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    Hot Chocolate's Dream Journal


    by , 06-09-2010 at 01:09 PM (339 Views)

    I went to sleep at 0:35 and was woken up by my alarm at 7:00 to recall this dream:

    I was controlling a small ship at sea at night. Beside my was another ship of the same kind. We both had some kind of energy canons. We had to protect a small ship that didn't have any weapons of its own. To the left and to the right of this ship was a battlecruiser. I sailed to the back of the fleet to protect the rear. We also had a submarine in the water, but the properly trained captain wasn't on duty. At the back of the fleet to the left was an enemy submarine. Only our submarine engaged it. It fired a torpedo, but it missed. After this the captain of our submarine had a conversation with a news presenter. He said something like: try to hit the submarine and don't get hit yourself. Somewhere at this point my perspective changes from my ship to the submarine. I was a lot more nervous on my ship, than now on the submarine. The enemy submarine is now only several meters below our sub. We fire another torpedo, but it misses again.

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