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    What have you done to my horse??

    by , 08-04-2010 at 10:15 PM (1217 Views)
    I was floating over a preschool which had various Mario video games in floating boxes. I landed on the box for Super Mario Bros (for SNES) and beat most of the game using cheats.

    I floated some more and came to a ranch-like place. Behind one of the buildings there were people selling jackets. I told my mom that I didn't want one, but then I saw that they had one that was the most beautiful periwinkle. The person selling the jackets explained to me that it was one of their two blue ones, called lilac.

    I walked around to another building, where there were a couple of my cousins and some DCs I didn't know. There was a cord you could pull that made a chess board appear on the wall, which people could then walk on to control their pieces. Every now and then, though, a shock wave would go over the board, zapping everyone who didn't jump fast enough.

    I went over to the open pipe we were using as a shower and wet my hair, then went back to the place near the chess board. A bunch of my friends had turned into cats made out of a bunch of little metal spheres.

    We went over to where our horses were. There was a really, really short horse. At first I thought it was my horse, but I remembered him being taller. I found my horse a little ways off, but when I got closer I saw that he was super thin and the wrong color. I led him over to the other horses and (literally) jumped onto his back, but he collapsed before I'd even touched him. I pulled him up and got on a second time, and he tried to bite me. Something seemed weird... I was facing backwards, but his head was in front of me. If I turned around, he would keep biting me. Then it dawned on me--the saddle was on the wrong side of his neck! The people in charge started discussing which horse they could put me on instead of LJ.

    "Umm... Can I get down?" I asked.
    They were like, "uh, if you can."
    So I jumped down from him, nearly getting squished twice, and got a safe distance from LJ. I wondered what had happened to him to make him so bony. He was like a skeleton. I decided not to try riding him again for awhile.

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      They were like, "uh, if you can."
      Unhelpful DCs are unhelpful.