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    Where Do My Nightmares Come From? Part 4 "The Conjecture"

    by , 02-23-2013 at 03:15 AM (545 Views)
    These are the side notes for this dream I had.

    So I guess I should preface this with 80% of my nightmares have taken place in my apartment.
    The other 20% percent mostly includes zombie apocalypses (still think that should be apocali) and the odd gangster who tries to rob me or something.
    I've always wondered why that is, I mean to be fair a lot of my dreams in general take place there but it still came off as odd.
    So after I woke up from that last dream what did I think?
    This "Quarantine Zone", houses my knightmares, and The Organization is a sect of my subconscious trying to suppress them.
    This starts to make more and more sense the more I think about it.
    There have been multiple times recently when an nightmare should have appeared because of my expectations, but it didn't.
    This seemed odd to me, but I now understand that it was because my knightmares couldn't physically get to me.
    I think that maybe, for whatever reason, when a knightmare comes into existence, it appears at my apartment, and either I'm already there, or it has to make it's way to me, which wouldn't me too hard considering they could probably take advantage of inconsistent spatial dimensions in dreams.
    In case that last statement has you for a loss, dreams, for the most part, don't have consistent spatial dimensions, as in there is no actual "map" of where ever you are in a dream.
    That's why you can walk into a room and have it be bigger on the inside than it appears to be on the outside, there are inconsistencies.
    I'm guessing that knightmares can take advantage of that in order to get to me after they appear at my apartment.
    However, that was how things used to be.
    Now "The Organization" has them quarantined inside the building, which means they can no longer reach me, unless of course they some how breach it.
    The Quarantine Zone is another example of ISD.
    Were you to just look around the regular parts of the building you probably wouldn't find any entrance to the zone.
    That's because the whole zone itself exists in an inconsistent space in the building, meaning it's probably pretty difficult to find.
    Now I know what you may be thinking, I know the thought crossed my mind.
    Maybe this was just a one off dream? Yeah maybe, however there was a bit of consistency with one of my previous dreams previously that kind of made me wonder.
    You know how she was referring to "Zone" 1 and "Zone" 2 all the time?
    I assumed that that was what you'd call an outbreak, "Zone" followed by a number.
    So were a knightmare were to breach quarantine now, the event would be called a "Zone" 2, something that almost happened that night.
    But what about "Zone" 1? She was clearly referring to a previous outbreak.
    Well the last knightmare I saw was about a week or so previously, and guess where it took place?
    The knightmare was a large mound with fur from it. It sprouted about 80 or so eye stalks from its body.
    However he wasn't the real problem, he would release spores and infect things, turning them into half corpse half serpent type things.
    When I was running away from it and left the building, I remember a bunch of people were rushing over inside the building, as well as giant iron bars coming down and closing off all the exists.
    I remember thinking that the bars were to keep the thing in, and that the people were there to take care of it.
    I believe this incident was the "Zone" 1 that she was referring to.
    As for why she said "In trying to prevent another [outbreak] you almost caused [an outbreak]", I'm guessing that is a bit self explanatory.
    What isn't was exactly what kind of measures they were putting in to prevent another outbreak that almost caused one, that remains a mystery.
    I should also comment on the fact that the bloody zombie virus is held in the quarantine zone as well.
    I guess because the virus is, well, microscopic, it is much easier for it to break quarantine, which is why zombie apocalypse dreams are more frequent (just a guess, dreams don't have to be consistent after all).
    I actually have had quite a few zombie apocalypse dreams inside or around the apartment.
    One more thing, I'm not exactly sure when this quarantine was established.
    It had to be recent though, since this whole lack of knightmares thing hasn't really been a thing until maybe a month or so ago.
    So I'm not sure at one point my knightmares became rampant in my apartment building to the point where my subconscious suppressed them, or "quarantined" them.
    I also still don't know why my knightmares all appear at that old apartment building, who knows why?
    The next time I become lucid I plan on looking into this whole thing further, try to see what exactly this organization is.
    Do they know they're in a dream? That last woman seemed to not, but she did understand the strangeness of the dream world, something I've never seen a DC do.
    Maybe one day I'll go into The Quarantine Zone and take a look for myself.
    For now I certainly know, where my knightmares come from.

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