd thought I had plenty of time.) Apparently we needed a pass so we would be allowed to go to class, but I'd been absent the day before so I didn't have one. B asked me to go on a picnic with her family. I wondered why she wasn't going to class, but then figured she had a prep.

      On the way to where we were going to have the picnic, I met up with a group of people who acted like they knew me and we were friends, but I'd never seen them before. They took my phone and walked off. I wondered if I would ever get it back, seeing as I didn't really know them. Then I saw that my friend A was with them, so at least I'd be able to track her down.

      I went to a field, where B and her family were setting up for their picnic. We moved some chairs so they would be around a table and sat down.

      Dolphins! (DEILD)
      I decided to DEILD, and found myself back at the field where we'd been eating lunch, only now it was underwater. There was calm music playing. I was lying down on the grass, waiting until I was sure the dream was stable before I moved. A dolphin swam by and up to the surface. The dream looked like 3D video game graphics. Decent ones, but obviously fake. I think I briefly became a dolphin and swam to the surface before waking up.

      Skiing on Pavement (DEILD)
      I'd intended to go back to dolphin land, but instead I ended up on a ski slope with a road on one side and a city on the other. I was skiing uphill, so I turned around. Once again, it all looked animated. I looked at a dog running along the road, then stopped and looked down at the snow. When I looked back at the dog, it was like real life. I kept going. Someone said that this was Tokyo, and even though it looked nothing like Tokyo, I thought, Good, that means I'm already in Japan. Then I realized that I was just going to open a portal anyway, so it didn't matter where I was.

      I was a series of swimming pools on my right, which looked epic. I jumped, using my skis to launch myself. It was awesome. I hovered at around tree level near the pools. There were several big, circular robot things in the water having a race and shooting at each other. I decided to ski past on the concrete. Although it was a restricted area, no one seemed to notice until they looked at the finish line pictures. "Wow, how did someone get up this high?" I heard one of them ask. "We should find this person!"

      Idiots, I thought. Now what else was I going to do? Oh right, light sabers!!!

      Just shoot the kids (DEILD)
      I was lying down on the floor, looking out the window at some plants. Again, the visuals were crappy and music was playing. I didn't want to risk moving, but I could hear voices behind me. My POV turned around on its own, and I saw a mother pointing a cardboard gun at her daughter. The mother was threatening to shoot her daughter on the left. The daughter shouted "nooo!" and I wondered what was wrong with that mom until I realized that they were just kidding around.
    8. Escaping the evildoers

      by , 07-10-2010 at 08:12 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      This dream is kinda fragmented...

      I was at an ice skating rink, setting up a new system for the end-of-year show. This involved a fair amount of sitting around in the lobby. On the rink there was a machine/ride like Firefall, which I knew would malfunction. Something about the Inception trailer.

      Then my brother and I were cleaning out our rooms and packing for college. I picked a fight with him over the videos in our little brother's room, thinking he'd taken all the good ones. Turns out he only had a couple crappy ones. I took most of the ones left, including Rudolph and Cars.

      I was back at the rink briefly before I somehow ended up trying to sneak past a giant evil ship/base guarded by those wizard dolls from Final Fantasy IX and these creatures that looked like Gollum. I was a robot that resembled R.O.B.. My accomplice looked like a cross between...
      You know what, screw the links. I'll be here all day at this rate. Anyway. She was a cross between Eve from Wall-E and Volbeat from Pokemon. We tried to swim underwater past the ship silently, but I accidentally made a sound and the alarm went off. The dolls attacked from above. I tried to shoot a laser beam at them but couldn't, and none of their magic was working either. I realized that the eclipse had come (like the one in Avatar: The Last Airbender), so we took the opportunity to get away and hide.

      A couple of Gollums and a Gollum family had followed us, trying to escape their evil masters. My friends W and B were also there. W was our leader, and she went over the next day with us, when we would finish our escape. She advised us to drink coffee in the morning, because we would probably be too scared to get much sleep that night and she didn't want anyone falling asleep while we were running away. B was sick, so she just sat in a corner.

      Then we were attacked, so we had to kill our dinosaur mount to escape. B slept through the whole thing and was thus left behind. We stopped at a shady trading post, where we tried to sell the dinosaur (which was alive, despite having been killed). "B" (actually a different person) caught up with us and started lecturing us about leaving people behind.
    9. Poseidon

      by , 07-10-2010 at 07:42 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      I was going down a scurbland/desert in a wagon filled with water. My friend W used her Poseidon super powers to make the water level go up and down. I rode the waves, pretending I could fly. Then I actually could fly, only I knew I was still just pretending. I flew along the road ahead of my cart until I reached the one in front of us. There were two different teams racing home, red and blue. I wondered whether the routes being taken were secret, because if they were we weren't being very inconspicuous. Noticing that the trail we were taking was clearly marked with red flags, I concluded that they weren't.

      We ended up in an actual desert now. I had to be careful so that the aliens wouldn't eat me. There was this shack/building/stable that I went inside of. I think I talked with one of the aliens here, but he just looked like a person. The building, which from outside looked like a mysterious giant shed, turned out to be an old western public restroom. I looked down and saw that I was stepping on a wet spot near a hole in the floor. I really hope that's not what I think it is, I thought.

      I went out of the stall. My friend S was getting ready to go swimming, and when I looked in the mirror I saw that I was also wearing a swim suit. We went back outside and kept travelling, but we had to be careful to void detection by the aliens.

      I had a FA where I wrote down my dream before waking up for real.
    10. I don't know what to title this

      by , 07-09-2010 at 09:03 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      I was in a forest at night, horseback riding with the crew. Apparently we were supposed to get our horses to use psi. I had no clue how to do that. While I was trying to wrap my mind around how to tell an animal to use psychic powers (which may or may not have existed), I accidentally cut the line, which made S get annoyed at me.

      I ran home. Somehow I ended up with a lot of really crappy pictures of me on my way home. I had a mustache. For some reason both my house and the house next door were pink, and I almost went into the wrong one. I went to my room. At around 10:15, a doctor came in and told me to go to bed, but first he tried to fix the air conditioner and failed miserably. I wondered why I would ever need three air conditioners in my room, but didn't become lucid.

      Instead of going to bed, I played music, then chased my little brother around the block. I went back to my room, and noticed that a chunk of my leg was missing. It was like someone had taken the back of a ski boot and kicked the back of my leg. It didn't hurt, but I freaked out because it was really ugly. I decided to go find the doctor and make him fix it.

      I think this was where the next dream started
      A couple of doctors had done an operation on a corpse. They decided to let me sew it back together, but I did it wrong. A third surgeon came in and took them out, which hurt until I thought, "wait a minute, that's just a corpse, there's no reason having stitches taken out of it should hurt me." The third surgeon looked very... odd. He had this rubbery suit with giant veins running through it. There were two patients who needed the same organ, but they couldn't decide who to give it to.

      I was playing a board game with my little brother. We were outside, and it was dark and rainy. The game was either about Pokemon or Alvin and the chipmunks... Or maybe we were playing with the chipmunks.
    11. Meeting the Gods

      by , 06-27-2010 at 08:52 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      The first thing I remember is doing a RC. I had a FA, but I kept doing the nose RC, so I realized that I was actually still dreaming. unfortunately my eyes were closed, which is a recipe for disaster for me. I relaxed and tried to DEILD by pulling myself into my HH.

      Eventually I made it into a dream, where I was spinning around in dark water. There were a bunch of glowing red bubbles around me. I surfaced and found myself in a cavern, where there was a line of gods and their animals. I talked to a few of them, asking about their powers and whatnot. One of them, which had a raven on his shoulder, said that his raven served as an extra brain for him.
    12. Broomstick Flying

      by , 06-27-2010 at 08:47 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      Back to last night's dreams.

      A bunch of my classmates and I were travelling by broomstick. I waited in line for the bathroom, which turned out to be just a little plastic toilet seat with water in it. Then I went to look up a map, but I didn't end up using it. Instead I just traveled with my friend, who said she knew the way.

      At some point I became lucid. I thought about going to Shibuya, but instead I was like, "ehh, screw it, this is fun" and kept flying around. I told myself I'd go to Shibuya later (and of course I didn't). There was something about my cousins too. This dream went on for quite a while, but I can't remember the specifics. I do remember tying balloons to my bed so that flying would be easier.
      lucid , memorable
    13. 6/24-25/10 - Shooting Stars

      by , 06-27-2010 at 08:41 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      I actually don't remember the non lucid part of this dream, but here's what I wrote down...

      We were refugees in a western city/town. We had horses, and my friend's horse almost died, but she fed it some essential equipment instead of letting it. Apparently we destroyed buildings...

      We went to a little gazebo.
      As a bunch of other people came in, I floated up and flew out the window. I came to a roof where there were tons of shooting stars. A bunch of couples were sitting on the roof either kissing or watching the stars. One of the guys (a rather ugly guy) got down from the roof. I followed him, but he got away. I thought about going to Shibuya again, but decided that I would do this first. A bunch of horses trotted by. I hid behind a tree to avoid getting trampled.
    14. Shibuya!

      by , 06-27-2010 at 08:31 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      I have no clue what day this dream happened, but...

      I was walking down a hall when I did a random RC and became lucid. The dream was surprisingly clear. I remember thinking that it was like I was wearing contacts. I came to a room with a window and a closet. I decided that I should go to Shibuya, so I pictured it and opened the closet door. I was a bit shocked when it worked, although all the buildings were made of wood.

      I went through the door and ended up at an ice cream stand, where I stole a cup of vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice cream. The police hunted me down. There was one guy I was particularly scared of. I reminded myself that since this was a dream I could kick ass, but I kept freaking out and ran back through the door.

      I flew out the window and ended up at a stadium filled with people where they were holding my trial. I flew over the stadium, but then I started getting heavier and fell. They caught me, put me in a chair in solitary confinement, and gave me an experimental drug that was supposed to cure me of my disobedience. I felt weird,
      then I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    15. 6/17-18/10 - Crappy Lucid

      by , 06-27-2010 at 08:22 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      Catching up again...

      I was walking down a street near my house when I decided to do a reality check. I couldn't seem to count my fingers, so I did a nose RC. I reminded myself to do something later... What was it? Oh right, become lucid. I lost my vision, but I kept walking. I briefly got a scene, but then I woke up.

      Crappy, crappy, crappy lucid.
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      lucid , dream fragment
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