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    TotY, T-Rex, Pegasus Flight and fight against Zeus.

    by , 09-01-2015 at 09:24 PM (514 Views)
    Too bad the comp is over, that would have gotten me so many points
    Really cool dream nonetheless.

    Lucidity: 8.5/10
    Control: 8.5/10
    Vivacity: 8/10

    First part of the dream is non lucid, basically I had a 10 minutes night of "sleep" before having to take a plane but missed it, then my father almost accidentally killed my step sister... We eventually set out for a tour in the Everglades, with my father, my brother and my sister. I'm looking for any signs of aligators. Eventually I find one in a lake which seems especially big. I understand why it seems so big when a big eye reveals itself under the "alligator's" body. Turns out it's not a gator but rather the top of the head of a T-Rex which shoots up in the air. It's somewhat small for such a creature: about twice my height... Still could cut you in half with a single bite though.I become lucid. Another dinosaurs appear south of nowhere and they both get in a fight. I'm kind of in the heat of the moment so I follow the others running. When I turn around, I see the T-Rex roaring in our direction: he's done with the other dinosaur. There's a high building in front of us, outside the swamps. I think about flying there but I feel like I won't be able to do it with the others in my arms. So I do the Spider-Man handsign thing to shoot a web onto a building behind my target and I take my family in my left arm. Then, I pull super hard onto the web, kind of slingshot ting us near the building's roof. I realize that we're going to crash into it so I give an extra momentum boost by attempting to fly. We land safely.

    There on top of this building is a totally different scenery. It looks like a very clean city; all the walls are white, every facade of every building is homogenous. I rub my hands together, the other rescapees scatter in all directions. I remember my goals. First I want a task of the month. I kind of want to try the drawing one but I feel like it will take too much time, and I've much more demanding stuff to do. A large group of DCs split around me. I remember the farting task. I force a fart out.
    "Euhm.. It-it was meee !"
    No one cares, they just keep walking.
    "Hey that was me," I repeat. Still no reactions
    Well, I won't linger on that.

    I need to steal Zeus's lightning rod. I remember about Pegasus, and how IRL, I thought would be easiest to summon him.
    "Hey how are ya..."I say before turning around..."Pegasus."
    I find no winged horse. I only notice a bright white cat. I try to summon Pegasus a few more times but I only find some kind of bright white animal and equally bright white glasses laying on the floor.
    "Ok you can stop hiding, I know you're right behind that corner," I shout.
    Finally I find, a bright white winged horse... Or small pony, rather.
    You know what that'll do.
    "Are you ready?" I ask.
    He nods, and I mount him. He is just about as high as my hips. As he takes off I shout, "TO ZEUS!" then "TO ZEUS'S LIGHTNING", and finally "TO ZEUS'S LIGHTNING ROD!"

    The flight is quite exciting. Pegasus is not very stable, and I'm worried about falling off because he's so small. I rub my hands against his fur, to stabilize. Everything is super realistic. Eventually, we reach the clouds and when we go past them, we find a huge golden chair... there is also some kind of safety locker, where I assume the lightning rod is. Before we can go any further, I feel a super powerful presence at my right... In a second, a huge pixelated version of Zeus emerges from the clouds, flying one hand forward. In the other hand is his lightning rod. In a very loud, very deep and mostly, very angry voice, he says...
    “You will NOT take my lightning rod!”
    I feel an urge to fly away, but I hold my ground.
    Worth it.
    I teleport off of Pegasus and throw a punch in Zeus’s Massive left side. As soon as my punch lands, I teleport to his opposite side and punch him there. Then, I teleport up a dozen meters above him, where I pull my open hand to my hips and fly down head first towards him… I focus on the “energy” around me which, as in throw my arm forward, converges inside of my arm; the energy reaches my knucles exactly when I strike Zeus. He is blasted onto the ground. I land onto him. I feel the dream destabilizing, but I won’t let it end now. I take the lightning bolt, and then
    allow myself to slip into a FA in which I write this dream down, before waking up for real.

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