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    Castles, Ice Hockey and Lucidity

    by , 06-09-2010 at 01:11 PM (436 Views)

    I went to bed at 1:00, woke up at 9:45 to recall the following dream:

    I was at a small castle which I and some other people had to defend. We were outside the castle grounds, which we couldn't enter because there was a wall around it. I looked at the towers with those weather vanes on top. They were pointing towards the enemy. Outside the wall of the castle were small buildings through which we walked. We sneaked up on the enemy. We were standing at a corner, with the enemy on the other side. We charged the group of about six soldiers. I went for the back of the group. It wasn't a battle to the death, more like a game. We had fake weapons. I hit some enemy and took some hits myself. After a while, when I had taken enough hits, I played death, because it was a game.

    There's a gap in my memory here, I don't know how I got to the next part. Maybe it was a different dream altogether.

    I had ice hockey training inside my living room, I never play ice hockey by the way. Apparently I was going to be the second best ice hockey player in the world, and this was some kind of flashback. There was ice on the floor. I had a hard time skating. My left knee was on the ice for a while, while I skated with my right foot. We were wearing orange-black ice hockey outfits. The training ended and I sat down on the couch. The coach tells me to take more hits, referring to the castle battle.

    There's another memory gap here.

    I was sitting behind my computer. I was starting up a game of the castle battle the beginning of the dream. I remember to write down notes from my dream. The game was in a menu, so I didn't have to pause it. I took a paper and a pencil from my desk and wrote down notes on my dream. I wrote about the orange-black ice hockey outfits. Despite the game being in a menu, it continues anyway. I saw some kind of scene from God of War. I wondered if my computer could run that game. Kratos was standing on a bridge, looking over some buildings. Somehow I thought that I drew the scene on my computer. I wondered how I could've drawn that so fast. This made me do a nose-pinch reality check. I could breath and became lucid.

    I still wasn't convince however. I looked around the living room and kitchen, but I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. I did another nose-pinch and I could still breath. This made me more certain. I walked a bit around the living room thinking about my goals and what I should go do.

    I edited this part out, to preserve my privacy. If you knew what it was about, you'd understand. I'll try to not do it too often.

    Lucidity gradually slips. I go downstairs, through the front door. As I walk through the garden I come across a football team. I greet all the players, who greet back. I go to the left and to my left are a bunch of tuned cars, with their owners close by. I touched the spoiler of one car , the owner makes a comment on this, I apologize. I continue walking down the street. There's a motorcade going on. I had to avoid a bunch of cars coming at me. I moved a bit to the left. There's a big crowd. I move further down the road, which makes a turn to the right. There's lots of confetti and smoke. There's a commentator saying that V., a teacher from my school who past a way a year ago, got a bunch of confetti over him. There's a strong wind blowing. I use it to jump up a 2 meter high wall. I look over it. Then S. tosses me, which makes me go even higher. I come back to the ground after a little while.

    I wake up.

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