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    Hot Chocolate's Dream Journal

    Like a videogame

    by , 06-12-2010 at 12:19 AM (724 Views)

    I went to be at 2:45 AM.

    I was in some sort of building. The interior looked liked that of a cargo ship. The doors for instance were those heave doors with rounded corners. There was some kind of activist group inside. I think they were fighting for womens rights. There were some women in the building as well. I had a submachine gun, but for some reason it didn't work. I still had some ammunition. I asked R. what ammunition he used, because maybe he could use mine, I didn't need my ammo anyway. At first he didn't respond, then he said he needed .44 ammo. I had 3006 I think. The shooting started. Someone on my side got shot next to me. I waited for a while to see if he could still fight, he couldn't and so I took his gun, a submachine gun as well. I moved away from some boxes and took cover beside a dooropening. It was dark in the other room. I could make out some two people standing there, but I didn't knew if they were friendly or not. I waited for a while, then I fired at the one on the left. He or she fell to the floor. The other one walked through the door. He was not on our side. He had white earbuds in his ears, he was glowing with a green light and he held both of his arms up in the air. Apparently this was a sign that he had a nuclear bomb. I shouted "run!" and started running. I ran past the boxes and out of the building.

    I kept running through some streets. There was some brown goo on the ground. I jumped up a building. Apparently I was quite good at free running. There was someone behind me. I didn't know who it was, so I shouted K. at him. He didn't respond, but I knew he was friendly. I kept jumping over obstacles and rolled over the ground after big drops. After a while we were in some park. I was on a grassy field with a line of trees on both sides. I saw a car a little further. I figured we were going to drive together and I wanted him to drive, but then I saw a second car. We both got into a car and drove for a while. There was a third car behind us, it was hostile. I pulled over, and shot the driver of the vehicle. There came another enemy towards us on a big yellow plasticlooking motorcycle. I shot her as well. There were a bunch of weapons on the ground, presumably from my enemies. I saw a shotgun, m16, pistol and submachine gun among others. I couldn't carry everything, so I think I took the submachine and the m16.

    I was still in the park. I was standing on top of slope and I could see quite far. I saw someone down the hill, it was an enemy. I aimed down the sight of my m16 and aimed for the head. He fell to the ground. Other people appeared down the hill and I kept sniping them. Sometimes I hit them, sometimes I missed. At some point I think a football team appeared. I shot them too. V., who was behind me apparently, asked my for something. I said something along the lines of: "not now, I'm bussy." When I was done I sat down beside her and R. There was quite a large group of people that I know there.

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