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    Farms and German speaking families from 1920

    by , 06-09-2010 at 01:02 PM (384 Views)

    I went to sleep at 1:30 AM, slept at 2:00 AM and woke up to recall to following dream at 5:45 AM.

    I was riding my bicycle in the southern part of a town near where I live. At the other side of the road I saw L., she was riding a carrier tricycle. She didn't look to smart for some reason. I was thinking about her daily routine. As I went on, I saw a car on top of a billboard. I think was a Toyota Yaris verso, a car my parents have. Despite it being 3 meters above the ground, it still was engaged in traffic. I think there was someone sitting behind the steering will and the indicator was on.

    At some point I wasn't riding my bicycle anymore, but instead I had roller skates on. I wasn't in the town anymore, but in the countryside with a couple of farms scattered around. I think I was there because I was looking for a job. I went too far on a road; the paving stopped and a small dirt road continued. To my right was a farm with a sign saying: caravan for sale. I turned around. Somehow I could hear the name of farms owner. As I repeated the sentence my left arm felt heavy. It was because of the sentence I told myself.

    I walked into a barn with one side open. Someone else was with me. As I walked in, a family consisting of two parents, a girl and a boy rode in on bicycles. This is about where the setting changes from modern day to something like a 1920 American setting. Apparently the family was criminal in a way, because I thought of calling the police. I think I didn't because of it being 1920. The parents were speaking German.

    Me, the first person to join me and the boy and the girl went into the farm house, while the parents stayed in the barn. At the entrance of the house was a wall to the left, a large desk in front of us and a door to the living room to the right. We went to the living room. Me and the other person had to convince the children of something. The other person did the talking. All this time the father looked at us through a little window, but he couldn't hear us.

    This is where I wake up, anticlimax, I know.

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