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    Hot Chocolate's Dream Journal

    The battle of the garage

    by , 06-09-2010 at 01:19 PM (513 Views)

    I went to bed around 3:00 AM

    I was a Russian soldier fighting the Germans in the second world war. The battle occurred at my neighbors garage. I had the scoped Russian mosin nagant rifle. I took cover behind a corner and told my comrades to take cover and aim towards the exit of the garage. The exit is a large stretch of road on both sides walled of, so we had a good shot. There were no Germans coming though, instead a large truck stopped near us from which we had no cover. I decided to take the truck head on, and so I took out my submachine gun. I had some trouble with that at first. There was no-one in the truck itself, so that left the cart behind it. I dropped a sort of grenade in it. (Really it was a round magazine drum that shot bullets in all directions when it went off.)

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